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Join me at TFC vs. Montreal for $40 - Insanely Awesome Special Promo

TFCMy friend Jonathan, who works for TFC, has set-up a special section for me and my friends, because he knew I really wanted to come check out a game. You all know how hard it is to get tickets to TFC matches, so this is pretty cool.

The ticket for Toronto FC vs. Montreal Impact on Wednesday night at 8pm is 40 bucks and the seats are in the new North End grandstand which are great seats with awesome sightlines. Space is limited. first come, first served.

Click here to buy tickets Special Offer Code: Mike

I’ve also got ten 2010 Official Season Scarves, for the first ten who buy a ticket. And I've arranged for us to get on the field during halftime, which is pretty cool. And we are saving all Ticketmaster fees (approx $22 for a pair) by using this online process.

Also, so many of you are just names who comment or email me, or Twitter handles. It might be neat to meet in the real-world so long as you promise not to murder me.

Getting tickets to TFC matches is next to impossible, and it's the best live sporting experience in the city. I owe Jonathan for this one...

Montreal Merda

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Head's Up - You're Going to See TFC Wednesday Night

TFCI'm on the record as saying Toronto FC is the greatest live sporting experience in the city. If you've never been to a TFC match at BMO Field, you're going Wednesday night.

I've got a hook-up at MLSE who's giving me a section. It's in the new north end grandstand and the sightlines are stellar. Our game is Wednesday night against Montreal and it's gonna be crazy fun.

This is just your head's up. I'll post the official entry with the registration link as soon as I get it. For $40, you don't just get in to see the game, but I've got TFC scarves and we'll all get to go down to the field at half-time.

I have absolutely no idea how many of you will commit to this, but I'm hoping a whole bunch of you join me. This'll be fun.

Who wants to join me at BMO Field Wednesday night for TFC madness?

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We Suck

CN TowerIt seems like we were just talking about the Raptors gunning for fourth in the conference and a home court advantage for their first round in the playoffs. For those who don't follow the Raps, we finished ninth in the conference and that means we missed the playoffs for the second season in a row.

At least the Raptors played a playoff game three seasons ago. Our Leafs haven't played a playoff game since 2004. That's five seasons ago and six years. My daughter's about to turn six and she's not been alive for a single Leafs playoff game.

Of course, if we're talking playoff droughts in this city, the Blue Jays are the top dogs. The last Blue Jays playoff game ended with Joe Carter touching them all, and that was back in 1993. What's that, 17 seasons ago? Do we count the year they cancelled the World Series? Is it really 18 seasons ago?

At least it's tough to make the playoffs in baseball. Our Argonauts play in an 8 team league in which 6 teams make the playoffs, and they haven't qualified since 2007. It's not looking good for next season, either.

I could drag Toronto FC into this mess, but they're only in their fourth season. We'll excuse their three years of missing the playoffs. And the Marlies missed the playoffs, but they were there last year, if we're desperate for a silver lining.

Who am I kidding... there's no silver lining. The three teams with the largest fan-base, the Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays, have collectively been absent from the playoffs since the Raps lost to Orlando in the first round back in the spring of good 'ol 2008.

We suck.

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TFC Gets Grass

tfcToronto FC is getting natural grass. Toronto's BMO field, home to TFC, will replace its artificial turf with a grass playing surface by the time the club begins its 2010 season.

Toronto council approved the switch last week, but the project needed the approval of both the federal and Ontario governments, which have paid for part of the construction of the $74-million stadium in 2007.

Mayor David Miller announced Friday that both governments have now given the project the green light.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, which owns Toronto FC and manages the city-owned field, is investing $3.5 million to replace the turf.

I like this because:

  1. Sports should be played on natural grass whenever possible
  2. We're not paying for this, MLSE is, and that's the way it should be

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TFC Pull Off Miracle, Win Canadian Championship

tfcI attended the first TFC match in this 2009 Nutrilife Canadian Championship when we beat the Montreal Impact 1-0. Then, things went south and we came into last night's game needing a win by four or more goals to replace the Vancouver Whitecaps atop the final standings.

I don't follow soccer that closely, but I appreciate how difficult it is to win by four or more goals, especially when you consider TFC had never ever scored five goals or more goals in a single game. Throw in the fact that Montreal was up 1-0 last night, and you'd be forgiven for writing us off.

Queue the miracle. Toronto FC managed to score six straight goals to beat the Montreal Impact 6-1 to take the 2009 Nutrilite Canadian Championship. Dwayne De Rosario scored the first three, Amado Guevara had a couple and Chad Barrett scored the championship-winning goal in the 83rd minute.

The Voyageurs Cup is ours. Next up, the Stanley Cup.

Montreal Merda

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TFC Beat Impact, Italian Swear Banned by Security

TFCI attended the TFC match last night at BMO Field against the Montreal Impact. Everything I wrote after my first TFC game remains true. There's really no other Toronto sporting event that's comparable to the ritualistic, fan-driven enthusiasm I've seen at BMO Field. It's 90 minutes of chanting, singing, cheering, flag waving and streamer throwing.

Fans spend a great deal of time creating and building these giant flags. One of my favourites last night was a mock-up of a Quebec license plate reading USL 4 EVR. You can see a shot from behind here. The USL is the league Montreal plays in, and there were mocking cheers all night long.

