Senators and Sabres Fisticuffs

hockeyI know there are people who staunchly believe fighting should be banned from hockey, but sometimes the fights are the most exciting part of the game. They don't fight like they used to, but when they do go at it the fans are on their feet and nobody turns the channel.

Last night, while the Leafs were taking on the Islanders, our divisional fiends from Ottawa were in Buffalo and a old time brawl erupted. Ray Emery took on Martin Biron before going with Andrew Peters, Anton Volchenkov fought Adam Mair, even the coaches looked like they wanted to go.

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Best Player Never To Win It All

baseballNow that Peyton Manning has won the Super Bowl and Phil Mickelson has won a major, who's the best active professional athlete who has yet to win it all?

I think it's Barry Bonds. If we put aside the fact he's a jerk and likely juiced up at some point, he's without a doubt the best ball player of his generation. Some would argue he's the best ball player of all time. He hasn't won a World Series, which makes him the best active professional athlete who has yet to win it all.

Ain't karma a bitch?

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I Wanna Be Like Mike

basketballIn the pre-Raptor days, it was all about the Bulls. When the Chicago Bulls played a national game, which was often, I tuned in. You see, Chicago had a guy who wore #23 and seemed to walk on air. Michael Jordan was able to do things I had never seen before and I haven't seen since. He is, without a doubt, the best basketball player of all-time.

If you're too young to remember Michael Jordan when he was at this best, Nike released a tribute that will give you a taste of his excellence. On the heels of Wendel Clark Is All Heart comes Love Supreme.

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I Hate Wade Phillips

nflThe Dallas Cowboys are about to make Wade Phillips their new head coach. Wade Phillips is the main reason I no longer enjoy NFL football.

You see, Wade Phillips was coaching my Buffalo Bills back in the late 90s. In 1999, Doug Flutie was coming off a Pro Bowl season and winning games for the Bills. That's all he ever did in Buffalo. A former Argo and CFL great, I loved Doug Flutie the way you love a sports idol. His Bills jersey hangs in my closet today. Flutie playing for the Bills was heaven and in 1999 he had us in the playoffs.

I'll never forget that AFC Wildcard game against Tennessee. I watched the game at my friend's apartment at Young and Eg and, of course, I wore my #7. For reasons that boggle the mind, Phillips didn't start the man who got him to the post-season. He started Rob Johnson, the Rob Johnson who was blessed with the better arm but 1/10 the heart and soul of Flutie. Rob Johnson, the man who played but two games during the regular season and threw but two touchdowns. This decision broke my heart.

You know what happened next. There was the Music City Miracle, Flutie was chased out of town and Rob Johnson went on to do squat. He's now out of football, by the way, but it's too late. The damage has been done.

Good luck Dallas. With Wade Phillips, you can pray for a 9-7 season, but I'd bet on 8-8. He's the reason I don't follow your league any more.

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Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17

nflI caught most of this sloppy affair, but with the rain and turnovers it never really hooked me. Super Bowl XLI started off with a bang when Bears rookie Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown, but things got really messy soon thereafter.

I'm glad Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning got the monkey off their backs. We'll no longer have to read about this being the best team not to make the Super Bowl. They got there and they won. Manning hit 25 of 38 passes for 247 yards with one touchdown and one interception.

Next year, it's the Bills' turn.

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Super Bowl XLI

nflDespite my recent anti-NFL stand, I still intend to tune in to the big game today. No, I'm not talking about the Raptors and Clippers, the Raps already won that one, I'm talking about Super Bowl XLI.

I don't really care who wins, I'm just hoping for a great game. Perhaps late game heroics from Manning or a breakout of the Super Bowl Shuffle at halftime.

As fellow Canadians prepare to watch today's game and complain about our crappy Global advertisements while American's get the good commercials, I'd like to remind you all that far more of us watch the Grey Cup each year than watch the Super Bowl.

Carry on...

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Super Bowl CanCon

nflIsrael Idonije and Dan Federkeil will be representing Canada during Sunday's Super Bowl XLI at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.

Federkeil is a backup offensive lineman with the Indianapolis Colts and a native of Medicine Hat, Alberta. Idonije grew up in Brandon, Manitoba and is a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears. He was actually born in Lagos, Nigeria, but he's so Canadian, he played ball for the University of Manitoba.

I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd bet a Canadian is winning the Super Bowl this Sunday.

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Super Bowl Shuffle

nflI've waited twenty-two years to break this beauty out again.

We're not here to start no trouble, we're just here to do the Super Bowl shuffle.

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

nflI don't watch much NFL football these days, but I caught the last quarter of the Colts - Patriots game last night. It was thrilling.

The Colts were down 21-3 before Peyton Manning led them all the way back to a 38-34 victory in the AFC title game. All week long I've been reading articles about Manning as if he was at the end of his career and he was going down in history as the best quarterback to never play in a Super Bowl. The guy is only thirty and he's been so close, so many times before, you just knew it was only a matter of time. That time is now.

I sure know how to pick my spots. That was the only quarter of NFL football I caught all season. It's all downhill from here.

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The Iron Man Destroys The Mark

mlbIt's official. Mark McGwire only received 23.5% support from eligible members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. That's far short of the 75% he required to enter the Hall of Fame. Of course, I already announced McGwire wasn't Cooperstown bound back in November, so don't sound so surprised.

Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwynn are in like Flynt with Ripken getting the third most support ever being named on 98.5% of the ballots. Who knew a silly iron man streak could be so valuable? I mean, he was a good player, but his claim to fame is managing to remain injury free for most of his career. I'm just saying...

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