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Hockey CanadaHere is the team that will represent us in Turin and my thoughts about each selection. The three preceded with a * are alternates.


  • Brodeur, Martin - No brainer. He's the man.
  • Luongo, Roberto - I don't have a problem with this pick. I can't think of a clearly better choice.
  • Turco, Marty - Having a great season and deserves to be in Turin.


  • Blake, Rob - No brainer.
  • Foote, Adam - No brainer.
  • Jovanovski, Ed - I like this pick. I've always been a fan.
  • *McCabe, Bryan - We're an injury away from a Maple Leaf playing for Canada in this tournament. McCabe deserves his alternate status.
  • Niedermayer, Scott - No brainer.
  • Pronger, Chris - No brainer.
  • Redden, Wade - No brainer.
  • Regehr, Robyn - I'd bump Regehr for Dion Phaneuf, a far better choice. Yes folks, he's that good.


  • Bertuzzi, Todd - I'm really on the fence about this one. I love his style of play but he's having a so-so season and he got off easy for essentially ending Steve Moore's career. I'd have left Bertuzzi off the list and would have added fellow Michael Power alumni Brendan Shanahan. Shanahan belongs in Turin.
  • Doan, Shane - There's no way Doan makes this team if Gretzky's not involved. The Olympic ice was made for Paul Kariya yet he's not on this team. Both Staal and Spezza deserve the ice time over Doan.
  • Draper, Kris - There's nobody better in this role.
  • Gagné, Simon - He was good in Salt Lake City and he's having a tremendous year. No brainer.
  • Heatley, Dany - With the year Heatley's having, this was also an easy choice. I just wish we could put him on a line with Spezza.
  • Iginla, Jarome - No brainer.
  • Lecavalier, Vincent - No brainer.
  • Nash, Rick - No brainer... can't wait to see him with Thornton again.
  • Richards, Brad - Richards is having a good season which helped him get on this team, but I'm not sure I'd go with him over Patrick Marleau. I know I wouldn't pick him over Brendan Shanahan.
  • Sakic, Joe - Next to Brodeur, the biggest no-brainer of them all.
  • Smyth, Ryan - Close to a no-brainer... I like Smyth playing for Canada.
  • *Spezza, Jason - I'd have put him on the actual team instead of making him an alternate.
  • *Staal, Eric - I'd have put him on the actual team instead of making him an alternate.
  • St-Louis, Martin - I can't think of a better choice. Can you?
  • Thornton, Joe - No brainer.

In conclusion, we have another amazing team here. It will be a joy to watch these guys in February. If I had my druthers, I'd boot Regehr and put Phaneuf in his place. I'd also bump Spezza and Staal up and add Shanahan while leaving Doan off the team and making Bertuzzi and Richards the alternates. Who am I to second guess The Great One?

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