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Rob Ford vs. Toronto Star

city hallI have one more photoshopped Rob Ford football kick that I'd like to share. This was emailed to me by Patrick Corrigan, editorial cartoonist for the Toronto Star.


I agree with Torstar chairman John Honderich when he says the blatant attempt by the mayor to block the flow of public information to one newspaper cannot go unchallenged. The blackout on press releases and notifications of public events is a clear and blatant abuse of power.

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Rob Ford's Football Kick Photoshopped

cityhallPrior to the Metro Bowl at the stadium formerly known as Skydome, Rob Ford kicked things off... literally. Here's the picture from the Toronto Star.


Over on Reddit, the redditors had some fun photoshopping Rob Ford all over the place. It sort of became a thing, so I thought I'd group a bunch of them here, for folks who actually know who Rob Ford is.














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My Own Deep Throated Cardinal at Toronto City Hall to Spill Beans on Rob Ford

city hall cardinalThis could be big...

I have my very own Toronto City Hall informant. I've met this source and can vouch for his / her authenticity. I call him / her Cardinal.

Cardinal will report to me periodically regarding his / her observations at City Hall, particularly with regards to Rob Ford. Here's the first instalment from Cardinal.

Hey... I just found out that the $700 whatever million that this city is apparently in debt with, is actually more like $400 million... The car registration tax actaully brings in $300 million a year. So guess what's most likely going to happen.... the registration tax is most likely going to come back, as well as some other bullshit ploy, just to make Mr. Ford's administration look like they saved the day. The registration tax coming back is just speculation, but the figures about the deficit are straight from the top finance guy! Basically, Ford can wipe away the deficit in a year, but he's making it look like this big ordeal just so he can carry out his agenda and look like a hero. Not to mention that they just happened to find another $140 million lying around this week!

We're starting slow, but this could speed up quick. Stay tuned...

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Rob Ford Is... One Year Later

city hallIt's been exactly one year since Rob Ford rode the suburban vote to victory here in Toronto.


One year into his term, I want to hear from both the Ford supporters of one year ago and the Ford detractors

To the supporters: is Rob Ford everything you hoped he'd be?

To the detractors: is Rob Ford everything you feared he'd be?

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Top Five WTF Moments From Rob Ford

city hallThis guy's name is Dan Speerin and he put together a little collection of what he perceives to be Rob Ford's top five WTF moments.

I think he's missing a lot. Post your favourite WTF moments from Rob Ford in the comments!

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Life Imitates The Simpsons at Toronto City Hall

rob fordOur classless, short-sighted, pathetic excuse for a mayor Rob Ford has my blood boiling and gut busting again. Actually, it's not Rob Ford this time, it's his big brother Councillor Doug Ford, although I half suspect they're the same person.

Dougie has a vision for our eastern waterfront, and he shared it this morning. It includes a monorail, a big ferris wheel and a megamall, whatever that is. It sounds disastrous. It sounds like an episode of The Simpsons.

Every time I point out how ridiculous Rob Ford and his brother are, I'm hit with the Ford defenders telling me I hate Rob Ford for being fat. I don't hate Rob Ford for being fat, I hate Rob Ford for being ignorant, short-sighted, classless and embarrassing. He tricked a great deal of Torontonians into voting for him so he could find gravy, and now that there's no gravy, he seems hell bent on ruining everything great about this city, including our eastern waterfront.


I'd like to hear from one person who thinks Doug Ford's vision for this city's waterfront is a good idea. Go ahead.... I'm waiting.

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Toronto High

Toronto City HallI don't remember a figure in Toronto politics as divisive as Rob Ford. It seems you either love him or you hate him. Find me someone indifferent to Rob Ford... I dare ya.

Not to paint the Ford brothers with the same brush, but what the hell. I'll do that here. Rob Ford and Doug Ford are running Toronto High, bullying the nerds while yelling "O'Doyle Rules!"

There's the whole Pride Week thing, the KPMG report that confirmed David Miller's assertion that Toronto has a revenue problem, not a spending problem, there's the bike lane kerfuffle, the library vs. Tim Hortons debate, the "who's Margaret Atwood" cries, the finger, the privatization of libraries and a general sense that the Ford Brothers are at war against the nerds, geeks, artists and "leftists" throughout the city.

