Raging Storm

Raging Storm 16, Horny Thorns 10

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm played well enough to win tonight easily tonight despite not matching the effort from last week. Once again the defense was solid and but there's room for improvement at the plate. Alex went five for five though, so he's exempt from the preceding criticism.

I'll update the statistics soon and you'll find them on the Raging Storm home page when I do.

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Raging Storm 14, Etobicoke Sharks 2

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm played our best all around game tonight. We were solid at the plate and in the field. Everything came together and it felt damn sweet.

Player of the game honours go to Marc who pitched a stellar game and added some great offense. You know you're in the zone when you allow only 2 runs in 7 innings of slo-pitch.

I'll update the statistics soon and you'll find them on the Raging Storm home page.

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Updated Stats

Slo-Pitch ResultsStats have finally been updated on our Raging Storm home page.

We're currently ranked 3rd out of 7 teams in our division.

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Lack of Stats

Slo-Pitch ResultsIf you're a member of Raging Storm who is wondering why the statistics on our homepage haven't been updated yet, I have an explanation. Andge was supposed to get the details to Steph who was to send me the figures on Tuesday morning. Steph got sick and although she's better now, Andge is detained as today is her moving day. So, I can't update the statistics until Andge gets the raw data to Steph who will perform the necessary calculations and email me the results.

They have finally announced the details regarding our next game, however. We're playing the Etobicoke Sharks on Tuesday, August 3rd @ 18:30 EST. The game is at West Deane Park.

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Hollywood 13, Raging Storm 11

Slo-Pitch ResultsI know I'm a little late with this one, but we in Raging Storm lost another close ball game last night to Hollywood by a score of 13-11.

I actually bought a new glove yesterday but it wasn't worked in enough by game time to use it. The less said about this game the better as it left a bad taste in my mouth. It was a game we should have won but didn't. Sometimes I think it feels better to get blown out of the water than to lose a tight one like this.

I'll update the statistics as soon as I get them. When I do, you'll find them on the Raging Storm home page.

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Double Header Split

Slo-Pitch ResultsRaging Storm, our slo-pitch team, played two games last night against two different teams and lost the first while winning the second. Both games came down to the wire in Hollywood ending style. In fact, I don't remember two game quite as exciting.

Following last week's game, I came to the realization that my ancient ball glove was becoming a detriment to my play at shortstop. I vowed to purchase a new glove, but I didn't get around to it before last night's games. So, at the 11th hour, I borrowed my brother Steve's glove and my performance was much improved. Does anyone know where I can get a good bargain on a decent glove?

In the first game, we came to the plate in the bottom half of the last inning trailing the Etobicoke Sharks by four. A two out rally put two on with us trailing by only two and yours truly coming to the plate. It was crunch time, a true test of one's mettle. I stepped into the batter's box, stared down the opposing pitcher and promptly ripped a solid line drive single over second base. With two outs, the runner on second was waved home. Unfortunately, in a dramatic play at the plate she was called out and we lost. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

The second game was almost as exciting. This time, we were holding on to a lead in the final inning with the Sidewinders batting. A little luck and some timely hitting put them right back in the game. With two outs, it looked as if they were going to come all the way back. Then, I climbed the ladder to snag a flailing blooper that just cleared the infield to end the game.

This final game against the Sidewinders was filled with tension. Verbal assualts were exchanged throughout and at the end it looked like it might come to blows. In previous seasons, this kind of blow up was commonplace. I remember during the playoffs one season our ball game became a good ol' fashioned rumble but it looked as though those days were behind us because cooler heads had prevailed all season...until yesterday. I sort of missed it so yesterday wasn't all bad.

I'll update the statistics later today and you'll find them on the Raging Storm home page.

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Raging Storm 17, Etobicoke Sharks 4

Slo-Pitch ResultsIt was no contest for us in Raging Storm tonight as we blew out the opposition. Truth be known, we would have won via the mercy rule if the ump didn't give the Sharks a gift force out at second in the bottom of the sixth.

Personally speaking, I'm very disappointed with my defensive effort. Playing short stop, there was more than one ball I should have come up with but didn't. I can go 5 for 5 with 5 homers and have a restless night if my D was sub-par. I expect so much better of myself and I'm certain I'm capable of better.

The question that is plaguing me is "Why?". Why aren't I coming up with balls I normally field without a problem? I fear I know the answer but am afraid to admit it. I think it's time to part with the ball glove I've worn since I was fifteen.

I can still see Fernando Valenzuela's signature fading on the palm. This glove and I have been through so much...through peaks and valleys. It's always been there for me, but now I see it's literally falling apart at the seams. It's a mere shadow of its former glory. The insides have deterioriated and it no longer tightens so I'm able to field effectively. It's become a detriment to my play at short stop and that's unacceptable.

Saying goodbye is never easy. This is going to be tough, but my days with my glove are now numbered. Forgive me for shedding a tear. It's the first of many I'm afraid.

For current statistics, visit the Raging Storm home page.

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Raging Storm 10, Flatliners 11

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm lost a close one tonight and it hurts. Down by one in the top of the last inning, we managed to load the bases with nobody out. The runner on third stayed there as our next three batters failed to deliver.

It wasted a pretty spectacular offensive night for Greg Fay who hit two over the fence in left finishing 3 for 3 with 7 RBIs. This more than makes up for his strike out last week.

For current statistics, visit the Raging Storm home page.

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Raging Storm 22, Attack 18

Slo-Pitch ResultsWe in Raging Storm defeated Attack tonight to win the season series two games to one. The big bats came out to win this one for the good guys.

Following Greg's clutch two out two run homer that brought me in late in the game, I told him he was getting his props in this space. His next at bat, Greg struck out. As a result, tonight's shout out goes to Stella for her quadrant of RBIs.

I'll update the Raging Storm home page tomorrow morning because I'm watching coverage of our election tonight. You have ten minutes to vote.

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Knee Update

Knee UpdateAlmost eleven months ago, I messed up my knee playing ball. Although originally diagnosed with a torn meniscus, the MRI revealed I had actually fractured my leg and torn my ACL.

The end result was six months of physiotherapy during which time I was not allowed to put strain on my left knee. It was extremely frustrating but I had to be careful not to completely tear it and I didn't want to lose another summer.

Now I'm back to playing ball a couple of times a week and some of you have been asking how the knee is. I'm actually surprised at how stable it feels now. Up until January of this year it would buckle on me and it didn't feel like I'd ever be able to run full out again. Now I find myself rounding first full out and sliding into second without pain.

This is not to say it's as good as new. It feels very different than it did before the injury and there's always a subtle, dull ache. Even when I exert myself, I'm always conscious of the possiblity I could reinjure it. All in all, I'm just glad I can play sports without pain. You don't realize how important a knee is until you lose it.

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