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The Big If, Raptors Style

RaptorsImagine if the Raptors didn't start the season 1-15. If you discard those first sixteen games, we're a respectable 19-17 and comfortably in a playoff position.

Against all odds, the Raps are actually playing some entertaining basketball these days. Chris Bosh has been rewarded for his effort by being only the third Raptor ever selected to play in an all-star game. Mike James has been everything I hoped he would be and Charlie Villanueva doesn't appear to be that bad a pick after all.

Can we call a mulligan on those first sixteen?

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Babcock Gets The Boot

RaptorsI was never a fan of the Rob Babcock hiring. He quickly began to prove me right when he selected Rafael Araujo with the eighth pick of the 2004 draft. Then, there was the Vince Carter trade.

A year and a half after he was hired, Babcock has been fired by the Toronto Raptors. "I'm disappointed that Rob was the wrong choice for us," said Richard Peddie, who hired Babcock. "In hindsight (I) should have got someone who was more proven."

You didn't need hindsight Dick. You just needed to chat with me.

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Rallying The Troops

RaptorsIt seems I've lit a fire under the Raptors' collective asses. Just two mornings ago I call them out for playing like a bunch of 1-15 bums and now they're on a two game winning streak.

With great power comes great responsibility. I shall use it wisely.

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Worse Than I Thought

RaptorsWow. I knew they'd be bad, but I didn't think they'd be this bad.

Our Raptors are 1-15. It's the 1997-98 season all over again. That year we came out of the gates 1-19 en route to a 16-66 mark. If we manage to win 16 games this year, I'll be amazed. The NBA record for futility, the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who finished 9-73, is well within our grasp.

If we're going to lose, we might as well lose big. Unfortunately, we're tanking in a very weak draft year. Typical Raptor luck. Where's Acie Earl when you need him?

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The Friday Five

The Number FiveBest All-Time Toronto Raptors

  1. Vince Carter
  2. Damon Stoudamire
  3. Tracy McGrady
  4. Antonio Davis
  5. Doug Christie

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What Might Be

RaptorsThe NBA record for futility belongs to the 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers who finished that season 9-73. They began the season with 15 straight losses, and also recorded losing streaks of 20, 14, and finally 13 to end the season.

The Raptors, out of the gate 0-4 and looking dreadful, are a serious threat to set a new standard for futility in the NBA. Divert your eyes kids, this is gonna get ugly.

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Under The Radar

RaptorsThe NBA season tips off Tuesday night and the Toronto Raptors host the Washington Wizards on Wednesday night. In the ten seasons prior I don't recall a Raptor season approaching so quietly and so far under the radar.

With the NHL back in full force, no Vince Carter in camp and a team that is being predicted to finish either 14th or 15th in the Conference, it's no wonder there's little buzz about the Raptors. It's going to be a long, painful season.

Lets take this opportunity to flash back to opening night in Toronto ten years ago. Before 33,306 fans at SkyDome, Alvin Robertson led the way with 39 points as we beat the New Jersey Nets 94-79. I clipped the write up in the next morning's Toronto Star and you'll find it on the right side of this page from my old scrapbook. It's there along with #45 Michael Jordan's first return, the death of Blind Melon's Shannon Hoon, a big Leafs playoff victory over the San Jose Sharks and Cal Ripkens 2,131st game.

That 1995/96 Raptor team finished the season 21-61. I fear this year's squad will do even worse.

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Mike James

RaptorsIt goes without saying that James and I have a new favourite Toronto Raptor. Mike James was acquired earlier in the week from Houston in exchange for Rafer Alston.

Best name in the NBA!

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NBA Championship Tonight

RaptorsTonight, our Toronto Raptors host the NBA Championship game. If the Raps win tonight, their season is a complete success and Raptor fans will enjoy a great summer. It all comes down to this.

Vince Carter and I have had quite the tumultuous relationship that is well documented. To say I'm angry with him is the understatement of the season. Carter went through the motions here, forced us to deal his sorry ass for little in return and then started playing to his potential in New Jersey. Since being dealt, he's scored 30 or more points 21 times, 20 or more 45 times (in 53 games) and earned Player of the Week honors last week after averaging 34.7 points as the Nets went 3-0 to stay alive in the playoff race. It's enough to make you want to scowl.

I take it personally. Tonight, with the Nets in town, I'll be watching. This is our NBA Championship. A win tonight and all the other crap Raptor fans have had to deal with will be forgiven. Go Raps! Beat Vince!

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Congratulations Mo Pete!

Toronto RaptorsMorris Peterson has successfully punched the clock for 258 games in succession making him the reigning iron man in the NBA. He earned the distinction when Washington Wizards forward Antawn Jamison missed Tuesday night's game at New York due to right knee tendinitis.

Sure, there were nights when we didn't notice Mo Pete, but he was there. There were nights when his butt was glued to the bench, but Mo Pete made the score card. When it's game time, Mo Pete might not be on, he might not even appear to care, but he shows up each and every time.

Peterson has a long way to go to break the all-time record of 1,192 consecutive games set by A.C. Green, whose streak stretched from 1986 to 2001. Cross your fingers!

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