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Rob Ford Had Lots Left to Hide

Rob Ford Had Lots to HideWith the last of the Project Brazen 2 documents being released this afternoon, we're learning a whole lot about the skeezy behaviour of our mayor. For example:

  • Rob Ford was involved in attempts to retrieve the crack video, offering "$5000 and a car." Weeks later, Ford claimed video "may not exist".
  • Sandro Lisi said the mayor would bring "heat" on Dixon if nobody gave him his stolen phone back
  • Rob Ford's cellphone was stolen while he was at a crack house after late-night calls were made arranging a drug delivery "because Rob Ford wants some drugs"
  • The crack video is related to a kidnapping on Dixon Road
  • Rob Ford was smoking crack at 15 Windsor as recently as April 2013
  • A gang member said, while on wiretap, that he had pictures of Rob Ford doing heroin
  • And much, much more...

While this news comes out, just remember these words from Rob Ford on November 5, 2013.: "I have nothing left to hide".


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Rob Ford's 5 Most Frequently Uttered Lies (These Days)

Rob Ford's 5 Most Frequently Uttered LiesRob Ford's on a media blitz, repeating the same tired talking points to Ford Nation in the hopes he will be re-elected next October.

With a glove tap to Matt Elliott, here are his five most frequently uttered lies. If you hear him spew this nonsense, know it's just another Rob Ford lie.

#1: That he’s saved Toronto a billion dollars

His billion-dollar boast includes things like revenue cuts projected over four years that are wrongly classified as budget savings, savings from contracting out garbage collection projected over the seven-year life of the contract, some double-counted savings, and a bunch of vague efficiency savings — many of which are based on hypotheticals and, either way, don’t differ too much from the amounts previous councils have “saved” year-over-year.

#2: That he inherited a bankrupt city

Ford likes to talk about how he inherited a city on the verge of bankruptcy. But he actually inherited a city with a $364-million surplus, an excellent credit rating and a per-capita debt level lower than many other North American cities, including Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton.

#3: That he is responsible for the city’s construction boom or falling unemployment

On this subject, Ford has a curious habit of overstating figures for no reason. I don’t know why. The city unemployment rate did go down during his term: from 9.4 per cent when he took office to around seven per cent this past summer. But Ford likes to claim the unemployment rate when he took office was somewhere around 11 per cent. It’s never been clear why he insists on taking a legitimate good news story and throwing in an unnecessary exaggeration.

#4: That he has the support of the people

According to recent poll numbers by Ipsos-Reid, only 34 per cent of people think Ford is trustworthy. When they asked about next year’s election, a full 62 per cent said there is no way they would vote for Ford under any circumstances. When Ipsos polled likely match-ups for next year’s municipal election they found Ford could only count on about 20 per cent of the vote in most multi-candidate match-ups.

#5: That he’s never wasted taxpayer money

On his first day in office, Ford unilaterally put a stop to the construction of four fully-funded light rail transit lines. We later found out that he had no legal authority to stop the work. Before council overruled that decision a year later, the cost of the cancellation was estimated at more than $65 million, with about $45 million in additional sunk costs.

That wasn’t a one-time thing, either. Ford was also more than happy to sign off on at least $85 million worth of cancellation costs related to the previously-approved Scarborough LRT.

Ford’s not free from expense scandals either. In the fall of 2012, two TTC buses were dispatched to pick up the football team the mayor was coaching at the time. There’s also been allegations that the mayor used his staff to help run football teams he coached.

More recently, police surveillance documents released by the courts include interviews with former Ford staffers who claimed the mayor sometimes asked his publicly-funded office staff to run various personal errands for him – everything from picking up liquor to coming to his house to change light bulbs.

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noun: denial

the action of denying something.
"she shook her head in denial"
synonyms: contradiction, counterstatement, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer, retraction, abjuration;
antonyms: confirmation

a statement that something is not true.
plural noun: denials
"his pious denials of responsibility"
synonyms: contradiction, counterstatement, refutation, rebuttal, repudiation, disclaimer, retraction, abjuration;
antonyms: confirmation

refusal to acknowledge an unacceptable truth or emotion or to admit it into consciousness, used as a defence mechanism.
"I was an addict in denial"

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Rob Ford: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

Rob Ford: We Have Met the Enemy and He is UsI have a good friend who would consider himself a proud member of Ford Nation. At least he used to. Today, that same friend tells me Rob Ford has to resign. At some point over the past few weeks, a straw broke the proverbial camel's back.

Rob Ford was democratically elected by this city. There is nothing in the Municipal Act that can force Rob Ford out now, despite the fact he's a massive distraction, has lost council and the majority of Torontonians.

We got the mayor we deserve by voting for Rob Ford in 2010. His character, judgment and bully tactics were clearly on display for all to see during his time as city councillor.

