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Snowbirds US Expats Radio Podcast with Gerry Scott

Whether you're a Canadian snowbird spending winters in the USA, or an American looking to move to Canada, the Snowbirds Expats Radio Podcast is loaded with useful information to guide you. Gerry Scott is the host of this podcast, Monday to Friday, Gerry works with Canadian and US clients as a cross border advisor with one of Canada’s largest and most respected wealth management firms.. The Snowbirds Expats Radio Podcast is brought to you by the Snowbirds US Day Tracker and the Canada Physical Presence Tracker apps. The Snowbirds US Day Tracker app helps you track the number of days you’re spending in the USA, which is essential to avoid being classified by the IRS as a US resident for tax purposes. The Canada Physical Presence Tracker is the easiest and most reliable way to track your physical permanent days for the purpose of renewing your permanent residence card (maple card). Simply enter the days into the calculator and track the progress as you get closer and closer to becoming a full time resident of Canada. Both apps offer a wide variety of services that include, USD exchange, tax and legal services, Real Estate, Medical Tourism, and more. Download them today on your iPhone or Android.

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