Tim Hortons Lasagna

foodYesterday at about this time, Humble took us all out to Tim Hortons for lunch. Imagine Humble, Fred, Scary Pete and me walking into your local Tims and that was the scene. There was a new item on the menu, so we decided to try it.

Test driving the new Tim Hortons lasagna

The plan was for us to review the Tim Hortons' lasagna on today's podcast but we forget to get to it. So... here's my review of the lasagna.

It's good. Not Palma Pasta good, but still good. It came with two slices of garlic bread and filled me up. Yummy.

Was this review worth the wait?

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Moneyball is Just a Movie, Right?

moviesI actually wrote this entry on Google+ first... then realized nobody will read it there. So here's a modified version for the 12 of you checking in on a Saturday morning.

I saw Moneyball last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's great fun for those of us who like inside baseball, but it also works for the non-baseball enthusiast. Brad Pitt as Billy Beane was a great idea.

Because this is the not-so-distant past, and based on real events in a sport I follow closely, I kept comparing the data in my memory bank with what I saw on the screen. It was close, but Moneyball seemed to suffer from selective memory syndrome and cherry picked the data to fit the mold.

I remember that 2002 Athletics team. Primarily, I remember their first three starters and an MVP shortstop. The movie barely mentions those four:

  • Barry Zito
  • Tim Hudson
  • Mark Mulder
  • Miguel Tejada

Those were the big 4, am I right? Instead the movie primarily focuses on:

  • Scott Hatteberg
  • David Justice
  • Chad Bradford

Still a great movie, but very misleading. No mention of Hatteberg playing DH in the beginning, there's a scene where they decide to get Jeremy Giambi after the 2001 season, Hollywood stuff like that.


But see it anyway. Great flick.

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True Grit Review

Movie ReviewTrue Grit: 7 out of 10.

Don't believe the hype. True Grit is a very good movie, that's well acted and easy viewing, but it's not the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world you've been hearing about.

I saw it yesterday and I was disappointed. Hopes were sky high for this one, as I've been hearing how amazing it is and I'm already a big Coen Brothers fan. But really, it's just good... it's not great. And if you're looking for something as good as Fargo or No Country For Old Men or even The Big Lebowski, you'll be disappointed.

There's a flurry of convenient wrap-up elements at the end of this flick that made me cringe, and then a lazy out. Of course, all this criticism is directed at a very good movie with tremendous acting from Hailee Steinfeld and another strong performance by Jeff Bridges, but that's just because I expected better.

Am I the only one who was a little disappointed? It seems that way...


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The Social Network Review

Movie ReviewThe Social Network: 8 out of 10.

Yeah, The Social Network is pretty good. Even if you think you know the story, it's compelling stuff.

It's not Best Picture good, but it's solid work from David Fincher. This is definitely his best since Fight Club.

The Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross score is pretty awesome, too.


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The Informant! The Review!

Movie ReviewThe Informant!: 7 out of 10.

Matt Damon is very good in this flick about Mark Whitacre, the highest-ranking executive in U.S. history to blow the whistle in a case of corporate fraud.

It's a very funny flick, primarily because of Mark Whitacre's asides. Here are a few:

