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Humble and Fred Radio is coming soon. In fact, there's a countdown on the official site. I spent some time this past weekend working on the next iteration of that site, so I can vouch for the fact this is the real deal.

Humble and Fred Radio will provide you with fresh, daily content from the geeks that groove. Every single weekday these guys are going to record a show for you and make it available online. In addition to daily audio, you'll get both Humble and Fred blogging at their new online home, tweeting and making you laugh, think and feel again. Don't you want to feel again?


Here's what you need to know...

  1. It will all happen at
  2. You should follow @humblefredradio on Twitter
  3. I'll post more updates when we go live with the new site - hopefully by next week

I'm psyched about this project and thrilled to be working with Humble and Fred, the radio team that got me out of bed just about every morning of the 90s. This is going to be revolutionary.

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Bob Laine, Dead at 72

In MemoriumBob Laine was 72. He was a radio broadcasting legend at CHUM known as "The Voice" whose signature opening was "Good morning world, this is Bob-O. Good morning Bob-O, this is world."


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Listen to the Rainbow

radioIt's no secret I'm a big fan of just about anything Retrontario uploads to YouTube. He just uploaded an ad for CKEY Radio 590. It's from 1980, years before CJCL / FAN 590 took the spot on your dial.

Today, that ad would be seen as promoting 590 as LGBT-friendly. Something for 103.9 PROUD-FM, perhaps.

It turns out "Listen to the Rainbow" was CKEY's tagline for a while. Here's a poster from the days they promised "Good music, nice people and solid news".


I think 103.9 PROUD-FM should license this campaign!

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Adam vs. Alexisonfire: Social Payola at Edge 102?

radioOn Saturday morning, I was listening to Edge 102 in the car. Despite what you may think having read the odd rant about 102.1 in this space, it's still my favourite music station. There's really no alternative in the GTA for a guy who wants to hear the latest Foo Fighters single alongside a Hey Rosetta! track or an Arcade Fire song.

So I'm listening, and Adam is about to play a double shot, two songs in a row from the same artist... and Alexisonfire's "Boiled Frogs" begins to play. Edge 102 plays the crap out of Alexisonfire, and with their recent announcement that they're breaking up after ten years, hearing "Boiled Frogs" was completely unexceptional. What caught my attention was what happened next.

Adam ordered the song stopped. They cut the tune after only a few seconds and Adam said something like this... this is a paraphrase from memory, but I believe I'm nailing the sentiment.

Let's not play that. We're not playing Alexisonfire anymore. Apparently, some of the guys had some things to say about us despite the fact we've been big supporters of theirs over the years. Let's play something by a band that actually likes us. This is Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, friends of the station.

I've searched Google and Twitter trying to find a quote from an Alexisonfire band member that would have prompted this act by Adam, but I've come up empty. I did find this Tweet from Adam, however, in which he proclaims "Done with Alexisonfire... #pricks".


This got me thinking... if a station refuses to play a band that says negative things about the station, and instead plays a band that says nice things about the station, isn't that a form of social Payola? Instead of taking money to play an artist's songs, Edge 102 is taking endorsements and positive social currency.

The whole practice smells... What do you guys think about a station refusing to play a band's music because of something a band member said about the station?

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Humble and Fred's Perfect Storm - A Radio Revolution?

radioIf you've been here before, you might know I'm personal friends with both Humble Howard and Fred Patterson of the old Humble and Fred radio program. Before I ever met the guys, however, I was a fan of their morning show on CFNY / Edge 102. They made me laugh throughout the 90s. Damn, I miss the 90s...

Let's see... Humble was on Boom doing a morning show with Colleen Rusholme until May when he was fired. Here's a few of his thoughts upon being fired again. He's okay...

Fred was the Program Director for the Corus stations in Peterborough. Then, last month, he was fired. He shared the whole story with me via phone yesterday. He too, will be okay...

That means both Humble and Fred are currently being paid to not work. They're both a little bitter, too... a little pissed off... and they both want to work as Humble and Fred.


