Sid the Kid First Cited 6 Years Ago Today

rewindThe first instance of the name "Sidney Crosby" to appear on this site showed up six years ago today.

Sidney Crosby. Are you familiar with that name? You will be.

Sidney Crosby of the Rimouski Oceanic is the CHL Player of the Week. Crosby scored five goals and added four assists for nine points in four games last week. This 16-year-old native of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia is being touted as "The Next One". Wayne Gretzky himself has stated that Crosby was the best player he'd seen since Mario Lemieux. Not eligible for the NHL entry draft until 2005, the legend of Sidney Crosby is already approaching epic proportions.

No pressure...

Six years later, Crosby has already had a pretty spectacular career. He became the only teenager to win a scoring title in any major North American sports league, he won the Hart Memorial Trophy as MVP and he's got a Stanley Cup ring.

I love it when "can't miss" kids don't miss.

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The Call of the Year: Blowers Calls Tui's Shot

TUIThe Jays played Seattle on Sunday night, and something amazing happened during the Mariners television broadcast.

Mike Blowers predicted that Matt Tuiasosopo would hit his first career home run. He was very specific with his prediction, as you'll hear in the clip below.

Then, as predicted, the man they call Tui got up to bat in the 5th inning and was served up a 3-1 pitch. Listen to what happened next.

That's the call of the year, folks.

Update: Here's the prediction, the call and the visual.

We won 5-4.

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Brett Favre to Greg Lewis with 2 Seconds Left

NFLWhen Brett Favre retired the first time, I didn't like it. When he retired the second time, I still didn't like it, and I took heat for actually wanting him to make another comeback. I simply didn't want the ride to end.

Week 3 highlights offer convincing evidence as to why I was right for wanting Favre to keep playing. Favre took the Vikings 80 yards in 87 seconds before finding Greg Lewis in the back of the end zone for a 27-24 win over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.

This is just sick.

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Roger Federer vs. Serena Williams in US Open Tennis

TennisI follow tennis the way I follow golf. Week to week I couldn't care less, but when it comes to Grand Slam events, I'm suddenly intrigued.

For me, Roger Federer is the Tiger Woods of tennis. That is to say that I take more of an interest when he's in the running. I root for both Federer and Woods, convinced that I'm witnessing the best their respective sports have ever produced, and I think that's pretty darn special.

This past weekend, there were a couple of moments at the US Open that were made for YouTube. First, there's Roger Federer's greatest point in tennis history.

Then, there's Serena Williams chewing out the foot fault judge during her match against Kim Clijsters.

Which is your favourite?

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Mid-30s Guy Plays First Game of Organized Soccer - True Story!

soccerI am 35-years old and I've just played my first game of organized soccer. I kid you not.

As I've watched both my kids playing on soccer teams, I've become rather fascinated with this fact. My brothers both played as kids, but I was somehow never enrolled. My summer sport was baseball.

Tonight, during the final practise of the season, an exhibition game took place between my son's under 8 team and the parents. I played the wing and scored a goal in a hard fought 3-3 tie. I had a blast.

An incredible streak has come to an end.

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Usain Bolt's 9.58 Reminds me of Ben Johnson's 9.79

goldI heard the 100m final from the World Championship in Germany was taking place at 3:35 this afternoon, but CBC was airing tennis. Then, I remembered this fandangled new invention called the internet. was streaming the final live and I witnessed Usain Bolt shatter his world record with an unbelievable time of 9.58 seconds. 9.58.... wow. I still can't believe it. Here's the video evidence, in German to preserve the authenticity.

No other event at these world championships piqued my interest but I made sure I saw the 100m final live. You could sense the record was going to fall. You knew Bolt could run faster. I think he can run raster, still.

Watching Bolt blow away the opposition reminded me of Ben Johnson's 9.79 in Seoul. 24-hours later, Ben broke our hearts, but for a glorious day in 1988, Ben was without a doubt the fastest man in the world.

Because I'm a glutton for punishment, here's Ben's drug-assisted 9.79.

