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The Simpsons on Blogging

The Simpsons on BloggingThe conclusion of The Simpsons was a satirical commentary on blogging. Although they never mentioned blogging or even the world wide web for that matter, there was no doubt who they were talking about. Below is the transcript.

Lisa: [Picks up paper from doorstep] The Homer Times?
Homer (voiceover): All my daughter ever did was to tell people to think for themselves. I may be her father, but when I grow up, I want to be just like her. Except, still a dude.
Lisa: [hugs Homer] Oh, dad. This is so sweet. But I've learned that one little paper can't make a difference in this world. [is hit in the head with a rolled-up newspaper] The Barney Bugle?
Barney: Lisa, you made me realize the importance of free and independent media. So I printed my own paper! Although it's mostly culled from wire services. *belch*
Lenny: Hey, who wants a copy of the Lenny Saver?
Lisa: You have a newspaper too?
Lenny: Well, I was reading the Homer Times about what you did for us, and I thought that maybe I should start asking my own questions. You know... find out the truth about things. [unrolls paper, which says: "The Truth About Carl: He's Great!"] [wipes tear] It had to be told.
Willie: Check out the Willie World News! I reviewed the new tractors. They're all shite!

Homer: See Lisa, instead of one big-shot controlling all the media, now there's a thousand freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions.
Lisa: I couldn't be prouder.

Selma: Are you a Patty or a Selma? Take our quiz.
Captain McAllister: Well blow me down. I'm a Selma!

A thousand freaks xeroxing their worthless opinions. Yep, that sounds about right. I too couldn't be prouder.

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Au Francais

Au FrancaisEarly on Saturday afternoon I found myself with a little time to kill while James napped. I started channel surfing the Ottawa dial and I found something I had never seen in Toronto. I found an episode of The Simpsons in French on one of the many French stations in our Nation's capital.

Naturally, I stopped and watched. The fact I didn't understand what they were saying was irrelevant because I was so familiar with the episode I pretty well know the words by heart. What I found fascinating was how much the French voice actors sounded like their English counterparts.

I know they have that extra on the DVD for Season 1 which shows clips of The Simpsons in various languages, but you need to see a complete episode to truly appreciate this. Homer sounds like Homer, Marge sounds like Marge and Bart sounds like Bart. The words even seem to match up with the movement of the characters' lips. I'm telling you, The Simpsons was as funny in French as it is in English.

By the way, the 15th Season of The Simpons ends tonight with the airing of the season finale. You won't see another new episode until November so don't you dare miss it.

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The Simpsons Strike Ends

The Simpsons Strike EndsI have great news to report on "The Simpsons" front. The ensemble voice cast of Fox's hit animated comedy "The Simpsons" has signed a new four-year deal with the show's producer after going on strike about a month ago in the midst of contract negotiations.

It looks like we'll still get our full season next year which will be their sixteenth. There's also hope for a few more after that. On a Sunday night there's nothing better than winding down with my good friends from Springfield. By biggest fear for the fall was that I'd be without Maple Leaf hockey and Homer Jay Simpson. The double hit could have killed me.

The salary dispute has been settled and so has my stomach.

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Homer's Quote of the WeekFans of The Simpsons are well aware by now that production of the new season has been held up over contract demands by the actors who play major voice roles in the comedy series. As many a headline has stated, they want more dough to say "doh!".

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there is a strong possibility the NHL could shut down for all of next season. The owners and players association are that far apart. The playoff hockey kicking off tomorrow night might be all we see for quite some time.

Two television essentials for me during a long, cold Canadian winter are Maple Leafs hockey and The Simpsons. They have both been a big part of my life for the past 14 years. It seems labour strife could cause me to lose both next fall.

Welcome to the winter of my discontent.

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Maxim Marge

Maxim MargeMaxim Magazine did something interesting with the cover of their current issue. They printed two: one has Paris Hilton in a revealing outfit while the other has Marge Simpson in a sexy low-cut dress while scrubbing the floor. Have a look.

She's every man's ideal wife: curvy, wild-haired, and willing to accept a fat, balding, drunk loser as her knight in shining armor, till death-or Patty and Selma-do them part. Mmm...Marge.

Amen. I'll be shocked if the Marge cover doesn't outsell the Paris cover by at least a 3:1 ratio.