It's a perfect storm of sorts. There is a plan for Humble and Fred, a future for the duo. No, I'm not about to announce they're the new morning show for < insert station here >, but they are on the brink of what I believe is a radio revolution.

Are you ready for Humble and Fred Radio?

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AM640 Stuff (Of Watters, Stafford, Bynon & Leafs)

radioI read on TSM that the Bill Watters show on AM640 has been shelved and Arlene Bynon will now host the 4pm drive home slot.

I've listened to Arlene Bynon a few times, but never again. She's boring. AM640 has missed an opportunity here to right a wrong by returning Mike Stafford to 4pm. Mike Stafford, IMHO, is the best talk radio host working in Toronto today.

And AM640, while I'm calling you out, not everything is Leafs news. My appetite for Leafs news is as big as anybody's, but this is stretching it.


Go Leafs go!

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Billie From Mad Dog and Billie Fired From Virgin Radio

radioSpeaking of Toronto morning radio hosts getting fired from Astral-owned stations, my buddy Marc tells me Billie from Mad Dog and Billie has been fired from Virgin Radio.

According to a source, Billie - whose real name is Amanda Dunn - was canned from the station today after five years. She and Mad Dog (whose real name is Jay Doudelet) previously worked together for three years on 98.1 CHFI following a stint at KISS 92.5.

Dunn's termination comes on the heels of the end of her marriage to Peter Luciano, a business lawyer with Toronto firm McCarthy Tetrault and former member of Canadian boy band VIP. The couple are parents to a two-year-old daughter.

It's a strange coincidence that we learn about Billie's dismissal today. Back in 2006, it was Mad Dog and Billie who replaced Humble Howard when he was canned from Mix 999. Earlier today, Humble Howard broke his silence and wrote about being fired a second time, this time from Boom 97.3.

Billie won't likely be resurfacing at Boom, as Stu Jeffries has that morning gig. Yes, the very same Stu Jeffries who was canned from his gig with Colleen Rusholme at EZ Rock and replaced by... Humble Howard.

See how Toronto radio works?

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Alan Cross Fired from Edge 102

radioThis one comes as no surprise. Alan Cross is no longer employed by Corus Radio. Alan Cross is best known for his long-running weekly rock documentary series The Ongoing History of New Music on 102.1 The Edge.

Alan Cross was there a very long time, starting at CFNY in 1986. It's highly likely he'll continue to create content for Corus, although in a freelance capacity.

Back when Alan Cross was program directory at 102.1, we exchanged several emails that I posted here. Edge 102 avoided Eminem like the plague, and then suddenly played him ad nausea. Here's what Alan Cross said about that. Then, there's that time Good Charlotte headlined Edgefest. That was fun.

Alan's last day was June 30. It's the end of an era, folks, but it's no surprise. Maybe he should apply for this gig.

Fun fact: Alan Cross is married to former CFNY news gal Mary Ellen Beninger!

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Andrew Krystal Fired From The FAN 590

radioThe very fine Toronto Sports Media is reporting that Andrew Krystal has been fired from Sportsnet’s the Fan 590.

The Andrew Krystal experiment at Sportsnet’s the Fan 590 has ended less than a year after it started. “Andrew is moving on to pursue other opportunities within Rogers and we wish him the very best” said Program Director Don Kollins. “A job posting will go up tomorrow for Andrew’s replacement” added Kollins. Although he didn’t say, I expect a summer of the Rog and co to fill in.

You may recall Andrew Krystal was the morning guy on the Fan 590 until he lost that gig in February to Greg Brady and Jim Lang.

Speaking of Brady and Lang, what do you guys think about their morning show? Also, are you as underwhelmed by Mike Richards on TSN 1050 as I am? Which of the two do you prefer?

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Remember Peter Griffin on June 23

candleMy friend Freddie P wants me to pass on some information regarding Peter Griffin who passed away last month.

Everyone is welcome to gather at the Charlotte Room on Thursday night to celebrate his extraordinary life. Even if you just knew the man through his work on Toronto radio, you're welcome to reminisce and raise a glass to Pete.

It all takes place Thursday night at 7:00pm at The Charlotte Room, 19 Charlotte St.

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