Gretzky Wiretap Only Days Old

JusticeFor the past couple of days, all anyone wants to talk about in this city is The Great One and his alleged ties to Rick Tocchet's illegal gambling ring which may or may not have ties to the Bruno-Scarfo crime family. Just the other day I wrote about the wiretaps that caught The Great Wayne Gretzky discussing this multimillion-dollar gambling operation. I mentioned how this contradicted what Gretzky told us Tuesday night when he claimed he had no knowledge of any gambling allegations until Tocchet called him Monday night.

New reports suggest this wiretap is only days old. In fact, it may have been recorded as recently as Monday. For 48 hours I've heard colleagues and friends suggest Gretzky's dark side had finally emerged and that he should avoid Turin, step down as coach of the Coyotes and assume his role as the Pete Rose of the NHL. For 48 hours I've been defending The Great One, reminding others that he's earned the benefit of the doubt and asking others to wait for evidence slightly more solid than vague leaks from unnamed insiders on the New Jersey police force before passing judgement.

I'm certain Gretzky never bet on hockey, I'm very sure Gretzky never bet with Tocchet and I'm reasonably certain Gretzky will be absolved of any wrong doings and will escape "Operation Slap Shot" reasonably unscarred.

Why is it that so many get such a rush from knocking heroes off of their pedastals? Wayne Gretzky is the most famous and well respected Canadian in the world. He has assumed his role as hockey's greatest ambassador with vigor, making every Canadian proud. Recently, he's suffered two great personal losses and now must learn his wife has been caught making substantial bets on sports in an illegal gambling ring. He doesn't need this. He doesn't deserve this.

Bring us back another gold Wayne and make us all proud once more. That would be Great.

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