SARSstockToday is SARSstock. As I write this, the gates to Downsview Park are opening and thousands of people are streaming in to secure themselves a good spot. Up to 450,000 people are expected making this the largest ticketed concert in North American history.

Initially, I wasn't particularly interested. I don't really need to see The Rolling Stones and AC/DC. I attend a lot of concerts, but with 40,000 other fans at the most. How would I see the stage amongst a half a million people? Why would I want my ears to endure a set by Justin Timberlake?

Now, I'm 180 on this entire event. I want to go! In the days leading up to today, this concert has taken on a life of its own. There's a buzz in this city and Downsview Park is seeming more and more like the place to be. Besides, I love the Guess Who...I love Rush. I used to be a huge AC/DC and Rolling Stones fan. I should be there. Why aren't I there?

Now I'm at work and planning to catch the webcast at noon. Tonight, I'll watch SARSstock on TV while nursing a strained knee. You can't always get what you want.

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