Best. Sleepers. Ever.

MoonJust about every parent thinks their kids are the best. You love them to pieces and you can't imagine another child in this world could be any smarter, sweeter or cuter. In this vein, I submit to you the fact that Michelle is the best sleeper ever.

James himself has always been a great sleeper. In December of 2003, when he was a little under the age of two, I wrote this entry about what an amazing sleeper he was. Michelle just turned eighteen months old and she's been in a similar routine for some time now. At about 19:00 she gets a little milk in a bottle until about 19:30 when she voluntarily gives up the bottle, gets her teeth brushed and marches over to her crib where she awaits a helping hand. All that's required from a parental unit is a hug and kiss, a lift into the crib and a "good night... I love you". To me, she sweetly says "bye Daddy" and goes to sleep. We won't hear another peep out of her until the morning.

James continues to be a great sleeper himself, going to bed by 20:30 every night and sleeping a solid twelve hours. These kids make bedtime easy... too easy.

Best. Sleepers. Ever.

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