  • When polar bears hunt, they crouch down by a hole in the ice and wait for a seal to pop up. They keep one paw over their nose so that they blend in, because they've got those black noses. They'd blend in perfectly if not for the nose. So the question is, how do they know their noses are black? From looking at other polar bears? Do they see their reflections in the water and think, "I'd be invisible if not for that." That seems like a lot of thinking for a bear.
  • I don't like wool on skin. Not even that merino wool they have at Marshall Field in Chicago. Ginger likes it because it's formfitting, but she likes avocados. And who wants that texture in their mouth?
  • We took the kids one year to the Renaissance Festival in Indiana. You get to be the White Knight. The kids get to ride a horse and joust against the forces of darkness with a helmet on. And the White Knight always wins - the forces of darkness fall onto an old mattress. Someone plays a Lute and plays a song from Medieval Times. The day we went it was maybe 90 degrees out and the heat and humidity index I can't even remember what the radio said. We were next in line and the mare collapsed. Went down in a heap. Ginger was eating Ye Olde Drumstick and she dropped it in the dirt. The kids were crying. I remember this farmer saying he had a gun in his truck. Just like that. From the White Knight to a gun in the truck. They had everyone turn their backs before they put the animal down, but even if you couldn't see you could still hear. How do you get that back? How does that get to be fair?
  • I've been to Tokyo. They sell little-girl underwear in the vending machines right on the main drag, the Ginza, or whatever. Guys in suits buying used girl panties. How is that okay? That's not okay.
  • There should be a tv show about a guy who calls home one day and he's there, he answers, he's talking to himself, only he's someone else. He's somehow divided into two, and the second one of him drives away and the rest of the show is about him trying to find the guy.
  • There are these butterflies in Central America. They're blue and orange and yellow and have poison in their wings,just enough to stop a bird heart. But the birds know this somehow, so they don't eat them. But there are other ones, butterflies, they're orange, blue and yellow too but no poison wings. They're just flying around, looking dangerous, getting by on their looks.


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Inglourious Basterds Review

Movie ReviewInglourious Basterds: 8.5 out of 10.

Let's get this out of the way... I love Tarantino movies. He's my favourite filmmaker and he's all over my top 10 movies of all-time list. It's amazing I waited a year to see Inglourious Basterds.

What's more amazing is that Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's film with the most Academy Award nominations. That's right, it was nominated more times than Pulp Fiction. Make no mistake about it, Inglourious Basterds isn't as good as Pulp Fiction, but it's pretty damn amazing.

In the Tarantino universe, I'd put it behind Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bills, but ahead of Jackie Brown and Grindhouse: Death Proof, both of which are fantastic, by the way. This guy can make a movie.


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I Love You, Man Review

Movie ReviewI Love You, Man: 6.5 out of 10.

I didn't like I Love You, Man as much as you did. Sure, it was cute... and parts of it were actually funny, but as a whole it missed the mark.

Firstly, I don't believe Paul Rudd can carry a film like this. Calm down... I like Paul Rudd, too... but as a supporting player. He can't be the guy.

And what's with the iPhone and iTunes infomercials? I guess that's part of movies now, but even the Rush stuff seemed rather forced, and I like Rush. This movie could have been called I Love You, Rush.

And finally, was Lou Ferrigno this movie's response to The Hangover's Mike Tyson? Just wondering.


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Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire Review

Movie ReviewPrecious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire: 6.5 out of 10.

I could tell that was Mariah Carey, but damn, I totally didn't realize that was Lenny Kravitz until just now.

Oh yeah, the movie... I heard so much about this film, I felt like I had seen it before I saw it last night. Talk about spoilers, I already knew *** *** ******* *** ** and *** ***'* * ***** ** ****. Maybe that's why I didn't dig it the way I expected to.

Sure, she had a shitty hand dealt to her, but ya gotta play. Good on her, just don't tell me this is the best film of the year. And Lenny, good on you!


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Inception Review

Movie ReviewInception: 9 out of 10.

If you haven't seen Inception yet, and you're in the mood for a good old fashioned mind fuck, this is your movie.

I totally bugged it, even when it was hurting my brain. And the best part is after the movie when you replay it in your head and try and solve the puzzle. I have my theories, but they're full of spoilers so you won't read them here.


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Paranormal Activity Review

Movie ReviewParanormal Activity: 8 out of 10.

Yeah, I'm a little behind on my movies. It's always that way. I see them when they hit TMN, which is about a year after they hit theatres.

I just watched Paranormal Activity and totally dug it. I liked it more than The Blair Witch Project. They filmed this thing for $15,000 and it's far more entertaining than most blockbusters. It's good.


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