My Sports Wishlist

My Sports WishlistThe following are my current sports wishes in no particular order.

  1. I wish Vince Carter would stop being such a suck. He just signed a long-term, big-money contract to play in this city and now he wants to be traded. I wish he'd rescind that request, play his ass off, stay healthy and lead us back to the playoffs.
  2. I wish the Blue Jays could afford to re-sign Carlos Delgado. He's an awesome player, a great person and a our biggest offensive threat. I'd love to see the Jays keep him.
  3. I wish the Buffalo Bills were a better football team. Drew Bledsoe is awfully disappointing and these 13-10 losses are hard to watch. It's going to be a long season.
  4. I wish the NHL season would resume. James had a great time wearing his hockey jersey and chanting Ca-na-da! Ca-na-da! during the World Cup. I think he'd really enjoy watching Leaf games with Daddy this season. It's a damn shame these millionaires can't figure this out for the fans. Without us fans, they're playing nothing more than a game of shinny on a pond.
  5. I wish I was as fortunate, as fortunate as me.

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Watching Sidney

Watching SidneyI first wrote about Sidney Crosby last year after Wayne Gretzky stated that Crosby was the best hockey player he'd seen since Mario Lemieux. He went on to lead the CHL in scoring.

This season he's already got two games under his belt with the Rimouski Oceanic and he's recorded seven points. That's a tidy average of 3.5 points a game. We'll check in on Sidney Crosby's statistics periodically as we witness the blossoming of the next great one. There was the Great Gretzky followed by Magnificent Mario, and now, Sensational Sidney. We'll be watching.

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The 700 Club

The 700 ClubThe 700 Club in baseball is the penthouse for the home run hitting elite. Prior to last night, only two legends were members: Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron. As a kid I had a book about the 500 Club that listed every member while paying respects to the sole member of the 600 Club, Willie Mays, and the aforementioned members of the 700 Club.

Last night, Barry Bonds stepped to the plate in the third inning and hit a 392-foot solo shot to left-centre, his 42nd homer of the season and the 700th homer of his awesome career. Never in my wildest dreams as a kid obsessed with baseball trivia did I envision I'd be alive to see a third player join the 700 Club. At the time, players who reached 500 were few and far between. Bonds' feat here cannot be understated. Bonds had only three 40 home run seasons under his belt before 2001. At the age of 36 he hadn't yet cracked the top 15 in career homers. What he's done over the past four seasons, considering he rarely sees a decent pitch, boggles the mind.

Despite the fact he's an abrasive asshole, I root for him. He's that good.

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Bad Dream Team

Dream TeamThe American men's basketball team in Athens was the heavy favourite to win gold heading into the summer Olympics. This team hadn't lost a game in the Olympics since 1988 and was stacked with NBA stars. Who was going to beat the Dream Team?

As it turns out, beating the Dream Team wasn't that difficult. In fact, Puerto Rico, Lithuania and Argentina accomplished the feat as the USA fell three times and won't be competing for the gold. I've heard several theories as to why the Americans failed in Athens, and they usually focus on advancements made in other countries and the fact that the USA didn't have a chance to become a true team. I'm not convinced.

The American team consisted of Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, LeBron James and Stephon Marbury amongst others. These are world class players...all stars in fact. They should have won the gold but didn't for one reason and one reason only. They didn't want it bad enough. Quite simply, they weren't hungry and lacked that win-at-all-cost attitude. With a little fire in the belly, the USA doesn't lose three games out of seven. I'm sure of it.

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The PGA Championship Update

The PGA ChampionshipEarlier this week, I mentioned I was in the office PGA Championship pool. I selected the trio of Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els in the hopes that my threesome would shoot a lower score than anyone elses threesome.

Things looked really bad after Thursday because Tiger Woods shot a 75 and looked like he was going to miss the cut. On Friday, he shot 69, made the cut and put me in a strong second place heading into the weekend.

The guy in first has the same team as I do with Phil Mickelson in place of Tiger, so it will all come down to those two. If Woods beats Mickelson, I'm in the money. Follow the PGA Championship and my progress here.

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The PGA Championship

The PGA ChampionshipTomorrow the PGA Championship tees off. Once again, I've entered the office pool and my fate is tied to the performance of these three golfers: Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh and Ernie Els.

My how the mighty have fallen. This is the first time I've selected Tiger Woods all year. My brother Steve wanted me to pick Vijay and strongly recommended Ernie but Tiger was my choice. Steve thinks Phil Mickleson is a wiser selection. I'm thinking Tiger is seriously due.

Follow the PGA Championship and my progress here.

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NFL Pool

NFL PoolWhen the Colts and Patriots kick off on September 9th, the 2004 NFL season will officially be underway. That means it's time to enter an NFL Football Pool. If you know me and are interested in joining our pool, contact me.

This pool is nice and simple. You make your picks on-line against the spread each week, and there are weekly winners and overall winners. It's only $45 and a lot of fun. Let me know if you're interested or want more details.

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Open Letter To Mike Tyson

Open Letter To Mike TysonHi Mike, it's another Mike here. Unheralded British heavyweight Danny Williams knocked you out in the fourth round last night. Your professional record is now 50-5-2, but this is your first ever loss in a non-title fight. I'm begging you to hang up the gloves for good before you've completely erased any memory of your glory years.

I realize this latest comeback was for purely financial reasons and that you're $38 million in debt, but losing badly to a no-name has further tarnished your already tarnished career. I'm old enough to remember when you were unbeatable. I remember when you were the baddest man on the planet and punished all challengers. I remember playing your Punch Out video game on the old 8-bit Nintendo console and having a heck of a time beating you. I remember you wasting your first 37 opponents, usually in the first or second round by knockout. Your 38th fight was against Buster Douglas and that was the begining of a splippery slope in the wrong direction. Now you're 38 years old and a pathetic shadow of your former self. End your career before it's too late!

It's been sad watching your tragic fall from grace. You could have gone down in history as one of the best but instead you're known now for your soap operatic lifestyle that's littered with prison time, court appearances and massive debt. End your career at 50-5-2 while I still have memories of the youngest-ever heavyweight champion of the world.

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The British Open

The British OpenTomorrow the British Open tees off. Once again, I've entered the office pool and my fate is tied to the performance of these three golfers: Ernie Els, Vijay Singh and Padraig Harrington.

Follow the British Open and my progress here.

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Home Run Derby

Home Run DerbyI've always been a big fan of the Home Run Derby. I try and watch every year and I even saw it live at Skydome back in 1992 when Cal Ripken Jr. took the crown.

When there wasn't a Blue Jay competing I always looked to the big sluggers to put on a clinic. Mark McGwire rarely disappointed and Sammy Sosa and Ken Griffey Jr. were and are always good for a show. With the 2004 Home Run Derby taking place tonight, my money is on Barry Bonds. He's the strongest, and if he tries even a little bit, he'll hit the most homers.

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