Getting to Say Goodbye in Radio

Last week I was chatting with Chris Zelkovich about Toronto's sports radio stations. I asked him to imagine what might happen if Bob McCown left 590 for the same timeslot on 1050. In this scenario, do you think Bob McCown would be permitted to say goodbye to his 590 audience during his last appearance on Prime Time Sports?

I've noticed a trend lately where radio stations are allowing their talent to say goodbye, even when they've quit for a job at a competitor station. This just happened Friday when Corus-owned Q107 allowed Maureen Holloway to say goodbye to her listeners, even though Maureen has left Q to replace Erin Davis on Rogers-owned CHFI.

It's not just Corus extending such a courtesy. Central Ontario Broadcasting's Indie88 let morning show host Raina Douris say goodbye as she left to host mornings on CBC Radio 2. That was very decent of them. And Bell let Darren B. Lamb say goodbye on CHUM-FM when he left to replace Mike Cooper on CHFI. Sure, there was a long pause between those two gigs, but it was still a kind gesture.

In all of these instances, the radio personality resigned. When the personality is fired, there are still no goodbyes. Jason Barr didn't get to say goodbye, Todd Shapiro didn't get to say goodbye, Jeff Woods didn't get to say goodbye and Maddog didn't get to say goodbye. I suspect the station doesn't want to deal with the inevitable blowback when one's favourite radio host is canned. The exception here is when they let someone go and spin it as a retirement. Christine Bentley suffered such a fate at Bell-owned CTV.

I've had radio veterans tell me the worst part of getting fired is being unable to say goodbye. Imagine a future where this isn't the case and every employee is treated with kindness and decency. I like to think we're getting there.

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Erin Davis Announces Retirement from CHFI

Erin Davis, a fixture on Toronto radio for 28 years, has announced her retirement. She records her last morning show for CHFI on December 15 and will then move with her husband to British Columbia to "begin a new life".

I had the pleasure of being visited by Erin for episode 84 of my podcast and it remains a personal favourite. She shared the goods about getting fired and rehired by CHFI, her classic Blue Jays songs, sleeping with the boss (scandalous!) and lessons learned along the way. If you've never heard it, I urge you to correct that oversight by clicking play below.

Earlier this year, Mike Cooper retired from mornings on CHFI. Mike was replaced by Darren B. Lamb who came over from CHUM-FM. There's no word as to who will replace Erin on CHFI after December 15.

Erin, if you're reading this, I wish you peace, love and happiness in BC. You deserve it. And since I forgot to take my customary post-podcast picture with you, I'm hoping we can correct that oversight before you depart in December.

I'm closing this entry with a great old ad with WKRP's Herb Tarlek and CHFI's Don Daynard and Erin Davis. Classic!

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 200: Humble and Fred

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 200In this 200th episode, Mike chats with broadcasters Humble Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson about their podcast, the state of radio today and how long they'll run. This episode is exactly 1:50:37.

You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Humble and Fred and Me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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What Happened to Mike Bullard and other Toronto Radio Changes at at 640 and 1010

Way back in 2003, Humble and Fred were the morning show on AM 640, only then it was called Mojo Radio. Humble and Fred were seduced by Mix 99.9 and gave notice, so AM 640 recruited John Oakley form rival CFRB and Oakley worked mornings on 640 ever since. Until now.

John Oakley is switching to the afternoon drive and is now heard on 640 from 4pm - 7pm. Taking his place in the mornings is a new show featuring Matt Gurney and Supriya Dwivedi. Matt Gurney is from the National Post and Dwivedi has been featured on CBC and in the Toronto Sun.

But what of my friend Kelly Cutrara who took over Bill Carroll's spot when Bill left for Ottawa in February? I'm pleased to report Kelly will now have her very own show 2pm - 4pm. Mike Stafford is now 9am to noon and Tasha Kheiriddin will be heard noon - 2pm. Got all that?