I bored of posting Rob Ford's asinine comments way back in 2008. That's the same year I posted this video of Rob Ford and first used the term "Schadenford". When this neanderthal announced he was running for mayor of Toronto in 2010, I wrote "Rob Ford For Mayor? Not On My Watch...". But it did happen... on my watch.

Looking back at Rob Ford's first day in office, it's interesting to read what I wrote.

This was day one. It's going to be a very interesting time, and I'm just wondering how long it will be until this idiot implodes or our city explodes.

As I write this entry, Rob Ford is still mayor of Toronto, and it doesn't look like he's going anywhere. Meanwhile, council will strip his powers, Rob Ford will continue to live in a state of denial and all of Toronto will suffer.

It's sad, humiliating, embarrassing and unfortunate, but we have noone to blame but ourselves. We did this, and now we live with it until the next election. Shame on us all.


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The Wire Title Cards Applied to the Rob Ford Saga

...and all the pieces matter. - Freamon


Piece by piece, a wild but true story is being told with Toronto's city hall at the epicentre. Almost daily more details emerge. This video was released just over an hour ago. (NSFW due to language.)

Link to video

Call it a crisis of leadership. - Proposition Joe


Rob Ford lost the majority of council long ago, but now he's lost those in his inner circle. With zero integrity and no moral authority to lead, he's literally in the way. Toronto currently has no leader.

We fight on that lie. - Slim Charles


Ford Nation reminds me of America's Tea Party. If it's a lie, they fight on that lie. I have otherwise sensible friends who devour every lie Rob Ford tells despite evidence to the contrary. With these blind followers, it's more about being with Rob Ford than being right.

You play in dirt, you get dirty. - McNulty


Until Rob Ford takes accountability for his poor decisions and harmful actions, this saga will continue. Rob Ford has his hands dirty and it soils us all. It's difficult to say it any better than Jimmy McNulty said it.

A lie ain't a side of a story. It's just a lie. - Terry Hanning


For months Rob Ford has been lying through his teeth with no regard for the reputations he tarnished and the integrity he cost himself and his esteemed office. Historically this has been Rob Ford's move: lie and deny until faced with absolute proof and then deflect and blame the messenger. But Rob Ford's lies aren't a side of the story, they're just lies. And lies cannot live.

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My Appearance on Global News Hour Toronto

My Appearance on Global News Hour TorontoIt's amazing how much traction my steam-of-conscousness comment on talking to kids about Rob Ford is garnering by the MSM.

This morning I was in the Toronto Star and this evening I was on Global News Hour Toronto.

Here's my star turn as Dad #2 in Global News Toronto's "Rob Ford’s admission presents problems for parents":

Update: Thanks to Lorne for the YouTubery.

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I'm on the Front Page of Toronto Star's Life & Entertainment Section

Front Page of Toronto Star's Life & Entertainment SectionMy entry about talking to kids about Rob Ford is garnering some pretty cool attention.

Yesterday I did an interview with the Toronto Star that ended up on the front page of today's Life & Entertainment section. In about an hour I'm expecting a visit from Global News and I might have the CBC dropping in this evening.

Here's what was published in the Toronto Star today.



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Talking to Your Children About Rob Ford

Talking to Your Children About Rob FordThe following is two comments I made on today's Open Mike. They were written quickly but from the heart following an intense discussion with my two kids as I took them to school this morning.


Driving my kids to school today, my 11-year old son asked me if Rob Ford's father owned a park.

I asked him why...

He proceeded to tell me a story he heard from a friend at school. Apparently this tale was told in the schoolyard and these 11-year olds couldn't believe it.

The story was that Rob Ford and a buddy would go to a nearby park named for his father and drink booze all night, then they would smash the glass bottles in the park.

That's when it hit me... why I find it so upsetting that Rob Ford acts this way as mayor. That story was almost all completely true. There are thousands and thousands of impressionable kids in this city who are literally being told by their moms and dads to "not be like the mayor". Don't abuse drugs and alcohol, don't drink and drive, don't lie, don't smash bottles in public parks and respect and work well with others.

Don't be like Rob Ford. It is indeed very, very sad. Our hopes and dreams for our children is that they not grow up to be like the mayor of Toronto.

This discussion launched a big "disrespectful and inappropriate things our mayor does" conversation with both of my kids.

We talked about the lack of accountability, the drug and alcohol abuse, the bully tactics, the disrespect for parks, the drinking and driving, the constant lies and denials, the homophobic slurs, the racial slurs and the enabling by his brother.

It was this discussion with my kids about the realities of our current situation that made me realize how horrific it's all become, and they were spared the potential ties to murders, beatings and extortion.

This isn't fun, nor funny. This is sad and ugly.

2013-01-20 12.57.18

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