Scary Scooby Funnies

spookyHalloween is only a week away, but I've got bigger concerns. I can't believe a Scooby Doo fan like myself just learned there were Scary Scooby Funnies in 1985.

Here's the intro:

Here's the outro:

[via Retrontario}

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Fonzie, Then and Now

fonzAs a kid, I loved Happy Days. And if you love Happy Days, you love Fonzie, or The Fonz as I prefer to call him.

Here's a great split-screen of Fonzie, then and now.


Here's Fonzie jumping the shark then...

And here's Fonzie jumping the shark now...


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New Sportsnet Logo

sportsnet logoSportsnet has a new logo. The Rogers-owned sports network, which includes six TV channels, two radio stations, a magazine, and a website, now uses this logo:


In a press release, here's what Sportsnet has to say about their new logo:

A brand identity was built, beginning with a redesign of all Sportsnet logos into one cohesive system. The conceptual platform behind the creative, "Conduit," was anchored in the network's new position by visually fuelling the fan's excitement through professional passion and spirited storytelling. The concept takes viewers on a journey through intricate circuits and light to build excitement and illuminate stories that are most relevant to fans in each region.

On the great design blog Brand New, here's what they're saying about it:

The icon in the old logo was one of those aberrations that you wish your eyes could unsee, like the twin-girls-in-the-hall scene from The Shining and, unfortunately, the new logo does not quite wash the feeling off. The new logo looks surprisingly old as if it had been designed decades ago. The thick slab serifs make the wordmark feel heavy and awkward — the bigger problem with that is the italic sans serif is already heavy and awkward. The double-swoosh under the SN — other than highlighting the acronym "SN" — is gratuitous and doesn't seem to mean anything in particular. In general, the logo does not signal a move into the twenty-first century for Sportsnet.

What do you guys think of Sportsnet's new logo?

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Arrested Development Returns

tvBeing a couple of days late with this stuff isn't going to fly as Canada's celebrity blogger. As you probably already know, we Arrested Development fans aren't just getting a movie, but we're getting another 9 or 10 episodes, each focusing on one character, explaining what they've been up to these past 5 years.

Holy shit, that's sweet. I thank Obama.

obama arrested development

In that vein, here's what you've missed, if you're just joining us.

  • Arrested Development - "Arrested Development" is very well written, very well acted and entirely addictive. It's hilarious. Clearly, the three funniest shows on television are "The Simpsons", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Arrested Development". Try it once and you'll be hooked. Quality like this doesn't rear it's pretty face very often and rarely sticks around. - July 19, 2004
  • The Friday Five - My favourite television shows still being produced. - August 20, 2004
  • The Emmys - As for Arrested Development, it is such a diamond in the rough. Just when I was about to give up on network television I discovered this show and it's hilarious. - September 20, 2004
  • Rescue Me - Below are the shows I actually make an effort to watch. - September 30, 2004
  • Laugh Tracks - "The Simpsons", "The Larry Sanders Show", "The Kids in the Hall", "The Family Guy", "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Arrested Development" are all shows I've found hilarious over the years and not one of them employs a laugh track. - October 7, 2004
  • Appointment Viewing - "Arrested Development" is hilariously written, well acted and extremely smart. It's the funniest new show since "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and the first time I've been excited about a network show since "The Family Guy". It's such a pleasure to watch, I'm always totally bummed when the half hour ends and I know it's another week before I get to enjoy the Bluth family again. - December 11, 2004
  • Leno or Letterman? - Then again, "Arrested Development" is wrapping its second season a month early, sitting out the May sweeps (as it did last year) and, at the network's behest, produced fewer than the usual 22 episodes. The funniest show on television most likely won't see a third season. People aren't watching "Arrested Development" but stay up late for Leno's crapfest. - February 10, 2005
  • Is This It? - Tomorrow night is the second season finale of "Arrested Development". It's also likely the series finale. "Arrested Development" ranks 118th this season to date in the United States and had its order shortened from 22 to 18 episodes. - April 16, 2005
  • Arresting Developments - I'm continuously raving about "Arrested Development" because it's a jewel of a comedy in a steaming, heaping pile of crap. In April, when the season two finale aired, I asked "is this it?". All indications were that Fox would cancel the show due to poor ratings. It's great, but nobody watches. - May 14, 2005
  • The Friday Five - Five shows that made/make me laugh my ass off (excluding The Simpsons). - August 5, 2005
  • Arrested Development Cancelled - The funniest show on television has just been cancelled. - November 11, 2005

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Using Social Media Right - ABC Reaches Out

giftA few days ago I wrote about Hulu not letting me stream Jimmy Kimmel's tribute to his Uncle Frank. Hulu only works in America, you see, and I think that's a pity.

