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Albert Finney, Dead at 82

Albert FinneyAlbert Finney was 82. He was the Oscar-nominated actor best known for his roles in "Annie," "Erin Brockovich" and "Tom Jones." I'll always remember him as Ed Bloom in "Big Fish."

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Frank Robinson, Dead at 83

Frank RobinsonFrank Robinson was 83. He was the only player to win MVP in both leagues, earning National League honors with the Reds in 1961 and the American League award with the Baltimore Orioles in 1966. He made 14 All-Star game appearances in a Hall of Fame career, and currently ranks tenth on the all-time home run list with 586. In 1974, the Cleveland Indians made Robinson MLB’s first black manager.


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James Ingram, Dead at 66

James IngramJames Ingram was 66. He was a two-time Grammy Award-winner and a two-time Academy Award nominee best known for "Baby, Come to Me", "Somewhere Out There" and "I Don't Have the Heart".

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Peter Watts, Dead at 68

Peter WattsPeter Watts was 68. He was one of the original anchors on TSN’s SportsDesk during the network’s earliest years, starting in 1984.

Here he is trying to recruit you to Queen's University, assuming you can play football.

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Carol Channing, Dead at 97

Carol ChanningCarol Channing was 97. She was the broadway legend best known for such musicals as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and Hello, Dolly!.


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Brian "Henny" Henderson Dead

Brian Henny HendersonBrian "Henny" Henderson was on the air at 1050 CHUM for 27 years, from 1977 to 2004. In the 80s, I'd literally call a phone number in order to hear his excellent daily sports commentaries. I considered him, Rick Hodge, John Gallagher and Fred Patterson to be the four pillars of daily sports commentaries on the radio in this city.

Several years ago, Henny left a comment on this blog. Here's what he shared with me us.

Since I have no idea what "URL" and all that other computer mumbo-jumbo means, I'll skip straight to the meat.

Yes I have had, and to a lesser degree, continue to have health issues. The reason I was terminated at CHUM however had nothing to do with health.

I was fired because I was too old, making too much money. FULL STOP! In the meantime, I have grown quite comfortable in retirement. Comfortable because of the age old advice, "always marry a younger woman, so that even when you're downsized, at least one of you is working. All of the children have finally left home.

Oldest Gillian is back in school in Vancouver taking her masters. Youngest Erin has crossed the street and is now working for TSN, while Kyle, "The Wonderkid" has graduated with his teaching degree, right in the middle of an era when there are no teaching jobs, Just like his father, he too has a supportive wife with a good job, and so we're all doing fine. Except for the job part.

Anyone know of any teaching possibilities for Kyle? He lives in Burlington, but will eagerly travel.


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"Captain" Daryl Dragon, Dead at 76

"Captain" Daryl Dragon was 76. He was one half of popular '70s duo The Captain & Tennille, best known for "Muskrat Love," "Do That to Me One More Time" and "Love Will Keep Us Together.".

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Bob Einstein, Dead at 76

Bob Bob Einstein was 76. He was best known for creating and performing the satirical stuntman character Super Dave Osborne and for his roles as Marty Funkhouser in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Larry Middleman on Arrested Development.

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Mean Gene Okerlund, Dead at 76

Mean Gene OkerlundMean Gene Okerlund was 76. He was the wrestling interviewer and announcer best known for his years with the World Wrestling Federation.

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Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor Dead

Mike TaylorMike "Beard Guy" Taylor was the keyboardist and vocalist for Burlington band Walk Off the Earth who shot to fame in 2012 when their cover of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” went viral. Taylor was the best part of that video.

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