If IE Ignores it, Does it Exist?

MouseI was just checking out a great little HTML5 and CSS3 checklist by They've looked at the top five browsers, both PC and Mac, and looked at whether it supported CSS3 Properties, CSS3 Selectors, HTML5 Web Applications, HTML5 Embedded Content, HTML5 Audio Codecs, HTML5 Video Codecs, HTML5 Forms Inputs and HTML5 Forms Attributes.

I make my living in this world. Web-based work pays my mortgage and feeds my kids. This matters to me.

You don't have to know a stitch about HTML5 or CSS3 to see in this chart that IE6, IE7 and IE8 fare very poorly. This begs the question: if IE ignores it, does it exist?

And yes, I'm being serious. We don't develop web sites for ourselves or our web-savvy brethren, we do it for the masses, and that means we do it for IE.

How much time and energy would you commit to something that couldn't be seen or appreciated in Internet Explorer?

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Back to Firefox

firefoxLast month I openly declared I had switched default browsers from Firefox to Chrome. The new Chrome extensions were pretty sweet, and Chrome seemed to be faster. That was then....

...this is now. I'm back with Firefox. Google Chrome seemed hesitant after a short while, unresponsive. There was even buggy issues with Gmail where I'd click "Attach a file" or "Plain Text" and the option would disappear altogether. You'd think the Google browser would work best with Google email, but Gmail was far snappier in Firefox.

Since then I've returned to Firefox, my default browser for six years, and everything is awesome. It's a portable version of Firefox, by the way, with my favourite add-ons and everything customized to my liking. Just like the prodigal son I've returned.


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Justifying Audio Book Thievery

bookI've already helped you justify DVD thievery, now I'm here to help you justify audio book thievery.

This is from The Brads and it's entitled Why DRM Doesn't Work. It's a compelling argument.


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Nunc Mattis Rhoncus

chromeI just wanted to test my new Lorem Ipsum Generator extension for Google Chrome.

Nunc mattis rhoncus. Magna! Sit duis purus integer! Porta ac, placerat vut odio tempor elit placerat tristique turpis. Sed aliquam magna porta facilisis porta, cum purus porttitor turpis! In sed ultrices? Magna amet a, ac sit integer in lundium urna, tortor turpis lacus dolor lacus et magna hac, duis et augue mid penatibus proin, rhoncus, integer? Sed elementum pulvinar scelerisque est mus elit sagittis enim, nunc, turpis ultricies tristique, tincidunt adipiscing lorem mattis risus in? Rhoncus est? Ridiculus odio urna? Sit mus etiam platea? Ac, scelerisque et dignissim ultrices a integer nunc, in lacus magna a. Phasellus tristique non placerat a in elementum sagittis integer turpis adipiscing vel scelerisque dapibus egestas, scelerisque ridiculus et nunc augue, ultrices arcu sed? Habitasse.

Dictumst augue nec amet. Massa, egestas enim aenean a, in turpis, sit, turpis porta purus et platea vel odio hac proin? Magna et, enim in eu, montes. Tortor urna augue proin magna augue pulvinar nunc. Vel pellentesque in a. Eros lorem amet lorem, auctor a amet sed! Parturient porttitor. Lectus, nunc turpis penatibus scelerisque habitasse. Dapibus natoque, a et quis turpis, a integer. Parturient turpis! Duis non, magna, etiam dapibus vel odio cursus, a sagittis? Et enim. Pellentesque augue eu! Magnis a, quis, dignissim sed, velit etiam? Pellentesque tincidunt! Rhoncus platea. Turpis porta ut tempor, amet in, integer risus mid natoque augue tempor in a a platea. Lorem, elementum eu? Amet auctor porttitor in ut, enim proin ac in.

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Chrome is Ready for Prime Time

ChromeThe challenge was simple. Take a longtime Firefox user who is reliant on his FF extensions and get him to switch to Google Chrome.

On February 7th, I updated Chrome and installed a series of extensions that would perform the work of my old Firefox add-ons. If you're curious as to which extensions I installed, all the deets are in this entry.

Google Chrome is now ready for prime time. The extensions available are many and awesome. Here's my extension toolbar as it looks right now.


I still plan to keep my portable version of Firefox up to date, and when I need a second browser instance it will get the call, but I'm going to stick with Chrome as my default browser. It's come a long way, baby.

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The Youngest Now Has Email

EmailMy youngest child just got her first email account. She now knows how to login to her Gmail account and send emails and gchats to her parents, brother, grandmother and uncles.

My oldest child got his first account when he was five, and it really helped him learn to type, spell and successfully navigate web apps. Today, it was Michelle's turn to enter the digital fray. We fleshed out her contacts (the only people she's allowed to email are those I bless in her contacts), gave her a cool profile picture, changed her Gmail theme to "tea party" and taught her how to compose emails and send instant messages.

Nothing's cooler than getting an email from your 5-year old daughter, even when it's just a heart icon. Especially when it's just a heart icon.

