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Bonnie Franklin, Dead at 69

In MemoriumBonnie Franklin was 69. She was the actress best known for her portrayal of divorced mother Ms. Ann Romano on One Day at a Time.

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Jerry Buss, Dead at 79

In MemoriumJerry Buss was 79. He was the Los Angeles Lakers’ playboy owner who shepherded the NBA franchise to 10 championships from the ‘80s Showtime dynasty to the Kobe Bryant era.

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Mindy McCready, Dead at 37

In MemoriumMindy McCready was 37. She was the country music singer who reached #1 in 1996 with her single "Guys Do It All the Time".

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Tim Dog, Dead at 46

In MemoriumTim Dog was 46. He was the the rapper who reached fame in 1991 with "Fuck Compton," a diss track toward Dr. Dre and N.W.A.

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Reg Presley, Dead at 71

In MemoriumReg Presley was 71. He was the singer-songwriter best known as the lead singer with prominent 1960s rock and roll band The Troggs, whose best known hit was "Wild Thing".

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Stan Musial, Dead at 92

In MemoriumStan Musial was 92. He was one of baseball's greatest hitters and a Hall of Famer with the St. Louis Cardinals for more than two decades.

He won seven National League batting titles, was a three-time MVP and helped the Cardinals capture three World Series championships in the 1940s.

My very favourite Stan "The Man" factoid is that he finished his career with 3,630 hits: 1,815 at home and 1,815 on the road.

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Earl Weaver, Dead at 82

In MemoriumEarl Weaver was 82. He was the fiery Hall of Fame manager who won 1,480 games with the Baltimore Orioles.

On September 15, 1977, in Toronto, Weaver asked umpire Marty Springstead to have a tarpaulin covering the Toronto Blue Jays bullpen area removed; the tarp was weighed down by bricks and Weaver argued that his left fielder could be injured if he ran into the bricks while chasing a foul ball. When the umpire refused to order the Blue Jays to move the tarp, Weaver pulled the Orioles off the field, forcing the umpire to declare a forfeit: the only forfeit in Orioles history.

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Pauline Phillips aka Abigail Van Buren, Dead at 94

In MemoriumPauline Phillips was 94. She was an advice columnist and radio show host who began the "Dear Abby" column in 1956.

Pauline Phillips' identical twin sister, Eppie Lederer, started Ann Landers.

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Conrad Bain, Dead at 89

In MemoriumConrad Bain was 89. He was the actor best known as Phillip Drummond in the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes and Dr. Arthur Harmon on Maude.

He reprised the role of Phillip Drummond for the series finale of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

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Fontella Bass, Dead at 72

In MemoriumFontella Bass was 72. She was the St. Louis-born soul singer who hit the top of the R&B charts with "Rescue Me" in 1965.

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