Here's an email I just received re: Toronto High.

I was planning to leave a comment on one of your posts about Rob Ford, but thought perhaps you can create a new entry instead.

I don't know if anyone else has commented yet, but don't you think Rob Ford is running Toronto like he's the president of a High School council? Ford Nation vs. the so-called 'Leftists' is becoming a Jocks vs. Geeks/Artists/Nerds type of battle that only conjures up bad memories from my highschool days.

I think you should create an entry entitled "Toronto 'High'" and make this comparison. I don't like Rob Ford, didn't vote for him, but am willing to give him a chance if he's willing to be serious about his role as a mayor representing ALL of Toronto, not just the jocks.

btw, love your blog!
~Another mike in Toronto

Then, moments later, there was this one quoting a proud member of Ford Nation.

Check out the comment from this article:

"Hey Stintz, you're a BACKSTABBER!  The Fords know how to run a city...the rest of you are a bunch of freeloading refugee leaches. The only people I see going to a library are these damn refugees and they still don't know how to talk properly! Obviously the library books isn't helping them. Cut services that cater to minorities, includes gays/disabled/bicyclists/artists/establishment types. Why should my taxes pay for there freeloading? Majority should rule!


I hope it's fake, but as of right now, it has 3 likes!

You should tweet this out to everyone.  Use social media to lay a beat down on Ford Nation down.

I too didn't vote for Rob Ford, but I'd be willing to give him a chance too if he's act like he takes this gig seriously. This is only Canada's largest and most important city. C'mon Robbie, shape up!

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Rob Ford's Response to "Finger Flap"


[via Marc Weisblott's Google+]

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Rob Ford's So Ridiculous, Even His Allies Think He's Nuts

city hallIt's shit like this, Rob Ford.

Mayor Rob Ford opposed every one of Toronto’s community grants programs at a council meeting Tuesday.

The city's grants allocations for 2011 were about to sail through council without a discussion or vote when Ford rose to say he wanted to be recorded as opposing all of the grants programs. Council then voted on them individually.

Ford lost 43-1 in votes on four of the programs: Access, Equity and Human Rights, which provides money to groups working on issues related to “race relations, gender equity, literacy, disability, sexual orientation, and Aboriginal affairs”; Community Safety, for groups that work to prevent violence in priority neighbourhoods; Community Recreation, for groups “providing activities that address gaps in available services provided by city recreation services”; and Community Festivals and Special Events.

His brother, Councillor Doug Ford, joined him in opposing Community Service Partnership grants, for groups working to improve access to services “that improve social outcomes for vulnerable, marginalized and high-risk communities.” They lost 42-2.

Rob Ford did not explain his opposition to the programs during the meeting. He has not yet spoken to reporters.

To recap, Ford declares he's not going to support any of the grants programs, refuses to say why, and gets destroyed in the subsequent votes. 43-1 until his bro steps in on one to make it 42-2.

Even Rob Ford's allies on council wouldn't vote with him. Vulnerable, marginalized and high-risk communities be damned! Ridiculous.

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Rob Ford Has No Pride

city hallI gave Rob Ford the benefit of the doubt all week. Surely he'd come to his senses, follow the avalanche of good advice he received from Toronto mayors past, and march in today's Pride Parade. He didn't.

Mayor Rob Ford successfully boycotted Pride Week, avoiding all 10 days of events. He even blew off a Pride Toronto flag-raising at Nathan Philips Square so that he could meet Leafs GM Brian Burke, a man who marched in the Pride Parade last year and today in support of his late son. Now that took balls.

This is the first time the city’s mayor has missed Pride since Barbara Hall started the tradition during her term in office. Refusing to give Pride Week even 10 minutes of his time, Rob Ford went to to great lengths to ensure this proud tradition ended. Instead of sending a powerful message that homophobia is not tolerated in our city, Rob Ford gave homophobes throughout the city a poster boy for their hateful cause.

Rob Ford has no pride. What an embarrassment to this great city.


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