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Please Be Great

homerFrom the time it was revealed they were finally going to do it, I've been anticipating July 27, 2007. That's the day The Simpsons Movie will hit theatres.

I'm nervous. Things I read cause me concern. "We're still trying to figure out what the movie is about," admitted show producer James L. Brooks recently. Yikes.

I really, really want this movie to be good. It can't suck, it can't even be average. I've waited over half my life for this and it has to be great.


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My Simpsons DVD Watching Routine

HomerI just wrote about wrapping up season eight of The Simpsons on DVD. Since I mentioned it, I thought I'd reveal my Simpsons DVD watching routine.

When a new season enters the home, I watch each episode twice. I watch it once with James and Michelle the way it was originally broadcast and once by myself with the director's commentary on. The kids are invited to watch the director's commentary with me, but James hates it when he can't hear "the real voices".

Both kids are showing great passion for watching The Simpsons and hockey lately, but my Spidey senses tell me they just like hanging out with Daddy. They know 90% of my television time involves one of those two subjects and cheering on the blue and white and yellow delivers some quality bonding time.

Next weekend, we're chipping away at season nine. Here's a classic take of one year old James mimicking Homer.

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My Theory of Relativity

HomerWhen season eight of The Simpsons originally aired, I remember being amused but realizing that the glory days were long gone. I was still watching but I was looking back to the first five seasons wishing some things had never changed.

I just finished season eight on DVD and I loved it. There were some fantastic episodes, many downright hilarious. A decade removed and season eight feels more like season four. I have a theory about this. I call it my theory of relativity. It's a good name, please don't steal it.

When season eight is compared to seasons three or four, the episodes are okay, but far from stellar. As time marches on, and we watch seasons sixteen, seventeen and eighteen, season eight is that much funnier and intelligent by comparison. It's all relative, my friends.

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We Did It Again

simpsons3rdseasonSteve and I have been exchanging the same gift for years, but this Christmas we reached a new level of indolence. I bought him The Simpsons Season Nine on DVD and he bought me the same thing, only I bought the DVD with the plastic Maggie cover and he bought the old style cardboard version. When it became apparent Steve didn't want the Maggie cover I ended up giving him his gift for me and keeping the gift I bought for him. Got that?

Ryan and I got each other the same gift as well. We exchanged Season Eight.

The tradition continues.

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A Virtual Tour of The Simpsons House

homerJewelgurl just sent me this. It's a virtual tour of the Simpsons house and it looks bang on.

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The Simpsons Movie Trailer

homerI remember the cautious optimism when it was confirmed they were making a Simpsons movie. Then, it was leaked they were targeting 2008 for the films release. Marked on my Google calendar now is July 27, 2007, the scheduled release date.

Tonight, the trailer will air during a new episode of The Simpsons. You know when and where. Also, I'm told at some point after 5pm Toronto time will spring to life with the very same trailer.


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He Tastes Exactly Like Jeffrey Tambor

homerDuring a sadly uninspired Treehouse of Horrors episode of The Simpsons last night, Homer was a green blob eating people. After devouring Dr. Phil he remarked that Dr. Phil tasted exactly like Jeffrey Tambor.

That's what I say!

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The Ninth Season on DVD

simpsons3rdseasonIt looks like the ninth season of The Simpsons will be released on December 19. That makes it a virtual certainly that this annual tradition will continue.

Of course, I'm falling a little behind. Season 8 has been out for over a month now and it hasn't found its way into my collection yet. It's arrival is imminent, but I figure if I wait another couple of months I may find two seasons under the tree this year.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy whatever I can find at

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Link: All The Simpsons You Need

LinkAll The Simpsons You Need - This link is too good to be true. I'm so happy I could cry. Ok, I am crying... buckets. I'm so happy!

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18 and Life

homerHoly shit, will I really be settling in tonight to watch my eighteenth season premiere of "The Simpsons". Can that be possible? Let's see... 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006. Yep, that's 18. Holy shit.

I've written buckets on "The Simpsons". Suffice it to say that this series stopped being a mere television show to me long, long ago. The memories it's pummelled into me, the lessons it's taught me, the chunk of my personal history it's permeated, "The Simpsons" is my show. I remember being shocked by how good season one was, I remember being flabbergasted when it got better in season two, improved in season three and reached its lofty pinnacle in season four. To this day I compare bits of my day to day life to incidents from Springfield and wonder what Homer would do in a particular situation. He is wise.

Tonight, Joe Pantoliano and Michael Imperioli of "The Sopranos" guest voice as two of Fat Tony's goons. I'll watch it live and I'll enjoy it. Once I learned to stop comparing new episodes to the glory days I found my inner yellow glow of peace. I'm looking forward to season eighteen, my friends have been missed.

Here's hoping for another eighteen and one helluva good movie.

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