Raging Storm

Sensational Semi-Final Sweep

BaseballI've just returned from our thrilling two game sweep over Hollywoods. We in Raging Storm played perfect playoff ball, playing tight D, carrying big sticks and overcoming Greg Fay's strike out.

The finals are next week against the Booty Pirates. You may recall we lost in the finals last year. It's redemption time.

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Rust Never Sleeps

BaseballFinally, after a lengthy delay and first round bye, Raging Storm has a playoff series to play tonight.

It's been a while, and I'm not sure if the layoff is a good thing or a bad thing. I've been playing on Thursday nights so I'm not that rusty, but we've got a possible trifecta of games tonight and anything less than a victory won't be acceptable.

It's on.

Update @ 21:13: It's off. Their permit trumped our permit.

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Playoff Time

BaseballAn 11-5 season has earned us in Raging Storm a first round bye in the playoffs, and now we play the waiting game. We'll face the winner of the game between Hollywoods and the Misfits. We didn't get a crack at the Misfits this season, but we pounded Hollywoods 12-2 earlier in the year.

If I were able to grow a half decent beard, I'd be growing one right now. It's playoff time and a Raging Storm is brewin'!

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Raging Storm 3, Booty Pirates 8

BaseballShhhhhh! You'll wake our bats. They're enjoying a lengthy nap right now and I fear if you awake them they'll be awfully cranky.

Sweet dreams batty-bat-bats. Daddy loves you.

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Raging Storm 14, ASC Tailgaters 13

BaseballThere was much drama at Fleetwood Park tonight. Down by four in the bottom half of the last inning, we clawed our way to an awesome come-from-behind victory. I hit the game tying triple and scored the winning run on a sacrifice fly. There's nothing like winning a good game of baseball, even when it's slo-pitch.

It was one of those games. Shaky defense put us in an early hole and it appeared we would implode. There was in-fighting, finger pointing, and finally, a call to arms. As quickly as it let us down, the defense bailed us out, but it's the bats that get credit for this win. Good times...

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Raging Storm 24, Sharks 6

BaseballWhen I lead off the game with a homer, it's always a good omen. I did just that last night and we managed to score 15 runs in the first inning in a game that was called after four on a account of the mercy rule. Me like winning.

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Raging Storm Swept

BaseballIt was one of those nights at the ballpark tonight. Nothing went our way and we lost a couple of tough ones. Both were close, in fact, we had the lead in game two going into the last inning only to cough it up. I don't want to talk about it.

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Double Header Sweep

BaseballA five hour drive to our late-night double header tonight was worth it as we swept, ending our two game slide. More tomorrow.... goodnight!

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Raging Storm 7, The Clippers 12

BaseballTonight, we lost our second game in a row. Our bats have gone silent after a torrid start. Oh wait, I just realized we have a great excuse. Both losses have come against teams in a higher division. Phew!

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Raging Storm 11, Smoke & Mirrors 12

BaseballIt was the bottom of the last inning, Raging Storm in the field and Smoke & Mirrors at bat. We're holding on to a three run lead but Smoke & Mirrors has managed to load the bases. At the plate is one of the ringers they brought in after their humiliating defeat last week. Grand slam. Game over. Raging Storm lose...Raging Storm lose...Raging Storm lose...

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