I hope Usain Bolt is clean. I want him to make the world stop at 9.4s.

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Presidential Treatment: Fox Won't Air Obama Pitch Live

usaIt's no secret I like President Obama. I still like him. He's the coolest prez ever.

Obama threw out the first pitch at the All-Star Game last night, and Fox gave him presidential treatment. Watch him deliver the pitch below and tell me how he did. It's impossible to tell whether he threw a strike, a wild pitch or bounced one in.

This camera angle is so ridiculous I almost want to suggest that Obama hedged his bets in case he blew his pitch, and asked Fox not to show the results of his pitch live. I almost want to suggest that, but this is Obama we're talking about. I have no doubt he threw a 98 mph strike.

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Understanding the UFC 100

boxingI can't help but feel as if I'm missing the point of Mixed Martial Arts. I love sports in general, I loved the WWF as a youngster in the 80s and I still enjoy a good boxing match. Still, I don't get the phenomenon known as UFC. I can't seem to get into Mixed Martial Arts, even with all the recent hype surrounding it.

The recent hype was around UFC 100. A number of people I follow on Twitter were super excited about this event. Canadians get particularly excited about Georges St. Pierre, a Quebec native and UFC Welterweight Champion. GSP, as he's better known, is even sponsored by Gatorade. When Gatorade is knocking on your door, you're mainstream.

But still, with all this hype and so many singing the praises of UFC, I'm left with no interest. I watched a few GSP matches online and still didn't care. Was boxing not brutal enough? Were we in need of a WWF-like sport without a script?

I understand the MMA fan base is a passionate bunch and extremely loyal to the UFC. I expect them to chastise me for missing out. I'm curious what the rest of you think. Have I not given MMA a fair shot or is it simply a fringe sport for the blood thirsty?

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Daniel Nestor and Canada's Male Singles Tennis Failure

TennisAs a teen, I played a lot of tennis. I used to follow tennis pretty closely, rooting for John McEnroe then Boris Becker. I always held out hope Canada could develop a top notch mens singles player. We never did.

Canada's inability to produce a single excellent men's singles tennis player is mind boggling. There have been a few decent female players, and at least a couple of excellent doubles players, but not one male player who could even upset their way into a semi-final match. The highest ranking Canadian male in singles play was Andrew Sznajder who somehow got ranked #46 in September 1989. You're forgiven if you've forgotten about Andrew Sznajder.

We've done okay with doubles, however. Grant Connell reached #1 back in 1995 and Daniel Nestor won Wimbledon earlier today with Nenad Zimonjić. Nestor has had a great career, winning 5 Grand Slam titles and an Olympic gold medal. Still, a decent singles competitor eludes us, although we came close...

I seem to recall a young Montreal-born player with promise. His name was Greg Rusedski, as I recall, but in 1995 he decided he could make more money as a Brit. He actually got to the US Open final in 1997, but he was wearing the wrong flag on his backpack.

Will there ever be an elite male singles tennis player from this country?

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Game Seven Heaven

stanley cupMy 7-year old has been told he can stay up for the entire game tonight. He, like his father, is heavily rooting for the Penguins to upset the Red Wings in Detroit. He's pretty psyched about watching the whole game and watching the cup get passed from player to player.

I remember the first time I witnessed the Stanley Cup getting awarded. It was May 19, 1984 and a young Oilers team had just defeated an ageing Islanders team that had won four times in a row. I loved that Oilers team, and they'd be my second team for the remainder of the decade.

These Penguins remind me of that Oilers team. Sure, they're not as deep and not quite as awesome, but they've got stellar young talent and they're attempting to usurp a Detroit dynasty that's won enough in recent years. And these Penguins have become my second team, just like the 80s Oilers were.

History tells us the Red Wings will win. There's a stat making the rounds that suggests the home team almost always wins a game seven of a final. Still, they're playing the game, and if Fleury stands on his head and Crosby and Malkin are on their game, it might just happen.

Hell, game sevens in the Stanley Cup final don't happen every day. My 4-year old can stay up and watch it as well. Go Pens Go!

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