I was also impressed with the time it must have taken to create the largest banner I've ever seen at a sporting event. I still don't know what this banner said, because I was beneath it. The paint fumes were intense and the view lousy, but I was just happy to be a part of the process. here's my shot from beneath The Banner of the Century.


And finally, there were the guys behind Elvis and I in the Supporters Section who raised their banner only to be told by security to remove it or else. Apparently, "merda" means something profane in Italian...

Montreal Merda

Here's the rest of my photos from last night's 1-0 TFC victory. Thanks, Elvis!

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A TFC Newbie Figures Out This Multiple Trophy Thing

tfcI mentioned Elvis is taking me to the TFC match next week. This match is part of the Nutrilite Canadian Championship, otherwise known as the Voyageur’s Cup. As an NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, CFL guy, I'm used to there being a single trophy presented to the winner of the playoffs. Apparently soccer is quite different.

Elvis did me a favour and broke down this multiple trophy thing for me. He did a great job so I recommend all TFC newbies click through for the 411. He explains that there's the Supporter’s Shield, MLS Cup, Trillium Cup, Voyageur’s Cup, Superliga, Champions League and the FIFA Club World Cup. Wow.

There sure are a lot of trophies in soccer. If at first you don't succeed, wait a couple of weeks and win another one.

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There's a Voyageurs Cup? And I'll Be There?

tfcChecking my RSS feed moments ago, I learnt I was going to the TFC's second Voyageurs Cup.

That's right people - Toronto Mike is going to the TFC's second Voyageurs Cup home game with yours truly on Wednesday, May 13th.

We'll be taking in the match against the defending champion Montreal Impact. He'll likely want to Twitter but he'll do so at his own peril as we'll be in Section 113, Row 17 - smack in the middle of the Supporter section in the south end.

I'm preparing notes for TMike so he'll know all the background on this important match - hopefully he can then sound somewhat smart on Twitter...if that's possible...

Elvis, the guy behind My Morning Expresso, took me to my first TFC game last summer and I loved it. Not only am I really not a soccer guy, but I've yet to play a single soccer match in my lifetime, something my son can't even claim. Even my four year old daughter will be playing soccer later this month. I just missed the soccer boat.

But I loved the crowd and TFC ambiance. I can't wait to go back next week. I'll just read up on this Voyageurs Cup thing and try and remember what to chant and when to chant it. If you're at the game, I'll be the guy in red.


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@MayorMiller Tweets TFC, Risks Pounding By Supporters

twitterThe Marlies and Toronto FC play next door to each other on the Exhibition grounds. Today, the Toronto FC game started at 4pm and the Marlies started at 5pm. I like to tweet via Twitter during Marlies games, and apparently Toronto Mayor David Miller likes to tweet during TFC games, because that's how I got my TFC updates while watching the Marlies tangle with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Elvis, a good friend and frequent commenter here, is an avid TFC fan with season's tickets. He took me to my first game last summer, and he'll take me to my second this summer. He has one rule, however, a rule apparently shared by TFC supporters. If you tweet the game, you risk a beating.

I told Elvis @mayormiller was tweeting the game and if @mayormiller can tweet during a TFC game, so could @torontomike. Apparently, @mayormiller can't tweet during TFC games and him doing so has alienated him from true TFC supporters. I won't repeat what Elvis called him, but it's worse than the label Freddie P once put on our fearless leader.

By the way, TFC tied their match 1-1 and the Marlies tied their game 1-1 with a Bates Battaglia goal with 11.1 seconds remaining in the 3rd period. @mayormiller tweeted one game, @torontomike tweeted the other. Only one of us risked getting his ass kicked as a result.


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Lessons Learned From TFC Fanatics

Note Pad Attending the Toronto FC match on Saturday was a bit like observing a foreign culture in their natural habitat. I found myself observing their rituals and customs as I quickly adapted. What I saw and experienced has me questioning everything I know when it comes to sporting events.

The professional team I've seen most often live in this city is the Toronto Blue Jays, first at Exhibition Stadium and now at SkyDome. I can only think of one fan-driven ritual, and that's the wave. The wave was fantastic from 1983 through the two World Series wins, but the wave has lost a great deal of steam since the mid-90s and it's all there was. Sure, every so often a group would jump on a chant to belittle an opposing player, and there are always random calls and cheers when the home team makes a great play, but for the most part you sit there and watch.

Don't get me started on Maple Leaf games. There are no fan-driven rituals, you simply do what the scoreboard tells you to do. For the most part you sit down and watch, reacting to the play. The older fanbase, primarily made up of corporate seat-holders, would probably sic an usher on you if you dared try to start a sing-along or chant. And unless we've just scored or there's a fight, don't you dare stand. That would be considered rude.

Raptors games, although full of a great deal more enthusiasm with younger, passionate fans, don't capture that same ambiance I witnessed at BMO Field on Saturday. You sit down and react to the plays on the court. Every so often the public address announcer and scoreboard will order you to sing a certain song or clap in rhythm, but it's totally contrived.

Why can't we take what we have learnt from TFC fanatics and apply it to other sporting events in this city? Is it too late to teach an old dog new tricks and shed our reputation as fans who sit on their hands?

I don't know where to start and how to copy and paste what I experienced, but there must be a way. If it can be done at BMO Field, it can be done at the ACC and SkyDome.

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