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Homer Simpson Tries To Vote For Obama

homerFor years I had a Saturday morning routine. I'd think of a good Homer Simpson quote and add it to my Homer Simpson's Quote of the Week page.

After burning through all of my favourite Homer quotes I decided to halt that ritual on February 2, 2008. Today, instead of a Homer quote, here's a sweet piece of viral video making the rounds this week.

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The Simpsons Intro With Lego

HomerBrian tipped me off about this homemade Simpsons intro using Lego. Sweet...

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Every Simpsons Couch Gag Ever

homerThis likely took a long time to put together, but I'm glad someone put forth the effort. This is every couch gag in the history of The Simpsons.

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Dial 'N' For Nerder Or Not

homerI watched a new episode of The Simpsons last night. It was called "Dial 'N' For Nerder" and as usual with new episodes of The Simpsons these days, it was nothing special.

I'm also making my way through season 10 on DVD. By season 10 you can see the sparky genius dissipating. Now in season 19 it's not uncommon for a new episode to draw less than 8 million viewers. It's no longer must-see television.

I'm at a place where I still enjoy new episodes, especially with the kids, but I know I wouldn't be watching if it weren't for those first six seasons in the 1990s that blew my mind. Homer has earned the right to be just okay.

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Rembrandt Homer

homerI'm totally digging this picture of Homer if he were painted by Rembrandt. I stole this from

If you're thinking Rembrandt is the guy who sang the theme song for "Friends", you need to read this first.


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Homer Does Kurt

homerAs I referenced earlier in the day, Homer Simpson assumed the persona of Kurt Cobain during last night's episode of "The Simpsons". He led a band called Sadgasm.

Politically Incorrect

This was the first song we heard from Sadgasm. It's a lot like Nirvana's "Rape Me".

Politically Incorrect Redux?

I can't tell if this is a new song from Sadgasm or a different part of "Politically Incorrect". Either way, this one is Nirvana's "Rape Me" to a tee.


I think this one is called Margarine, but it may be called Marjorie. It's not a spin on a Nirvana song but a reworking of Bush's "Glycerine". A grunge spoof has spoofed a spoof, so to speak. It still makes for a great tune.

The Grunge Song

All this grunge satire reminds me of The Radio Free Vestibuels and "The Grunge Song". You remember this gem from MuchMusic. Turn it up!

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Flexible Reality Broken

HomerI tuned into "The Simpsons" last night and enjoyed my trip back to the 90s. The story covered a period of time after Homer and Marge graduated high school but before Bart was born. It sent up 90s stuff like grunge and cigar bars. Homer's grunge songs were actually pretty sweet, mimicking Nirvana's "Rape Me" and Bush's "Glycerine".

Any fan of "The Simpsons" has accepted the flexible reality of Springfield. On this show it's okay to violate laws of consistency for the sake of a joke. For example, if an episode calls for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant parking lot to be visible from the Simpsons' house, that's how it will be for one shot, and that's okay.

Last night's episode, entitled "That 90s Show", wasn't just a piece of flexible reality, it was absurd. We all know the story of Bart's birth and yesterday's episode just doesn't fit the puzzle. Weren't the 1984 Olympics taking place when Lisa said her first word?

On preview, it doesn't matter. They can blow away the space-time continuum so long as it results in a good episode.

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39 Years of Homer Simpson Time Lapse Video

homerI not only watched The Simpsons last night, I enjoyed The Simpsons last night. Maybe it's nostalgic fumes that are forming rose coloured glasses, but I've enjoyed this entire 19th season thus far. It's still sharp, it's still funny and it's still The Simpsons.

There was a great parody of this popular YouTube video showing photos Noah took of himself every day for 6 years. This one is a time lapse of pictures Homer took of himself every day for 39 years. If you missed it, see it now while YouTube DailyMotion still has it.

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19th Season Opener

homerI enjoyed this new opening for the 19th season premiere of The Simpsons on Sunday. If you've seen the movie, you'll get the references.

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Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons, Ever

LinkWatch Every Episode of The Simpsons, Ever - I don't mean to go heavy on Simpsons links this morning, but season 19 premieres tonight and you might want to catch up on what you've missed thus far.

I nominate this one for best link of 2007.

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