The Freeplay Ranger

Freeplay RangerI have a rather strange obsession. It's with the Freeplay Ranger, a wind-up, solar and rechargeable powered radio. Sure, it's only an AM/FM radio, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it for months now. Admittedly, I have a strange fascination with the radio (see July 24, 2003 / 10:51 EST), but the Freeplay Ranger will play for approximately 35 minutes per 30-second wind, and can be rewound at any time for as much playtime as you want. The sunlight charging feature is a bonus. I simply love the concept of a self-sufficient radio.

So why haven't I gone out and bought myself this new toy? I can't find it anywhere. Coleman is carrying it in the USA, but not in Canada. Radioshack and Home Hardware were supposed to be carrying it, but when I talk to them they plead ignorance. I've found a couple of places online that will ship it, but some place in the GTA must carry this sucker. If you know where I could pick up the Freeplay Ranger, I will forever be in your debt.

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Toronto Radio

Toronto RadioI've always been a huge fan of radio. As a kid, I'd cruise the dial on my transistor radio picking up stations from as far away as Cleveland. Even today, I love the radio.

My preferred station is Edge102. It's been my preferred station for the past 15 years. They call themselves Edge102 now, but they're still good ol' CFNY to me. It's my station because they play more tunes I like than any other station I can pick up in Toronto. When I want to hear a good tune, chances are I'll hear one on Edge102.

I also listen to HTZ 97.7 which broadcasts out of St. Catherines. They play lots of good rock, which means I'll get my fill of The Tragically Hip, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Nivana, Pearl Jam or whatever if Edge102 is off on some crappy Good Charlotte trip.

WBUF 92.9 out of Buffalo comes in clearly on my car stereo. This is my third favourite station on the dial. 92.9's format is similar to that of 97.7. Lots of hard rock...and Howard Stern in the mornings.

I used to listen to Q107 quite frequently, but have been drifing away of late. Q107 is now all about Classic Rock, which I dig, but have to be in the mood for. I just can't stand hearing the Rolling Stones every hour on the hour.

That's it for me on the FM dial. When something interesting is going down in the world and I need a news fix, I'll go AM and visit 680News. For a sports fix, I check out The Fan 590.

There you have my six radio case you were curious.

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