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Simpsons Scenes and their Reference Movies

LinkSimpsons Scenes and their Reference Movies - As a Simpsons fan and movie fan, I love this collection of 66 scenes from The Simpsons beside the movie scene to which they refer.

Now someone just needs to add a column for movie name...

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The Simpsons Star Wars

star warsI love Star Wars. I love The Simpsons. Therefore, I love this fan-made mash-up of The Simpsons Star Wars.

It's Logic 101.

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Watching The Simpsons Movie With James and Michelle

homerI saw The Simpsons Movie again, this time with my kids. Although only five and three, they were dying to see this movie, and I was dying to see it with them.

You actually appreciate this movie more the second time through. For starters, it's a perfect family film. The only questionable scene involved Otto and a bong, and as far as the kids know he was blowing bubbles. Otherwise, it's good wholesome fun.

They loved the pig scenes, and a gag near the end when they trick Russ Cargill into saying "I'm a wiener". They also love the physical humour, usually involving Homer and a hammer or a rock and a hard place. Here are the parts I thought were ultra special. Warning, there be spoilers below!

  • Biting the Hand That Feeds You - The opening scene with Homer calling us out for spending money to watch something that comes on our television every week for free is pure Simpsons gold. We love to be roasted, and we'll pay for that.
  • The Nude Scene - This entire montage was fantastic, especially the reveal. I remember the Austin Powers scene that inspired this, but Austin didn't have the gonads to show wang.
  • Spider-Pig - Although his scenes are brief, the entire Spider-Pig subplot is pretty damn sharp. The song, of course, steals the show. The choral version of the song reached #24 on the British singles chart. At 64 seconds, it is the shortest track to ever reach the British top 40.
  • The Scroll - The Fox promotional scroll was too funny. It might be my favourite part of the film.
  • Bart and Ned - The subplot revolving around Bart's hunger for a supportive and nurturing father figure was handled with great poise and sensitivity. The scenes with Bart and Ned, juxtaposed with the hilarious scene of Bart and Homer fishing, is The Simpsons at its best. It's never just been about the laughs.
  • Maggie's First Word - During the credits, Maggie utters her first word. Actually, it's not her first word, but it's her first word in front of the rest of the family. It was a great word, too... and I'm already looking forward to it.

There were many other great scenes, from Green Day to Alaska, but those were my favourites. The kids are still laughing at the "I'm a wiener" line. I must admit, I laughed at that one, too.

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The Simpsons Movie

A Movie ReelThe Simpsons Movie: 8 out of 10.

This is the hardest movie review I've ever sat down to write. I just ended a 17 year wait to see a film featuring the Simpsons. Since they announced this project had been green lighted, I went from heavy anticipation through a thick fear it would be mediocre to a recent optimism based on positive reviews. You can follow that roller coaster ride of emotions here, but I've got a review to get to.

I'm torn. On the one hand, it's good, which is good. My biggest fear was that it would stink, and it certainly doesn't stink. In fact, it looks great and feels quite good for 87 minutes. As good as it is, it's not exceptional. In fact, I would never label this film "great". It's good, and that pleases me, but this isn't just any movie. This is The Simpsons Movie.

I'm not necessarily disappointed, I smiled often and laughed quite a bit, but it did tail off in the second half and it didn't ever advance beyond the scope of a pretty good 87 minute episode. I guess I just set the bar too high. I guess I've spent 17 years hoping this movie wouldn't just be good, but would be ex-cel-lent. I remain hopeful that will be truer of the sequel.

When it comes to The Simpsons Movie, good isn't good enough.

James Loves Homer

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D'oh Canada!

homerSpeaking of positive reviews for The Simpsons Movie, the Globe and Mail had a nice little collection of Cancon Simpsons moments in an article they called D'oh Canada. I like it so much, I'm reproducing it here in its entirety.

D'oh Canada! by David George-Cosh

The members of America's favourite nuclear family have shared a long love affair with their northern neighbours. Everything from the National Film Board of Canada, which gets a credit in the fake film Poke of Zorro (E-I-E-I-Annoyed Grunt, Season 11) to Gordie Howe, as the unsuspecting object of Ms. Krabappel's affections (Bart the Lover, Season 3), have been lampooned by the show's writers, including Calgary's Rob and Joel Cohen and Exeter, Ont.'s Tim Long (the guy you can blame for most of the gags in the Toronto-centric episode, aired in February, 2002).

Simpsons creator Matt Groening even joked that Homer holds dual citizenship (Groening's father, whom Homer was based upon, was born here). Some classic Canadian victims:


When Flanders Failed, Season 3

Homer lies on the couch, watching "exciting 15th-round action at the Canadian Football League draft." Monotone announcers can barely contain their excitement on how many rouges the Saskatchewan Roughriders scored last year.

Lisa the Greek, Season 3

Lisa helps Homer bet on football games, and in researching the sport's origins at the Springfield Library, comes across an "oddball Canadian rules" card.

