The Greatest Sports Montage I've Ever Seen

videosThis is the greatest sports montage I've ever seen. I've watched it three times now, and each time I got chills.

As a commenter pointed out, to call this video epic is to under serve the visuals. It's uber-epic, and the best montage I've seen since All Heart.

I warned you about the chills, didn't I?

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Mikael Granlund's Sick Goal

Mikael GranlundIn the World Hockey semi-finals between Finland and Russia, Mikael Granlund just scored one of those hot dog goals everyone tries in rec hockey. You'd have to see it to believe it. Luckily for you, I have it right here:

It's legal, but there's something about this goal that bugs me...

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Everything is Happening - Bob Cole

PuckPlayoff hockey is the best. Throw in a game seven or two, and it makes for a fantastic night of television. Last night's Canucks ~ Blackhawks game was sensational, but the call of the night belonged to Bob Cole during the Bruins ~ Habs game.

Everything is happening!

Perfect. The perfect call in the perfect timber from the greatest hockey play-by-play announcer of our generation. I've said it before, I will always love him.

Everything is happening... think about it. It says it all....

Thanks, Bob. Long may you be the voice of my favourite NHL memories.


If someone would upload Bob Cole's "everything is happening" call to YouTube, I'd be eternally grateful.

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Andrew Ference: Hero

puckAndrew Ference lived the fantasy shared by many a Leafs fan when he flipped the bird to the Bell Centre crowd in Montreal last night.

I'd gladly pay $2500 to do that.

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The Fab Five Documentary

fab fiveThe Fab Five was my adopted NCAA basketball team. Ask my brothers. I lived and died by that team in the early 90s. Here's something I wrote about The Fab Five 8 years ago.

I just filled in my March Madness bracket for an office pool, and I still find myself going with Michigan. That's all because of Chris Webber, Jalen Rose, Juwon Howard, Jimmy King and Ray Jackson.

Here's the ESPN documentary on The Fab Five that premiered yesterday.

Now to dig up my old Wolverines jacket...


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Can Chris Bosh Take the Heat?

boshLike you, my primary motivation to follow the NBA this season is my passionate desire to see the Miami Heat fail.

The Heat have lost five in a row. I repeat, the Heat have lost five in a row. FIVE IN A ROW.

Adding to the good news is this article about Chris Bosh's frustrations.

After bringing up his frustration about not getting the ball where he wants it in a postgame news conference Tuesday night, Bosh said that he didn't even talk to Spoelstra or teammates Dwyane Wade and LeBron James about the issue before or during practice Wednesday. He did say he planned to address it before the game with the Lakers.

Bosh struggled in a 105-96 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers Tuesday night, going just 3-of-11 from the field and finishing with seven points. But his displeasure seems to have been building for some time, including last Sunday when he only got one shot in the fourth quarter of a one-point loss to the Chicago Bulls.

No Heat No!


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Milos Raonic: Real Deal or Andrew Sznajder Reincarnate?

sportsI should play more tennis. I really like playing tennis and I almost never play. Does anyone want to play this summer?

Speaking of tennis, in July of 2009 I wrote about Canada's male singles tennis failure. Here's a snippet.

Canada's inability to produce a single excellent men's singles tennis player is mind boggling. There have been a few decent female players, and at least a couple of excellent doubles players, but not one male player who could even upset their way into a semi-final match. The highest ranking Canadian male in singles play was Andrew Sznajder who somehow got ranked #46 in September 1989. You're forgiven if you've forgotten about Andrew Sznajder.

Today, Canada's Milos Raonic reached his second straight final in an ATP Tour event. A year ago he was ranked 361, now he'll crack the top 50. That's pretty impressive.

Is Milos Raonic the real deal or simply Andrew Sznajder reincarnate?

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Wayne Rooney Goal - I Could Do That

soccerWayne Rooney just scored this goal for Manchester United vs. Manchester City. Watch it below and meet me on the other side...

I could do that. Just sayin'...

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Super Bowl XLV Open Mike

super bowlToday is Super Bowl XLV. It's the Steelers and Packers at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, Texas. This Open Mike is all about the big game.


I want score predictions. Let's see if anyone nails it...

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The Premature Gatorade Shower

gatorade bathThere's a neat article about the origin of the Gatorade shower over on mental_floss.

My favourite nugget is the premature Gatorade shower Kentucky coach Guy Morriss received. Here's footage of Morriss getting drenched and then LSU wideout Devery Henderson quickly scoring a miracle touchdown on a tipped Hail Mary play.

If you're going to celebrate an upset win by pouring Gatorade on your coach, just make sure you end up with the W.

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