The Something's Gotta Give Miniseries: Part 2

Something's Gotta Give 2And so continues the Something's Gotta Give miniseries...

This afternoon's movie was scheduled to start at 12:10. As if. Advertisers must love movie goers. Is there a more captive audience? You've paid big bucks for the flick so you've got your over priced food and you're comfy in your seat when the lights dim and...the commercials begin. You can't leave, you can't read and you can't talk to the person beside you. You really have no choice but to watch the ads. And ads there are many...

I counted a solid half dozen commercials before the coming attractions which are essentially commercials for other flicks. Sometimes the coming attraction can be entertaining when it's a movie you're looking forward to or even one you're just curious about. When the coming attraction is for a dog with fleas you care nothing about, it can be deadly. I don't think this movie actually began until after 12:30. I was forced to watch at least 20 minutes of damn advertisements.

When did the pre-movie adverts become so bloody preachy? We were hit with one ordering us to quit smoking, another ordering us not to buy smokes for kids and another I can't remember preaching at me about something or other. I'm here to see a movie...stop preaching at me!!!

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The Something's Gotta Give Miniseries: Part 1

Something's Gotta Give 1And so begins the Something's Gotta Give miniseries...

I remember the days we would go out to see a movie and there was a small concession stand on your way to your seat. Popcorn and pop were the staples but you could also buy an assortment of candy treats. Nothing topped off a movie experience like a bag of buttered popcorn and a Coke with just a little ice.

This afternoon I witnessed what can only be described as a large food court. I would better expect to see this number of food options at the world's largest mall or Disney World. There was a Starbucks, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, New York Fries and Taco Bell. Oh yeah, there were a few popcorn vendors too. Just in case you want to get nostalgic and relive the olden days.

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The Something's Gotta Give Miniseries

Something's Gotta GiveTaryn had a free pass to a Famous Players theatre, so we shipped James off to Grandma's house and ventured northbound to the Colossus Theatre. I picked Kill Bill Volume 1 for our last freebie, so this time it was Taryn's choice.

A couple of years ago I made a personal decision not to see movies in theatres that I wasn't 95% sure I'd enjoy. I'm simply unable to sit still in a theatre that long unless I'm thoroughly entertained by the story on the screen. If the movie looks iffy, I won't give it my time. For a while I thought I was borderline OCD because of my inability to focus on anything for 2 hours straight, but then I realized I only felt constricted and enclosed when the movie was bad. Good movies could be four hours long and I could sit there and feel perfectly wonderful the entire time.

Despite making this promise to myself, I let Taryn pick any movies she wanted. It was her free pass after all and I decided to be a sweetie instead of forcing her to watch Big Fish, my personal choice. Taryn chose Something's Gotta Give starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton amongst others. I have four topics I'd like to address this afternoon regarding our trip to the theatre to watch Something's Gotta Give, but it's way too much for one blog entry. The following four entries tell the tale...

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Kill Bill Kills

Kill BillIn a previous blog entry, I wrote about the positive reviews Kill Bill Volume 1 was getting and how much I enjoy Quentin Tarantino's movies. I can now vouch first hand that Kill Bill is indeed a spectacular flick.

I saw it yesterday and was blown away. Perhaps Geoff Pevere said it best in his review for the Toronto Star. "Quentin Tarantino soars above the movie landscape he altered in the 1990s...Not only is this the work of a major and vital talent in full bloom, it's the most thrillingly entertaining American movie so far this year." Even Taryn admitted she loved this film and can't wait for Kill Bill Volume 2. Nobody can unravel a yarn like Tarantino. Unfortunately, I have to wait until February 20th to complete the tale.

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Edgefest 2003

Edgefest 2003I've just arrived back from Edgefest 2003. Before I give a brief review of the six bands I saw, I'd like to reflect on the fact this was the last ever concert at Molson Park in Barrie, appropriately enough labelled "Last Bash in Barrie". Apparently the park is going to be made into yet another strip mall. That's a shame, because I've enjoyed many a spectacular concert at this venue. If you were to ask me what my favourite concert venue is, the answer would be Molson Park in Barrie. I'm seriously going to miss the ol' dust bowl. But I digress...

Fefe Dobson - Fefe was the newcomer to the Edgefest lineup. Although her current single "Bye Bye Boyfriend" gets plenty of air play, I didn't know what to expect from this young Torontonian. She was surprisingly good. Polished and tight, she won me over fairly quickly.

Sloan - What can I say about Sloan? I've loved Sloan from the first moment I heard "Underwhelmed" in the early '90s. It wasn't my first time seeing Sloan, and they were great as usual. As far as I'm concerned, these Haligonians can do no wrong. I only wish they would play something from Smeared.

Stereophonics - Out of necessity (they were missing their drummer), the Stereophonics performed a stripped-down acoustic set. I'm far from their biggest fan, so this fact lacked a certain significance to me. The coolest factoid about this band from South Wales is that they were originally called Tragic Love Company, partly because of their fondness for our very own Tragically Hip. Under blue skies and very close to the stage, their unplugged performance was quite pleasant.

Finger Eleven - This is a band that sounds better and better each time I see them. Tonight they rocked hard. "Good Times" is proving to be one hell of a closer for their live shows. Burlington should be proud.

Our Lady Peace - This was my second time seeing OLP and I consider myself a pretty big fan. Their entire performance was awesome. Even the two new songs they introduced had the crowd singing along by the second verse. Highlights include "Naveed" with "Life" inserted during the break down and the crowd-sung "4am". Any other Edgefest and Toronto's Our Lady Peace would have been your headliner. Setlist: All For You, Whatever, Superman's Dead, Naveed (Life), Innocent, Is Anybody Home?, Wipe That Smile Off Your Face, Walking in Circles, Birdman, Clumsy, 4 AM, Somewhere Out There, Starseed.

The Tragically Hip - To say I'm a big Hip fan would probably be understating it somewhat. I've now managed to see the Hip six times since new year's eve 1999. I simply can't get enough of this band from Kingston, Ontario. I love every track on every CD and every chord live is a blessing. As usual, the Hip were killer. There was no better way to say goodbye to Molson Park than with the Hip rocking out with "Little Bones". There's a reason this is my favourite band of all time. Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip! Hip!

Setlist: Fire In The Hole, Grace Too, Poets, Dare Devil, Silver Jet, Boots or Hearts, Looking For A Place To Happen, Nautical Disaster, Ballroom, 100th Meridian, Springtime In Vienna, Joe, Locked In A Trunk Of A Car, Wheat Kings, New Orleans Is Sinking, 50 Mission Cap, Puttin' Down, Little Bones.

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