What the Rogers NHL TV Deal Means to Me

What the Rogers NHL TV Deal Means to MeThe other day, while I was watching the Leafs game, the broadcast experienced an issue with their audio mix. The sound of the game remained loud, but those in the booth became quite muted. For a glorious five minutes I watched the game only hearing the crowd, the players and sounds of the game, like the blade along the ice and the puck along the boards.

It was great. The best hockey commentators and analysts know when to shut up, and they don't do it nearly often enough. I don't need them to fill up every second with words, sometimes I just want to hear the game and see the action for myself.

I watch every Leafs game possible, and as much NHL playoff hockey as I can find. Rogers Communications securing a $5.2-billion deal for the right to broadcast NHL games across Canada for the next 12 years doesn't bother me, so long as they provide me with a live HD feed and put quality hockey people on the broadcast.

It's no secret my favourite Hockey Night in Canada games feature Bob Cole calling the action, and that rarely happens these days. It's usually Jim Hughson, who I can take or leave. I'm there to watch the game and just hope whoever is calling the action isn't particularly annoying.

And that's it. I just want to watch my Leafs and the playoffs, ideally my Leafs in the playoffs. Whether it's on CBC, TSN, Sportsnet or Leafs TV makes little difference to me. We got over losing the old HNIC theme song and we'll get over this.

After all, it's all about what the content is, not where it can be found.

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The NFL is Popular, Just Not With Me

The NFL is Popular, Just Not With MeIt's November 24th and I've only watched one quarter of NFL football this season. I caught the final quarter of Denver's 51 - 48 win over Dallas on October 6 and I got sucked in because it was Peyton Manning and I couldn't believe the number of points on the board.

Every season since Wade Phillips started Rob Johnson instead of Doug Flutie in the Music City Miracle game I've watched less NFL than the season before. And now, it's come to this.

I don't miss it at all. The NFL is very American... very militaristic with lots of hype and commercialism but very little actual action. In fact, the average NFL game "lasts 3 hours and 12 minutes, but if you tally up the time when the ball is actually in play, the action amounts to a mere 11 minutes."

11 minutes of action in a game that takes over three hours to watch. I'm glad I bailed when I did. I know too many people who can't leave their televisions on Sundays because they can't miss a minute of the big NFL machine.

It's not just the mere 11 minutes of action that sucks, it's also the 100+ ads you're subjected to and the fact an average play in the NFL lasts just four seconds.

I'll admit the NFL is very popular, it's just not popular with me.

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Why I Love Sport: Reason #42

Why I Love Sport: Reason #42The East-of-Yonge version of me, my buddy Bob, shared this on Facebook. It's Mariano Rivera's Yankee Stadium goodbye.

I hate the Yankees and even I got choked up by the sight of a tearful Rivera hugging Andy Pettitte and Derek Jeter on the pitcher's mound before walking off the field one last time to a standing ovation.

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The Toronto Sports Team Venn Diagram


[via Reddit]

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The Mighty Fall of A-Rod

mlbPrecisely six years ago today, I wrote this entry about Alex Rodriquez.

Barry Bonds hasn't even caught Hank Aaron yet but baseball fans are already wondering if Alex Rodriquez will be the next home run king. A-Rod just hit his 500th earlier today and he just turned 32. That means he needs 255 to reach Aaron's mark and who knows how many to reach Bonds, assuming Bonds eventually sets a new mark.

Thanks to the bestest baseball stat blog on the planet I can tell you that only seven guys have ever hit 255 or more homers from age 32 onward. Even though A-Rod has come this far in record time, he still needs to accomplish a feat only accomplished 7 times in order to become the new career leader in dingers. Here are the 7 who have hit 255 or more homers after the age of 32.

  1. Barry Bonds - 420
  2. Babe Ruth - 358
  3. Hank Aaron - 357
  4. Rafael Palmeiro - 336
  5. Mark McGwire - 306
  6. Willie Mays - 292
  7. Andres Galarraga - 283

A-Rod is still pretty young, and in his prime. If he stays healthy, Bonds' reign will be very, very short.

My how the mighty have fallen. Tomorrow, A-Rod is expected to be one of 13 major leaguers suspended for performance-enhancing drugs with Rodriquez's suspension likely through the end of the 2014 season.

So no, A-Rod won't catch Bonds, whose own career HR record is heavily tainted. It's time we restore Hank Aaron's integrity-drenched 755.

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Shit Could be Worse... This Could be Cleveland.

Shit Could be Worse... This Could be Cleveland.If you're lucky enough to be my Facebook friend, you'll know my cover image is Oscar the Grouch proclaiming "shit could be worse." Oscar's right. This could be Cleveland.


Before you label me a Cleveland hater, I need to explain myself. I frequently look at the professional sports landscape in Toronto and shake my head. Excluding the CFL and Rock, and you'll understand why I'm excluding them, we haven't had a championship here since 1993. Hell, the Leafs, Raptors and Jays haven't won a playoff series between them since 2004. We're in quite the drought.

But we're not Cleveland. Cleveland has an MLB, NBA and NFL team, and they used to have an NHL team. Cleveland hasn't had a championship since 1964 when the Browns won the NFL title. That was before there was a Super Bowl. Furthermore, the Indians have the second longest drought in MLB and the Cavs have never won the NBA championship.

But wait, there's more. There was Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, Jordan over Ehlo, the Move, Mesa's Choke in Game 7, LeBron Quitting, The Decision, etc.

So without a doubt, things are bad in Toronto, but shit could be worse.

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Milos Raonic on Grass

Raonic on GrassMilos Raonic is the best singles tennis player in Canadian history. That's right, he's even better than Andrew Sznajder, believe it or not. He's the best we've ever produced, but you wouldn't know it from the Wimbledon betting odds.

The most exciting part of Raonic's game is his booming serve, which you'd think would make him a threat on grass. In reality, he's been awfully mediocre on the green stuff, going 8-8 over his short career.

With Wimbledon underway at the All England Club you'll forgive me if I keep my hopes for Raonic low.

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My Golf Game with Elvis

Ending My Monster Golf DroughtI mentioned that I hadn't golfed since lifetime gym over twenty years ago. Yesterday, on a blustery day in Fenelon Falls, I played the nine hole course at Eganridge Inn and Spa overlooking beautiful Sturgeon Lake with my buddy Elvis, courtesy of Chevrolet.

Things got off to a rocky start when I thought I needed to rent left-handed clubs but was assured by the golf pro that I was likely right-handed. I shoot left-handed in hockey, but bat right-handed in baseball, and I'm honestly not sure which feels more natural with my golf swing.

With my right-handed clubs, I did my very best. Golf is a humbling game, and although I won handedly, I'm sure you'll have a good laugh at my score of 56.

2013-06-03 18.06.48

2013-06-03 16.51.51

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Ending My Monster Golf Drought

Ending My Monster Golf DroughtI've only golfed once in my life. It was in grade 12 when my lifetime gym class shot nine holes. That was awhile ago, and I never felt the urge to golf again.

I'm scheduled to end this monster drought on Monday when elvis and I are set to play the course at Eganridge Inn and Spa overlooking beautiful Sturgeon Lake. I've got Chevrolet to thank for this amazing pre-wedding treat.

It's been over twenty years. I might be a little rusty.

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Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?

Who Will Win the Stanley Cup?Guys and gals, I need your help. I'm drafting my playoff pool in 5 hours and I still don't know who will win the Stanley Cup.

Please tell me, who will win the Stanley Cup?

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