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Season 4 on DVD

Homer's Quote of the WeekFellow Simpsons fans, there is news regarding Season 4 on DVD. According to this press release, Season 4 will be released in North America on June 15th. This four disc set features exclusive bonus material including commentary on each of the 22 episodes, an introduction by Matt Groening, a voiceover featurette with James L. Brooks, an Animation Showcase multi-angle feature, animatics, commercials, deleted scenes and more.

I know someone with a birthday shortly after that release date. Is it too early to drop a hint that this would be the perfect gift? I hope not, because I just did.

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My Link of the Day

Mike's FavouritesCreate Your Own Chalkboard Message - Fellow fans of The Simpsons will get a kick out of this. Submit your own text for Bart to write on the chalkboard. After 14 seasons, my favourite chalkboard gag remains "I will finish what I sta".

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Season 4 DVD Update

Season 4 DVD UpdateAs a die hard fan of The Simpsons, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of season four on DVD. I own the first three seasons, and they're the only DVDs I own I actually watch on a consistent basis. Season four is awesome, bringing us such classics as "A Streetcar Named Marge", "Homer the Heretic", "Mr. Plow", "Marge vs. the Monorail" and "Last Exit to Springfield". In my opinion, it is the greatest of all fifteen seasons of The Simpsons we've been blessed with thus far.

The following Season 4 DVD update appeared on The Simpsons Channel.

After months with no talk about the Season 4 DVD, it looks as though things are finally starting to happen. today announced that Conan O'Brien will be providing a commentary for the episodes Marge Vs. The Monorail and New Kid On The Block. "After seeing a Conan O'Brien show, one of our devoted readers asked Conan if he was going to do The Simpsons: Season 4 Commentary track. Apparently, Conan told him that he recorded them the week prior. "Tall Al" asked, "Even the Monorail?" and Conan replied back, "Yeah, Monorail!" In addition to this, early last week the website also announced Jon Lovitz would be providing commentaries for episodes he appeared in. There's still no release date available for the fourth box set in the series, but we'll let you know as soon as any news comes to hand.

Sounds good!

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The Simpsons Movie

Simpsons MovieFor well over a decade, I've been dreaming about a full-length movie starring The Simpsons. If I close my eyes tight, I can see it now and it's damn funny. I can also see the smile on my face while I watch 100 minutes of my friends from Springfield on the big screen. They've made South Park into a movie and The X-Files, but I had nearly given up on the idea of a Simpsons movie.

But wait. In this article from there is an exclusive interview with producer and veteran writer of "The Simpsons", Mike Reiss. The interview was about the next Simpsons DVD, but he was asked about the Simpsons movie. Here's what he said. "It's been 13 years of wanting to do "The Simpsons" Movie. Finally FOX said, "Let's just do it!" We never had the greatest idea that was compelling but FOX said, "Maybe if we start paying you, you'll get inspired." And sure enough it worked! We've got a very good and interesting idea and it's different from the show. You know, it's like the "South Park" movie where it's just a bigger, longer, amplified version of the show. I can't tell you anything specific about it. My wife doesn't even know the secret." When asked when he thought this movie would come out, Reiss said "I will say two years from this summer. I think it's going to be Summer 2006 or maybe Christmas 2006. It's a reality after being just sort of this phantom idea. I think it is really gonna happen."

Lets hope it's really gonna happen this time. The world needs laughter.

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Nicely Said

The SimpsonsI thoroughly enjoyed The Observer's list of "300 Reasons We Love The Simpsons". In particular, I appreciate #23 on their list. I've reprinted it below.

Ideally, you should be able to watch each episode anew at five distinct stages in life. As a toddler, marvelling at all the bright colours; as a teenager, enjoying the tilts at authority; as a student, relishing the in-jokes and movie references; as an adult, musing on the truths about life, love and death; and in your dotage, marvelling at all the bright colours.

The Brits got it dead-on. This explains why James and I share the same favourite show. He's marvelling at all the bright colours while I'm musing on the truths about life, love and death. There must be a bit of a student left in me as well, because I also relish the in-jokes and movie references. And perhaps I'm still a teenager at heart because I do enjoy the tilts at authority. I marvel at all the bright colours too.

By the way, tonight's episode, entitled "I, D'oh-Bot", is a new one. Here's the description from "Homer and Bart build a Robot Wars-style robot, but when they discover they don't know as much about building killer robots as they thought, Homer decides to get inside of it; Marge and Lisa are under the impression that Snowball II 'went to kitty heaven'". Enjoy!

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