Our hopes and dreams

Mr. Lisa Goes to Washington, Season 3

When Lisa goes to the U.S. capital to compete in a national essay contest, fellow contestant Trong Van Din mentions in his eventual winning essay ("USA A-OK!") that his immigrant family's choice of a new homeland was easy: "Where else but in America, or possibly Canada, could our family find such opportunity?"

Our geography

The PTA Disbands, Season 6

When the teachers at Springfield Elementary go on strike and Marge fills in as a substitute, she bemoans to Homer how it took her class 40 minutes to find Canada on a map. His reply: "Marge, anyone can miss Canada, all tucked away down there."

And in Girly Edition (Season 9), newscaster Bart reports a feel-good piece about Joe Banks, an 82-year-old man who's gone to the same pond every day for 17 years to feed the birds, only to have them suddenly vanish. To where? As Bart says, "Some say the ducks went to Canada. Others say, Toronto."

The way we talk

You Only Move Twice, Season 8

Bart and Lisa attend a new school after Homer moves to Cypress Creek to start a new job for megalomaniac Hank Scorpio. After Bart gets shipped off into a remedial class, he meets a Canadian kid, Gordy, who congenially introduces himself: "I moved here from Canada, and they think I'm slow, eh?"

In Bart's Friend Falls in Love (Season 3), Milhouse's romance with Samantha Stanky threatens to break apart his friendship with Bart, until her father gets wind of it and ships her off to a French-Canadian nunnery: "They're very nice," she says, "except they never let me 'oot.' "


The Bart Wants What It Wants, Season 13

Actor Rainer Wolfcastle and his daughter Greta go to Toronto for a movie shoot, and a love-struck Bart follows them. The rest of the Simpson clan comes along, with initial apprehension by Homer ("Why should we leave America to visit America Junior?"). As soon as they arrive, Marge falls in love with the city ("It's so clean and bland. I'm home!"). Homer takes advantage of the then-poor exchange rate with a security guard ("American currency! What time would you like your breakfast, sir?"). Bart takes in a very special episode of Curling for Loonies, then lands a spot on the Olympic basketball team - as a centre, no less.

Health care

Midnight Rx, Season 16

To bring affordable prescription drugs to Springfield, Homer and friends drive up to Winnipeg and smuggle back cheap pills. (Ned meets his Canadian doppelganger, who offers him a marijuana joint: "It's legal here!").

And in Homer's Triple Bypass (Season 4), Homer reassures Marge that his surgery will go all right since "America's health-care system is second only to Japan, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, well, all of Europe, but you can thank your lucky stars we don't live in Paraguay!"

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I Think It's Good

homerI made it all the way to 7pm without reading a single review of The Simpsons Movie. I successfully avoided all Simpsons-related news and the entertainment section of the paper. Then, I decided to get my head out of the sand and see what I'm in store for.

I think it's good. The two papers on my kitchen table gave it a positive review and The Simpsons Movie Rotten Tomatoes page has it at 88%. I'm so happy I could cry.

Scott Foundas from LA Weekly wrote a line in his review that could have been shaved off that spot in my cranium where hopes and dreams are preserved. In his profound words, "...what The Simpsons Movie does -- and does well -- is to revisit the series’ most enduring situations and themes while upping the ante just enough to lend everything a new level of suspense."

Trying is the first step towards failure, but I'm glad the guys behind my favourite show gave it a whirl. Now I just have to see it.

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Homer Simpson's Tonight Show Monologue

HomerI don't watch Jay Leno's Tonight Show, but I just found out Homer Jay Simpson performed the opening monologue last night.

Here it is.

And as an added bonus, here's a pretty cool Burger King ad featuring characters from The Simpsons.

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Simpsons Marketing Blitz

homerWith The Simpsons Movie only days away from your local theatre, The Simpsons marketing blitz is in full effect. 7-Elevens have become Kwik-e-Marts, is completely overloaded, a giant figure of Homer with a doughnut was painted on a Dorset hillside alongside the ancient 180-foot figure known as the Cerne Abbas Giant and there's a huge painted doughnut at the base of the CN Tower as I type this. This week, our yellow friends from Springfield are everywhere.

As a fan of the series for over 17 years, I'd like to contribute to Simpsons-mania. In addition to my Homer Simpson Quote of the Week, which I've been updating every Saturday morning since August 8, 2003, here are my favourite Simpsons-related entries from the past five years.

James Clobbers Homer

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One Week To Go

homerIt's almost here. I first wrote about The Simpsons Movie back in February of 2004 and I've written about it a few more times since.

As much as I've been anticipating this movie for the 18 years, I probably won't see next weekend. In fact, I probably won't see it for a few weeks, but I will see it. I wouldn't miss it.

This cats name is Zack Kim and look what he can do. I wish I could do that.

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The Final Simpsons Movie Trailer

homerJuly 27th is fast approaching.

Please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good, please be good...

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