Earlier today, I received an email from Lucy who works for Jimmy Kimmel Live. During our brief exchange, Lucy thanked me for mentioning the show on this blog and asked me for my mailing address so they could send me a token of their gratitude. Lucy seemed sincerely grateful for the promotion and now I'm curious as all hell as to what she's sending me.

That, my friends, is social media at its finest. Jimmy Kimmel Live reached out to a blogger who referenced the show, and now I'm drenched in warm fuzzies. It was completely unexpected and unnecessary, but this little gesture will carry a lot of weight.

I'll let you know what they send me when it arrives. I hope other big companies are taking notes...

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Hulu and Uncle Frank's Tribute

tvI heard Jimmy Kimmel aired a sweet tribute to his Uncle Frank on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. Hulu has the clip, all legal and everything, so I clicked on over...


Alas, when I tried to play Tribute to Uncle Frank, I was reminded it won't work for those of us outside of the United States, even if I pulled out my best Aeroplan card.


Screw Hulu, I'll watch it on YouTube.

Requiescat in pace, Uncle Frank.

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The Greatest TV Show in the History of the World Is...

tvNo question, it's The Wire. Trust me. If you've seen The Wire, I'm 100% sure you'll agree.

And if you've seen The Wire, you'll love this blog I just discovered. It's called Wire Inspire, and the site's "about" description says it all.

Everything I need to know, I learned from five seasons of the greatest show on television.

I now have two questions to ask myself before making a decision: What Would Wendel Do and What Would Omar Do.


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MuchMusic Borrows From Martha Stewart

tvThere's exciting news from 299 Queen Street West... MuchMusic has unveiled their new logo!


I get a serious Martha Stewart vibe off of it, and that's not a good thing.


This old man was ranting and raving a few years back about things he didn't get, and included MuchMusic on that list.

I don't get MuchMusic these days. I know I'm too old for MuchMusic, but it used to be a fairly cool station. There were music videos and interesting complementary programming, and now there's just reality crap, unfunny fromage-type shows and reruns of The OC. MuchMusic has gone from hero to zero.

Now get off of my lawn!

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Elwy Yost, Dead at 86

In MemoriumElwy Yost was 86. He was the long-time host of Saturday Night at the Movies and Magic Shadows on TVOntario.

As a very young boy I remember watching Elwy on TVOntario as he introduced classic films I was far too young to appreciate. I fondly recalled Elwy in this space back in 2007 and again in 2008. Then, I decided I could be Elwy Yost.

The man's enthusiasm for movies was contagious. Thanks, Elwy.

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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

tvCosmos: A Personal Voyage is a thirteen-part television series written by Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, and Steven Soter, with Sagan as presenter.

It was first broadcast in 1980 on PBS, but I've never seen it. It's time to correct that oversight.

To make it easier, here are all 13 episodes.

Episode 1: "The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean"

Episode 2: "One Voice in the Cosmic Fugue"

Episode 3: "The Harmony of the Worlds"

Episode 4: "Heaven and Hell"

Episode 5: "Blues for a Red Planet"

Episode 6: "Travellers' Tales"

Embedding disabled - watch it here

Episode 7: "The Backbone of Night"

Embedding disabled - watch it here

Episode 8: "Journeys in Space and Time"

Episode 9: "The Lives of the Stars"

Episode 10: "The Edge of Forever"

Episode 11: "The Persistence of Memory"

Episode 12: "Encyclopaedia Galactica"

Episode 13: "Who Speaks for Earth?"

See you in 780 minutes.

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