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Don't Forget Canada, Google

canadaGoogle has announced they're going to build and test ultra high-speed broadband networks in a small number of trial locations across the United States.

We'll deliver Internet speeds more than 100 times faster than what most Americans have access to today with 1 gigabit per second, fiber-to-the-home connections. We plan to offer service at a competitive price to at least 50,000 and potentially up to 500,000 people.

1 gigabit per second... take a moment to absorb that. Remember how excited we were when we could get 5mbps at home?

Google's experimental fiber network is meant as a strong message to the FCC that American's deserve better broadband. I hope this message isn't lost on the CRTC here in Canada, a true digital ghetto.

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Farewell Odeo, iMeem and Houndbite, Hello SoundCloud

soundcloudI've been searching for the YouTube of audio for years. I'm just looking for a place where I can upload an MP3 and embed the player on my site. I used to like Odeo for this, and then Odeo dropped the ability to upload. Then I started using iMeem, until iMeem was bought by MySpace and disappeared completely. Then, I discovered Houndbite, but it too has bit the dust.

Once more, I was on the hunt for the YouTube of audio. That's when I discovered SoundCloud. SoundCloud only gives you two hours of space for free, but it's exactly what I need to share old Blue Jays songs and Tom Cheek calls.

To demonstrate this new discovery, here's Lloyd Moseby's Shaker's Rap.

Here's hoping SoundCloud sticks around for a while. And if you liked the sample above, you'd love this page.

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The Google Chrome Extensions Challenge

ChromeYesterday, I wrote about web browsers. I've been a Firefox user for as long as the Mozilla browser has had that name, and part of the reason I've resisted the switch to Google Chrome is my reliance on the Firefox add-ons. The fact is, Chrome extensions have come a long way over the past six months, and Elvis convinced me it was time to give Chrome another shot.

This entry is about how I configured Chrome to give it a fair shot against my trusty ol' Firefox. I'll concede that Chrome is faster, and that's what has me rooting for this test to be successful.

The most important extension as far as I'm concerned is Adblock+. I simply can't search the web without it. Thankfully, Adblock+ is available in Chrome, so the test may begin.

The other significant change I had to make is how I manage my Twitter account. I love Twitter, and I've been reading and tweeting from a Firefox extension from Echofon. Echofon doesn't make this extension for Chrome, and I hated every Twitter extension for Chrome I tried last night. As a result, I'm giving TweetDeck another shot.

Now let's look at the Google Chrome extensions I installed and why.

AdBlock+ Element Hiding Helper - This is a must have extension. Use it for one day and you won't be able to live without out. (shorten, share, and track your links) - When I tweet URLS, I shorten them with It lets me measure clicks.

Copy Without Formatting - Sometimes I need to copy text from the web, but I just want plain text without markup. This extension does the trick.

Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) - I hate it when I click a link on the web to a PDF and it opens in the browser.

Facebook for Google Chrome - Just a nice way to check my FB news feed and wall without going to Facebook.

Forecastfox Weather - I liked this extension in Firefox and I'm glad it's available in Chrome.

Google Calendar Checker (by Google) - I live by my Google Calendar.

Google Mail Checker - This is the heartbeat of my digital world.

Google Reader Checker - Like Calendar and Gmail above, I read all my RSS feeds in Google Reader.

IE Tab - Some sites require IE. It's nice to be able to see them without changing browsers.

Pendule - This was my find of the day. I love this extension. It does a number of the things the developer toolbar in Firefox would do, and more. It handles pixel measurement, colour picking, CSS viewing and so much more. Many of the Firefox add-ons I needed for work are satisfied by this single Chrome extension. If you're in web development or management, you have to try Pendule.

Picnik Extension for Chrome - A nice extension for taking and editing screen caps.

Now I just need a way to better handle my bookmarks. I've exported them from Firefox and imported them into Chrome, but I don't love the way Chrome handles them. There's gotta be an extension that'll make me happy.

The great Google Chrome extensions challenge begins!

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What Your Web Browser Says About You

firefoxUsing data in Google Analytics, here are the browsers visitors to this site are using. This data was collected over the past 30 days.


Internet Explorer is used by the majority of you, Firefox is a strong second and Safari is a decent third place with a little over 10%. Chrome is the new kid on the block and comes in fourth. No other browser is used by 1% of you.

Here's what your browser says about you.

Chrome - You're a speed freak, looking to get from A to B in as few parsecs as possible. Add-ons be damned, faster is better.

Safari - You're a Mac user and that makes you feel superior to the other 90% of us. Your arrogance is astounding.

Firefox - You hate IE, and that led you to discover Firefox back in 2004. By now you're so dependent on Firefox add-ons you'll never switch, no matter how fast Chrome gets. Your web standards sensibilities and loyalty to the Mozilla Foundation makes you rather endearing.

Internet Explorer - You use the browser that came by default with Windows, and you don't try another browser because you're lazy, disinterested in excellence and without a soul. Yes, I just called 52.39% of you soulless.

The other 1.78% of you using browsers like Camino or Blazer, you're anti-establishment and you frighten me. CSIS has already been notified.

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