Meanwhile, at Newstalk 1010, there are also a couple of changes. Mike Bullard's noon shift is no more. He's no longer on the station, having been charged with criminal harassment in connection with the alleged stalking of City TV journalist Cynthia Mulligan. David Eddie, who had a daily live late night show, has been replaced by syndicated programming out of Montreal. David can still be heard Sunday nights.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 198: Joanne Wilder

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 198In this 198th episode, Mike chats with Q107 deejay Joanne Wilder about her years at Q, her appearance in Playboy and how it feels getting to play Duran Duran. This episode is exactly 1:07:57.

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Joanne Wilder and Me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Gilmour Tunes in For News

You'll remember that Rickey Henderson ad for Bob McCown's morning show on The Fan 1430 back in '93. I shared that one a few years ago, if you need your memory jogged.

At that same time, there was an ad with Doug Gilmour that Retrontario just dug up. It's safe to say Doug is a better actor than Rickey.

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Raina Leaves Indie 88 for CBC Radio 2

Raina Douris, popular morning show host on Indie 88, has just broadcast her last show from the house in Liberty Village. Raina is moving over to CBC Radio 2 where she'll be the new morning show host, taking over for Tom Power.

Tom Power, of course, has left that role to become the new host of q. That's right, it's q, not Q. Shad was pushed aside to "explore new creative opportunities including a new radio show with CBC".

If you'd like to learn more about Raina, who previously worked at 102.1 the Edge, I urge you to listen to episode 108 of my podcast, Toronto Mike'd. I'd rather you clicked and subscribed, but if you're really lazy, just click play below.

Congrats to Raina. CBC Radio 2's gain is Indie 88's loss, but if they're smart, they'll slide Lana Gay into Raina's old spot.

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CFNY / 102.1 the Edge Episodes of Toronto Mike'd

I grew up listening to CFNY. That's 102.1 on the FM dial if you don't recognize the call letters. Today, the station is best known as 102.1 the Edge.

Since I'm interested in the station, past and present, I've invited a number of personalities from the station to my home studio for episodes of my podcast, Toronto Mike'd. I thought it might be fun to assemble a full list of such CFNY broadcasters, past and present.

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Mike Richards Leaves TSN Radio 1050

This isn't exactly breaking news, but I was away for a couple of weeks and didn't get a chance to write about Mike Richards' departure from TSN Radio 1050 when it was announced last Monday. Here's Mike's farewell tweet about the big change.

It's being spun as a mutual parting of ways between Mike Richards and TSN Radio. The writing was on the wall in February when Mike Richards was moved from mornings to 1-4pm. When you're making major market morning show money, they won't keep you at 1pm. You can ask Greg Brady about that.

You may recall Mike Richards was recruited back to Toronto from Calgary's Fan 960 (where he was working with Andrew Walker) by TSN when they launched their first radio station at 1050. Desired ratings never materialized and a little over five years later the experiment is over.

On January 13, Mike Richards visited my home for three hours. We recorded the first two hours and then shot the shit off the record for another hour. He seemed incredibly authentic and willing to share all. He told me things during that episode he had never said in public and left me with a completely new level of respect for the man. We've kept in touch ever since.

Here's the episode if you missed it. It's particularly interesting in retrospect.


For whatever reason, Mike Richards never succeeded at TSN Radio, but he's quite the character with personality to spare and I'm sure he'll be just fine. Once he's able to speak freely, I'll be sure to have him back on.

Currently, TSN Radio is listing a show entitled "TSN 1050 Today" at 1pm. I'm sure that's temporary and a new show will be unveiled shortly. Never a dull moment on the Toronto sports media scene. Stay tuned.

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The Ultimate Toronto Morning Show (Early 90s Edition)

I stole this from John Gallagher's Facebook feed. It's a photo that appeared in the Toronto Sun in the early 90s.

In this picture you will see Brother Jake Edwards and John Gallagher from Q107's Q Morning Zoo, Marilyn Denis and Roger Ashby from CHUM-FM, Tom Rivers from 680 CFTR, Humble Howard from CFNY Mix 99.9 and Don Daynard from CHFI.

Early 90s Sun photo

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