Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 34: Freddie P.

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 34In this 34th episode, I'm joined by Fred Patterson from the Humble and Fred show for a great chat about his radio career, the state of terrestrial radio today, the future of Humble and Fred, the Leafs and Rob Ford. This episode is exactly 1:08:26.

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Vinyl 95.3 Now 953 Fresh FM

Vinyl 95.3 Now 953 Fresh FMHamilton's Vinyl 95.3, which played Greatest Hits from the 70s and 80s, is now 953 Fresh FM playing top 40 hits from today.

Of interest to fans of the Humble and Fred Podcast is that Kelly Cutrara has a gig at 953 Fresh FM from 3pm to 7pm weekdays. She starts Monday making this her last week on the podcast. Congrats, Kelly.

I didn't listen to Vinyl and I'm sure I'll never hear Fresh FM from Hamilton, but if you're in the Hamilton area and enjoy top 40 hits, you have a new destination to sample.

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Does Anyone Else Like Mike Wilner?

Mike WilnerI like Mike Wilner. I follow him on Twitter and always enjoy his appearances on The FAN 590. He knows his baseball, particularly Blue Jays baseball, and I appreciate his lack of tolerance for ignorance and nonsense.

Some people find this attitude disrespectful and rude. I had some Twitter conversations yesterday with people who outright dislike him.

Does anyone else like Mike Wilner? What do you think of him as a Blue Jays analyst?

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In Praise of Terry O'Reilly's Under the Influence

In Praise of Terry O'Reilly's Under the InfluenceOne of my favourite podcasts is Terry O'Reilly's Under the Influence. I listen to it as a podcast, but you can also catch it on CBC Radio One Saturdays at 11:30 am and again on Mondays at 11:30 am.

If you don't listen to Terry O'Reilly's spin on the world of marketing, you're missing out. Last week's episode on customer service was inspiring, and next week he's focusing on companies that promote products that have turned out to be incredibly unsafe. We're talking Asbestos and DDT here...

To subscribe, all the pertinent links are here. If you want to sample the wares first, here's the MP3 for that episode on customer service I mentioned.


It's a consistently interesting series that makes me want to be a better podcaster.

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Toronto Radio Ratings: PPM Top-line Radio Statistics

radio ratings in TorontoI don't pretend to be a radio ratings expert. I understand what PPM is and how it works, but I don't know who's wearing these devices and how they source the survey participants. Do you need a landline to be considered? Do you need to nominate yourself? It would be interesting to know who these people are that drive the intriguing numbers below.

I can tell you these are the ratings for Toronto radio stations during the period of November 26, 2012 - February 24, 2013 and Cume (000) is the total number of people who were exposed to the stations for at least one minute during the analyzed period. Click to enlarge.

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 6.15.17 PM

CHFI was the big winner followed by CHUM-FM and CBC Radio One. On the sports radio front, The FAN 590 pummelled TSN by a score of 3.4 to 0.8. And our old favourite, Edge 102, scored a 3.2 but they'll only care how they did with their target demo of young men. I can't imagine a lot of young men would wear the PPM devices.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you as surprised as I am by how well CHFI does with that holiday music crap?

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Humble and Fred Join Astral Radio

Humble and Fred Join Astral RadioHumble and Fred have signed a very interesting deal with Astral. This deal replaces their previous deal with Rogers.

Here's the press release.

TORONTO, Jan. 11, 2013 /CNW Telbec/ - It is with a lot of pride and a little apprehension that Astral Radio announces the return of "Humble" Howard Glassman and Fred Patterson.

Debuting January 21st, the Humble & Fred Radio Show will air weekday evenings on Funny 820 Hamilton, Funny 1410 in London, Ontario and News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto. In addition, new stations will be added to the syndication list over the next year.

The hilarious duo is set to entertain their audience with a combination of highlights from their popular podcast and new exclusive content.

"It's with great trepidation that we are partnering with Humble & Fred", said Rob Farina, EVP Content & Platforms for Astral Radio, "we hope for the best, but expect Humble & Fred to bring nothing but heart ache and lawsuits."

Glassman and Patterson are best known for their long-running morning show on Toronto radio station 102.1 The Edge, where they debuted in 1989. The pair has worked separately for the past several years, but reunited last year to create daily podcasts that are available on iTunes and on

"We're thrilled to be part of the evolution of Comedy on Astral", shared Humble & Fred, "we look forward to the opportunity to be fired by them again!"

