Raging Storm

Raging Storm 10, Booty Pirates 8

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm played the Booty Pirates last night and won a close one.

It never should have been as close as it was. We were up 10-5 going into the final inning. If the defense tightens up, this could be a competitive team.

The statistics will be updated soon on our Raging Storm home page.

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A Double-Header Split

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm played another double-header last night, this time against Attack, splitting the games winning the opener 17-2 and losing the closer 12-9. We'll call this a tale of two games.

In game one, we absolutely dominated. For a while, it looked like we would shut out the opposition. This game was eventually called due to the mercy rule. We attacked Attack with solid hitting, aggressive base running and near perfect defense.

In the second game, the hitting wasn't nearly as solid, the base running wasn't nearly as agressive and the defense was a lot further from perfect. It was a game we should have won but didn't. The "L", although deserved, was indeed a bitter pill for us to swallow.

This recap is dedicated to Andrea Vucko. Andrea was psyched and ready to play two but had to shut it down for the night after skinning her knee on a slide into second following her very first at bat of the night. Andrea, I empathize. Read all about it.

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A Double-Header Sweep

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm swept our double-header with the Dragons by scores of 16-12 and 19-4. Once we shook off some jitters early in the first game, our defense was absolutely stellar and we finally found the offensive groove we've been missing our last two games.

We actually came back from a 5-0 deficit in the first game to win it in extra innings but we simply destroyed the Dragons in game #2 in a contest that was never even close. I'm looking at the stat sheets right now and I see Neil managed to go 9 for 10 tonight. That's just awesome. Mike Kic drove in seven runs to lead in that department. I went 6 for 10 driving in three and played solid at shortstop. In fact, my great defensive play in the first game forced extra innings and gave us a chance to win, if I don't mind saying so myself.

I'll update all the stats on the Raging Storm homepage as soon as I find some time. Right now I have a hockey game to watch.

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Raging Storm 8, The Etobicoke Sharks 9

Slo-Pitch ResultsAt 21:30 last night with the rain pouring down, we in Raging Storm took to the field for our third game of the season. This was an extremely close game with our opponents scoring the winning run in their last at bat.

This is a game we really should have won. As I see it, our greatest weakness is an inability to get on base. Too often we're swinging for the fences only to fly out. I'm as guilty of this as anyone. 2 for 2 in the game, I saw a pitch I liked during my third at bat and decided to give it a ride. The result was a nice long out as the left fielder was able to track it down. Quite simply, we need to hit it where they ain't. When we start doing that, we'll start winning again.

Visit the Raging Storm homepage for our batting statistics and to how we've fared thus far this season.

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Raging Storm 4, The Hollywoods 12

Slo-Pitch ResultsIt was a rough night for us members of Raging Storm. A listless offence and poor defense added up to a brutal loss in our second game of the season. We're now a mediocre 1-1.

A visit to the Raging Storm homepage will show you I went 2 for 3 and am now batting .714 for the season. Still, the only statistic that matters is team wins and we weren't even close to one tonight. We'll need a better showing next week, this much I know is true.

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Raging Storm 12, The Clippers 9

Slo-Pitch ResultsTonight we in Raging Storm played our first slo-pitch game of the 2004 season and defeated the Clippers by three. It was a close game but some timely hitting and solid D helped us prevail.

This year we're not only posting scores from each game but also batting statistics for the entire team. Visit the Raging Storm homepage for all of the above and more. You can conveniently link to the Raging Storm homepage by clicking the baseball at the very top of this page.

If you're curious, I went 3-4 with a couple of doubles, two runs scored and an RBI. My only out was a very well hit ball lined deep to left center. Not bad for my first real game since July.

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Raging Storm Update

Raging Storm UpdateMembers of the Raging Storm slo-pitch team will find the date and time of our first game as well as detailed league rules.

So if you're a member of my slo-pitch team, get yourself over to the Raging Storm home page and be there on May 17th. Later dudes and dudettes...

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Raging Storm

Raging StormFor the past two years, I've been a member of a softball team called "Hooray For Everything". This season, for reasons I still don't quite understand, we've changed our name to "Raging Storm"...and it's no longer softball, it's slo-pitch.

Members of Raging Storm will want to check out our official web page. If you're going to bookmark the page, bookmark http://torontomike.com/softball.html.

See y'all at the ball park.

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Hooray For Everything Name Origin

Hooray For EverythingWith the name Hooray For Everything being retired, I thought we'd take one last trip down memory lane to explore the origin of the name. For the record, Hooray For Everything as a ball team was extremely successful. In four seasons, we won the championship three times. Where did the name come from? The name Hooray for Everything comes from "The Simpsons", and is a tribute to our enduring love of the show.

Hooray for Everything first appears in episode 7F07 "Bart vs Thanksgiving". During halftime of the traditional Dallas Cowboys game on Thanksgiving, Hooray for Everything perform "Get Dancin'" by Disco Tex and his Sex-o-lettes. Here's an excerpt:

Announcer: And now, get set for our fabulous halftime show, featuring the well-groomed young go-getters of `Hooray for Everything!'
Homer: Oh, I love those kids. They've got such a great attitude!
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, 'Hooray for Everything' invites you to join them in a salute to the greatest hemisphere on earth, the Western Hemisphere! The dancingest hemisphere of all!

Hooray for Everything next appeared in episode 9F11 "Selma's Choice". While the Simpsons watch TV, an ad for Duff Gardens sounds like this:

Announcer: Come to Duff Gardens, where roaming gangs aren't a problem anymore. Now featuring the clean-shaven sound of "Hooray for Everything"!
Hooray for Everything: Hey, kids. Take a walk on the wild side!
Hooray for Everything: And all the races sing... Shoo-be-doo, shooby-dooby-doo, shoo-be-do, shooby-dooby-doo, yeah!

Hooray For Everything will be missed.

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Hooray For Everything Vote Results

Hooray For EverythingA few weeks ago, I announced that the Hooray For Everything slo-pitch team was changing its name. Members of the team were invited to visit our voting page and cast a vote for one of the nicknames listed. Voting has come to a close and the results are now final.

The final totals are:

Raging Storm - 6 votes
Bad Monkeys - 1 vote
The Homers - 1 vote

So, Hooray For Everything is now the Raging Storm. Raging Storm is going to need a home page, so I'll get on that just as soon as I find our our new logo, colour scheme, etc. I'm going to miss calling us Hooray For Everything. Why did we have to change our name anyway?

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