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Hooray For Everything Votes

Hooray For EverythingI've received six votes thus far from fellow Hooray For Everything slo-pitch teammates. Coincidentally, all six have voted for the same name. It seems Andrea can be rather influential when she wants to be.

If you're a member of the team and haven't yet voted, please visit our voting page to have a say in what our new name becomes. I voted for "The Homers" with this as our logo.

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Hooray For Everything

Hooray For EverythingThis message is for fellow members of the Hooray For Everything slo-pitch team. For reasons I don't fully understand, we're changing our name. This has something to do with our new uniforms and our new sponsors.

If you're a member of the team, please visit our voting page to have a say in what our new name becomes. Vote!

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My Left Knee

My Left KneeAs I mentioned in my blog entry of August 21st (read it), I tore the meniscus in my left leg back on July 27th. Or so I thought... It turns out my injury was misdiagnosed!

According to the doctor's report based on an MRI of my left knee, I fractured "the anterior aspect of the medial tibial plateau". How they missed this fracture on the x-ray I took that night I'll never know. On top of that, I also tore my ACL. This may explain the immense pain and prayers for a quick death.

I've been avoiding strenuous use of my left leg for six weeks now and I've been ordered to continue doing so for at least another six weeks. There goes my annual ski trip to Aspen.

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Hooray For Everything

Hooray For EverythingFellow members of Hooray for Everything are probably wondering how to get to our softball page now that the permanent link has been removed from the left in favour of the new Google search field. Rest assured, the official Hooray for Everything home page is still being maintained and can be found here. You can permanently book mark our softball page at https://www.torontomike.com/softball.html.

Neil, I don't have your email address so please send a note. Good luck on Sunday.

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My Left Knee

My KneeThose of you on my softball team, Hooray For Everything, saw me hobble off the field in the first inning of the first game of our double header on July 27th. Batting lead off, I hit a solid single. On my way to first, I noticed the center fielder approaching the ball in a particularly lazy fashion. At this point, I'm running full out as I round first going for two. For reasons I still don't understand, the first baseman was standing directly in my path as I turned the corner towards second base. This forced me to awkwardly and abrubtly stop on a dime, which in turn left me in supreme pain and without use of my left leg.

I've since been seeing a fine doctor at the St. Joseph's Health Centre who's ordered me not to do anything strenuous with my knee. He knows there's a tear, but he doesn't know the extent until I get my MRI this weekend. Click here to read about torn meniscus. Needless to say, I won't be playing any more softball this season. I'm just glad I can finally walk without pain three weeks after the fact.

Pray for me.

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