Raging Storm

Raging Storm 19, Smoke & Mirrors 4

BaseballIt was our best all-around game of the season and the mercy rule had to be enforced to end it. In this league, if a team is up by 15 after a full inning, it's game over. I scored the 19th run with a solo shot, the only homer of the ballgame.

We in Raging Storm are now 6-0.

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I Can't Lose

BaseballI play in two different slo-pitch leagues. In one, the one I maintain a page for, we're 4-0. In the other, after a thrilling come from behind victory tonight, we're 3-0.

I can't lose. I've yet to taste defeat. If you include the exhibition games I'm 9-0 this season. Tonight, we were down by a run heading into the top of the ninth. I got to the plate with the bases loaded and lined a two-run double into the gap. We held on for a sweet, sweet victory.

The drives of 2005 continue. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

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A Raging Storm Does In Raging Storm

BaseballWith tornado warnings about, it's probably a good time to explain the lack of updates to the Official Raging Storm Web Page.

The game was scheduled for last night in Mississauga. During a serious down pour, I fought traffic and managed to make it to the diamond just in time. The rain had whimpered out and the thunderstorm had passed. Unfortunately, this particular diamond is literally in a valley and the rain had pooled, flooding us out.

It took a raging storm to stop the Raging Storm.

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Raging Storm 19, Etobicoke Sharks 16

BaseballIt wasn't quite the convincing win over the Sharks we had last week, but a win is a win. We in Raging Storm have kicked off the 2005 season by going 5-0 out of the gate.

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Raging Storm 21, Etobicoke Sharks 5

BaseballWe in the Raging Storm continue to roll as we once again won easily. Four games, four tidy victories for the good guys.

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Raging Storm 12, The Hollywoods 2

BaseballTonight, we in Raging Storm won easily with solid defense and early offense. We're off to a tidy 3-0 start to the season and there's not much to complain about.

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A Raging Storm Sweep

BaseballOn Monday night, we in Raging Storm played a double header to open the regular season. We swept, winning by scores of 13-10 and 19-8.

You can follow the action all season long on The Official Raging Storm Home Page.

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Beware The Raging Storm

BaseballWith a couple of exhibition games already under our belt, it's time for the Raging Storm slo-pitch team to begin the 2005 regular season.

The official home page of the Raging Storm has been refreshed to include 2005 information and the results and statistics from 2004 have been permanently archived.

It all starts with a double-header next week. Lets do this thang!

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Reversal of Fortune

BaseballAt some point in early December, I realized I was done with Raging Storm. I announced my retirement from the slo-pitch team I had played with the past few years and prepared to fill the void with other physical activities.

I love playing ball, but a little voice inside my head was telling me to move on. The Raging Storm chapter of my life needed to be closed before it grew stale. Now in my thirties, it was becoming harder and harder to relate to my much younger team mates and with two kids and lots of work to do, a competitive league didn't seem to fit into my routine. I sent Andge my "I quit" email and didn't look back.

Last week, Marc sent me an email asking me to reconsider my retirement. My spot hadn't been filled and it wasn't too late to register. At this point I decided to un-retire and return to Raging Storm with a new mentality. This year, I'm going to play to have fun. If I boot a ball at shortstop, I'm not going to care. If I fly out leaving the bases loaded, who gives a rat's ass. They don't pay me enough to do anything but enjoy and that's exactly what I'm going to do. Nothing more, nothing less.

I'll be maintaining the official Raging Storm page so drop by for an update if you're curious. As it turns out, I really suck at retiring.

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Raging Storm Home Page

Raging Storm Home PageFellow members of Raging Storm are probably wondering how to get to our home page now that the permanent link has been removed from the top of this page. Rest assured, the official Raging Storm home page is still being maintained and can be found here. You can permanently book mark the page at http://torontomike.com/softball.html.

Until I run in the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure, on Sunday, October 3, 2004, I'm keeping a pink ribbon on the top of this page to the right of the torontomike.com logo. Clicking this pink ribbon will take you to my donation page. You can sponsor my run until the end of the month by clicking that link. Donations from $1 to $100 and beyond are most appreciated.

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