The Great Canadian Dream

stanleycupEver since I was a little kid I've loved seeing the Stanley Cup get awarded and paraded around by the winning team. Players hoist the cup, kiss it, lift it high to the heavens, celebrate and pass it along. It's magic.

With a period to play in Anaheim, it looks like I'll get to watch that scene tonight. What Canadian boy doesn't dream of winning the Stanley Cup?

I know I did.

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basketballI know I'm late on this one, but I'm a busy dude. This awesome video from the NBA shows LeBron James single handedly winning a playoff game Thursday night against the Pistons. James scored 29 of his team's last 30 points. There was actually an hour and ten minutes at the end of this game when no Cavalier other than James scored. That's incredible.

That's Jordanesque.

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The Cambridge Predators

hockeyJim Balsillie, former CEO of Waterloo, Ont.-based Research In Motion, is buying the Nashville Predators. Let's follow the logic.

Balsillie loves hockey and loves the Waterloo area. He has an out in Nashville if the attendance doesn't average 14,000 next season. Craig Leipold, the man selling the franchise to Balsillie, has clearly stated that hockey doesn't sell in Nashville. Balsillie will move the franchise out of Nashville.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Times reports that Research in Motion "purchased a 25.7-acre parcel of land from Mattamy (Galt) Ltd. for $3.7 million through a numbered Ontario company. The land purchased by RIM sits between Pinebush Road and Saginaw Parkway, west of Townline Road and east of Bishop Street."

Let's recap. Balsillie, a rich guy who loves hockey and the Waterloo area, owns a failed franchise and will likely move it as soon as possible. RIM just bought a chunk of land off the 401 in Cambridge, very close to Waterloo, in an area just outside the sphere of influence the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres have.

Is a third team headed for Ontario? My Spidey-senses say yes.


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Toronto FC

soccerAdmittedly, I've been asleep at the MLS switch. Although I did write about our new Major League Soccer team once, I tend to zone out during Toronto FC updates because I quite simply don't care.

I don't care, but that doesn't mean I can't complain about them. Today's complaint is at least a year late, but it's better late than never. I don't understand why our nickname is Toronto FC.

I understand FC stands for Football Club, and it's a popular nickname in parts of the world where soccer is known as football, but here in Toronto we don't call soccer football. We call football football, and it's a very different sport.

Is MLSE just trying to appeal to those who left their hearts overseas or are they pretending the other football doesn't exist? Can there possibly be a market for professional soccer in this city? Could I care any less?

I miss the Blizzard.

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740 and Counting

mlbWhen I was a kid, enamoured by baseball statistics, I thought Hank Aaron's 755 career homer record was untouchable. This was a time when 27 dingers could lead the Jays and nobody seemed to be touching 50 in a single season. Reggie Jackson was the man, and he retired with 563 home runs. How would anyone approach 755?

Barry Bonds hit his 740th homer today. He has fifteen to go, and at this pace, it won't be long until he passes Aaron. Barring a catastrophic injury, it's inevitible. That untouchable 755 will be surpassed this summer.

For more on Barry Bonds and his tainted assault on Aaron's record, check out:

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A Waste of a Perfectly Good Slice of Pizza

baseballCheck out this footage from the Red Sox and Angels game. You'll see a poor bastard getting hit by a slice of pizza thrown at him by an angry fan. It's graphic, so consider yourself warned.

I could write a killer entry about the time I had a slice of pizza thrown at me, but it didn't penetrate my "fit for public consumption" filter. My brothers know the story and are probably enjoying a good chuckle right now.

I don't mind having objects thrown at me, but wasting a good slice of pizza is so wrong on so many levels.

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ABO: Anyone But Ottawa

stanley cupFor the second straight year, I'm watching the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs without an emotional interest. My team isn't there, so it's relaxed viewing. I usually root for teams with players I drafted in the pool.

This afternoon I caught the last two periods of the Ottawa - Pittsburgh game, and I realized I do have an emotional interest. I passionately want the Ottawa Senators to lose. In fact, when it comes to rooting for a champion, it's ABO. ABO stands for "Anyone But Ottawa" and I stole it from Freddie P.

Go Pens Go!

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Mark Mallory's Cincinnati Heat

baseballI often wonder what I'd do if I was ever asked to throw the ceremonial first pitch at a Blue Jays game. Would I try and throw a hard strike? Would I just chuck it over the plate? What if I threw it in the dirt or offline?

This is Mark Mallory, Mayor of Cincinnati, throwing the worst ceremonial first pitch I've ever seen. It's brutal.

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We Suck at Cricket and We Don't Care

questionmarkI take it we're no good at cricket. I typically avoid cricket news, but the BBC has been screaming at me all week about how pathetic we are at this sport I don't understand. I don't even understand the scoring. The BBC's sub header is "World Cup group C, St Lucia: New Zealand 363-5 beat Canada 249-9 by 114 runs". Does that mean we lost 363-5, 249-9 or by 114?

We bowed out of the World Cup at 0-3 with a R/R of -1.39. I don't have a clue what that means either. I don't get this sport in the least, but I know we suck at it.

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Canadian March Madness Contingent

basketball canadaThe 2007 NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway. I used to love this tournament, back when I followed NCAA basketball closely. I was a big Michigan fan, although I also loved Alonzo Mourning's Georgetown team. I miss those days.

Now I'm rooting for Canadians participating in the tournament. There are sixteen.

  • Pierre Marie Altidor-Cespedes - Gonzaga
  • Joel Anthony - UNLV
  • William Archambeault - Davidson
  • Jimmy Balderson - BYU
  • Tristan Blackwood - Central Connecticut St.
  • Theo Davis - Gonzaga
  • Frantz Dorsainvil - Oregon
  • Maurice Joseph - Michigan St.
  • Levon Kendall - Pittsburgh
  • Greg Noel - Niagara
  • Max Paulhus Gosselin - Davidson
  • Marlon Pompey - Texas A & M
  • Jemino Sobers - Central Connecticut St.
  • Sheray Thomas - Kentucky
  • Ryan Wright - UCLA
  • Ryan Wetherell - USC

Go Canada Go!

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