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Season 7 Release Date

HomerSeason 7 of "The Simpsons" will be available December 13, just in time for Christmas. This is the season that brought us "Bart Sells His Soul", "Lisa the Vegetarian", "Fish Called Selma" and the ultra cool "Short Films About Springfield".

The only DVDs I collect are seasons of "The Simpsons". What a grand Christmas present this would be. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

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Mad Magazine Family Guy Spoof

StewieI happen to enjoy "Family Guy", but it's clearly inpired by "The Simpsons". Mad Magazine transformed the Griffin family into the Simpsons in their latest issue and you can check out the cool cover in this PDF.

During my drive to work I pass a billboard for Global TV with Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin and the father from "American Dad". As that Mad PDF states, it's the prime-time cartoon food chain.

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Season 17 Starts Tonight

HomerFox isn't making us wait this year. For the past few years, the season premiere of "The Simpsons" has aired after the World Series. That has meant either late October or early November and that has meant the first episode has been the annual Halloween episode.

This season we're blessed with the premiere tonight. It's Season 17, which I still find difficult to believe, and as always I'm quite excited. No, "The Simpsons" tonight won't be as sharp or as funny as "The Simpsons" from ten years ago, but it still has its moments and it still gets me to smile and laugh.

The world needs laughter.

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Lisa On Ice

HomerFrom the moment I sat down at the age of fifteen to watch a Christmas special starring The Simpsons, I was hooked. I started taping each episode on VHS, even going so far as to edit out the commercials. These tapes were gold, allowing my brothers and I to watch the exceptional episodes from the first half dozen seasons over and over again.

During the sixth season, I simultaneously taped and watched the episode entitled Lisa On Ice. In this episode, Lisa and Bart compete head to head in a big hockey game. You would think the merging of hockey and The Simpsons would delight me, but this episode had the opposite effect. Compared to previous episodes, I found Lisa On Ice to be a huge disappointment. I didn't find it funny enough, I didn't deem it Simpsons-worthy and I was ever so angered by the fact the game clock ticked down during a penalty shot. I was so upset by this massive decline in quality that I immediately stopped taping episodes. These tapes I created stopped with Lisa On Ice.

Over the past few days, I've been revisiting season six on DVD. Moments ago, I completed Lisa On Ice and I laughed hysterically. Sure, I was still bothered by the clock ticking down during Bart's penalty shot, but I was pleased with the comedy and general Simpson-esque quality.

Ten years ago I saw The Simpsons decline begin, but I never stopped watching. I watched every episode of season sixteen and I can't wait for season seventeen. The Simpsons helped me survive high school, shaped the adult I became and is responsible for the vast majority of my parenting techniques. I am now 31 years old and for more than half of that time period I've had a family from Springfield to lean on, to laugh with and to show me the way.

May I never have to write about the series finale and may Homer never, ever change. As for Lisa On Ice, I highly recommend it. It's damn funny and definitely VHS worthy.

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Welcome Complainers

Simpsons DVDPersonally, I love the new packaging for The Complete Sixth Season of The Simpsons. The people behind The Simpsons, however, are ready for the complainers.

They have set up this website for "all those who fear change, and greedy people who like free stuff." You see, the new packages which are shaped like the heads of various characters, starting with Homer, won't fit perfectly beside the cases for the first five seasons. Some anal retentive people will have an issue with this, so anyone who buys season six can order a regular case to fit in with the rest of the collection. The new case is free with proof of purchase and a small shipping and handling charge.

Woo hoo!

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Season Six Cover Art

HomerI own the first five seasons of "The Simpsons" on DVD, and the covers are all pretty much the same but with a different colour for each season. Season six, due later this summer, will have an entirely new look and feel.

Here's the cover. Isn't it awesome? My hero in all his glory.

I can't wait to add it to my collection.

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The Simpsons Movie Update

Homer"You know what? We've just done the table read for The Simpsons movie, so although we've been promoting that we're going to do it, now we're actually doing it and are in production." These are the words of Nancy Cartwright, who was speaking with BBC Radio 1 this week.

Season 17 is merely months away and now we have preproduction of the long awaiting Simpsons movie. Excellent!

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Season Six DVD Release Date

The Simpsons on DVDThe only DVDs I collect are seasons of "The Simpsons". I've got the first five and I adore each and every minute I spend with my second family.

Fellow fans will enjoying hearing season six is due to hit stores on August 16. I can't wait.

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HomerTonight's first new episode of "The Simpsons" entitled "Don't Fear The Roofer" is episode 350, right? You've seen and read the articles about this fact and you've probably caught some of the hype from Fox.

In actuality, it's going to be episode 351. "Future-Drama" was the true 350. For some reason, Fox doesn't count that first Christmas special, "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire", as an official episode.

Whatever. I'm enjoying episodes 351 and 352 tonight. We get a double-header before the return of "Family Guy". I'm giving the boob tube a spit-n-shine in anticipation of 90 minutes of broadcast Babylon.

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HomerThe show I've loved for more than half my years on this planet will air its 350th episode tomorrow night. The impact "The Simpsons" has had on my life is immeasurable. It has directly influenced the way I live, the way I think and the way I raise my children. The only DVDs I collect are seasons of "The Simpsons", I maintain a popular page dedicated to the words and wisdom of Homer Simpson and I recollect a slice of this stealth art in everything I observe, encounter and absorb. This television show and Maple Leaf hockey are the two loves of my life outside of my family. You can't understate the place these yellow characters from Springfield, USA inhabit in my heart.

Every time "The Simpsons" reaches a milestone of this nature, I read the same articles praising the show for its satiric humour and pointing out the obvious fact it's not as good as it once was. In January I wrote Why I Still Watch which explains why I'm still in front of the tv every Sunday at 20:00 without failure. "The Simpsons" in season 16 isn't as good as "The Simpsons" circa season six but it's still a pleasure to watch and one of the funniest programs on TV.

In Homer I trust, today more than ever. I have 350 samples validating this faith.

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