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Raging Storm 12, Hollywoods 7

baseballIt was a strange night from the get-go. First there was the tornado warning and ever-threatening rain and lightning. Again, I was shocked (not literally, but almost) we got a full game in with a sky as dark as this and this. It rained a little and there were flashes of lightning in the distance, but we played seven innings and improved our record to 3-0.

Playing first one inning, I corralled a tough throw to record the force out only to see the runner at third charging home. With little time to spare, I threw hard to Andge who was catching. Unfortunately, my throw was short and the bounce up from the ground clipped Andge hard under her left eye. There was that scary moment when she dropped to the ground but luckily it looks like the only damage will be a pretty cool looking shiner for a few days. Sorry Andge!

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Raging Storm 10, Clippers 7

baseballTonight we played an effiicent game with solid defense and timely hitting to improve to 2-0 on the season. An unnamed player on our team brilliantly pulled a Canseco, running to the warning track to make a catch only to have the ball bounce out of his glove and over the fence.

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The Great Stats Debate

digitalOn the heels of The Great Female Walk Debate comes The Great Stats Debate. In previous Raging Storm seasons, we've kept offensive statistics. Here's the 2005 page and the 2004 page as examples.

This season, we're debating whether to continue this practice. Some believe it puts too much pressure on the batter while others think it creates a fun competitive atmosphere. Personally, I'm on the fence. For starters, it's extra work for me to maintain the stats. As for benefits, I'm not sure there are any except that those with the bigger stats can back up their arrogance with metrics. Stats don't measure intangibles like heart, effort and camaraderie. They're just cold numbers in an all too cold world.

The stats were emailed to me this morning but I haven't posted them on our page. This debate is incomplete!

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Raging Storm 8, Zep 7

baseballAt 4:00 pm, it didn't look good for tonight's game. It was pouring, there was lightning in the air and the weather forecast wasn't promising. As I approached the ball park near Derry Road and Goreway it was as if the clouds parted for us. The rain was gone, there was no lightning in the air and we had our first ball game of the season to play.

It was a solid win against a strong opponent. Things were tied up in the bottom of the seventh when Greg Fay hit his second home run of the game to secure the victory. The perfect season continues...

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Guest Blog Entry

Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to torontomike.com. I received the following entry earlier today.

I CANNOT beleive what I just read. Females walking after a Male's hit. That rule sucks. Some females are better than male players (much as I disagree) but SOME are.

That is not ball, be it baseball of softball. You agree with letting females walk intentionally after a male hits -what is the reason to have a strong male come up & knock them all home? A FIXED LEAGUE with CRAP rules. Do your male players have gloves in the field or just the females?

Do the batters hit off TEES? Probably. I cannot beleive you agree with this rule. If I was any female I would not play in YOUR league. It's for WIMPS (YOU included - Mike).

DUBYA must make the rules for your league (with your input) - total BULL$%!+.

Have fun this year. Is Madonna your coach? Probably not as she is female & would get to 1st base everytime.


Methinks you're misunderstanding the rule and the reason for the rule. The female can choose to walk or hit only if the batter immediately before her was male and walked. Thanks to the wonders of the Interweb, you can read the official RSPA Slo-Pitch rules. The rule in question is 5-13.

I wouldn't say I agree with the rule, I just understand why it's there. The official slo-pitch rules followed by the Slo-Pitch National has a rule I far prefer and suggested to the RSPA commissioner. They give the male second base and force the female to hit.

This discussion has struck a nerve, so please leave your comments on this original entry. And please, don't call me a wimp. It's not nice.

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The Great Female Walk Debate

BaseballIn our slo-pitch league, there is a rule regarding female batters which has caused quite a bit of controversy. The rule is applied when a female batter bats after a male batter is walked. The female batter in this instance would have to choose between batting and taking an automatic walk.

I've always believed our female batters should take the walk if it's offerred to them. Swinging away gives you a 30% chance of reaching first but taking the walk gives you a 100% chance of reaching first. To me, it's a no brainer. Take the base, advance the guy ahead of you and help your team accumulate runs. That's the objective, right?

An unnamed member of Raging Storm, my slo-pitch team in this league, took the offer of a walk as a slight against her gender. Game after game I'd watch the opposition take the walk each and every time, yet when I encouraged our women to do the same, an unnamed teammate would snarl at me and accuse me of being a he-man woman hater. This became such a sticky subject that a league-wide vote was recently cast to determine whether the rule should be scrapped. The results showed the majority wanted to keep the rule so we'll have it again this season. Personally, I think it's a necessary evil. In a big game, who would pitch to a larger, stronger male batter when they can walk him and look for a double-play grounder from the female batting next?

If you're wondering what my unnamed teammate thought of the vote results, it doesn't matter. She quit the team this winter. She's gone, but the great female walk debate will most likely continue.

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Hooray For Everything

BaseballTwo years ago today I was part of a decision that haunts me to this day. We in Raging Storm voted to change our name from Hooray For Everything.

Hooray For Everything was not only a fantastic name for a slo-pitch team, but it was a successful one. We won three championships in four seasons. I previously discussed the origin of the name, a handle given to a group of "well-groomed young go-getters" on "The Simpsons". It was a good name, a solid name, an ironic name, and two years ago today we voted to change it to the soulless Raging Storm.

Not a day goes by that I don't regret that decision. Hooray For Everything, you're deeply missed.

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What A Champion Wears

BaseballHave you ever wondered what a champion wears? Wonder no more. During last night's league banquet, which I was far too cool to attend, members of Raging Storm were presented with 2005 championship shirts.

You're jealous, aren't you?

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Top O The World, Ma!

BaseballEverything came together last night culminating in a tidy sweep as we in Raging Storm won the RSPA Division Championship. Last year, we lost in the finals but this season we redeemed ourselves.

Good hitting and great defense is a deadly combination in slo-pitch. I don't have the exact scores at this time, but neither game was close. Next season, we move up to a more competitive division.

Awesome work dudes and dudettes. The core and dependable Raging Storm team members that shared sips of champagne last night were Greg, Kic, Engell, Neil, Jordy, Andge, Alex and Marc. Lets do this again in 2006!

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The Finals

BaseballTonight, we in Raging Storm leave it all on the field. There is no tomorrow. It all comes down to this.

Will I be sharing a song of victory tomorrow or the anthem of losers?

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