The addition of Humble & Fred, along with the variety of Canadian comedians being featured across Astral's comedy radio stations, displays our investment in the format and support of Canada's legendary role in the world of stand up comedy. Astral Radio is the first broadcaster in Canada to offer consumers a 24/7 comedy service.

Founded in 1961, Astral Media Inc. (TSX: ACM.A/ACM.B) is one of Canada's largest media companies. It operates several of the country's most popular pay and specialty television, radio, out-of-home advertising and digital media properties. Astral plays a central role in community life across the country by offering diverse, rich, and vibrant programming that meets the tastes and needs of consumers and advertisers. To learn more about Astral, visit

SOURCE: Astral Media Inc.

As the guys explain it to me, they'll clean up their podcast so it doesn't become too much of an editing nightmare and edit out chunks for broadcast on terrestrial radio. Basically, every day Phil will have about 2 hours of content from which he'll have to create four 25-minute bits. These bits will be aired on Funny 820 Hamilton, Funny 1410 in London, Ontario and News Talk 1010 CFRB Toronto.

I'm very happy for the guys, I'm just worried they'll soon run out of media conglomerates to leverage. After Corus, Rogers and Astral, is there anything left?

Congrats, H + F. Let me know when 1010 wants to license Toronto Mike'd.

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Bob McCown Commercial with Rickey Henderson

Bob McCown Commercial with Rickey HendersonThe great Rickey Henderson was a Blue Jay for exactly 44 regular season games and 12 playoff games. He was the first run scored when Joe Carter touched 'em all, don'tcha know!

During that brief stint in Toronto, he filmed an ad with Bob McCown for his morning show on The FAN 1430. That's right kids, before The FAN 590, CJCL lived way over at 1430.

I'm surprised Rickey never tried acting. He's a natural.

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Bill Carroll to Return to Toronto Radio on AM640

Bill Carroll to Return to Toronto Radio on AM640I wasn't even going to write about this, because I've never listened to Bill Carroll on AM radio. I faintly remember him appearing on Test Pattern with Dan Gallagher and I heard him host Barometer on Q107 back in the day, but I completely missed his body of work with the old TALK 640 and more recently on 1010 CFRB.

Since I'm neither a Bill Carroll fan, nor an AM640 listener, I figured a tweet was sufficient to share the "too hot to just be a rumour" news that Bill Carroll will return to Toronto airwaves with an afternoon spot on AM640. Multiple sources tell me this is happening.

Bill Carroll currently hosts The Bill Carroll Show on KFI in Los Angeles, so will Bill Carroll be hosting the AM640 show from LA or is he moving back to Toronto?

His wife's Facebook page gives us a clue. Please note, I'm sharing this screen cap b/c it's publicly available.


It sounds like a move to Toronto might be in the works for April 2013, if you read between the lines. It's subtle, but it's there.

Is Bill Carroll going to host afternoons on AM640? Will he be moving to Toronto to do so in April? Does anyone care?

Update: Bill Carroll will be doing the AM640 Toronto show out of LA.

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Dave "Bookie" Bookman Fired from Edge 102

radioDave Bookman, better known as Bookie on the radio, has been fired from CFNY / Edge 102. He had been on the air there since 1991.

Dave Bookman was the last on-air holdover from the 90s. When Alan Cross was fired in the summer of 2011 we feared Bookie would be next. He was older and probably making a decent salary, but he was passionate and knowledgeable about the music. I always enjoyed listening to Bookie talk about the music.

Here's Bookie's bio from where you'll still find it. I suspect it won't stay there much longer.


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Sunday Night Funnies 1986 Christmas Episode

Sunday Night Funnies 1986 Christmas EpisodeA few years ago, I interviewed Rick Hodge and the first question I asked him was about the Sunday Night Funnies. The Sunday Night Funnies was an hour-long comedy show that aired on 104.5 CHUM-FM each Sunday night and I loved it.

This week, I received an email from Jay who found me after Googling 'Sunday Night Funnies'. Jay also loved the Sunday Night Funnies, particularly the annual Christmas episode. He recorded the 1986 Christmas episode to cassette on his old boombox and recently converted it to MP3. Here's the entire 1986 Christmas episode of the Sunday Night Funnies:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Thanks for sharing this with us, Jay. When Jay isn't listening to old episodes of the Sunday Night Funnies, he's busy in his workshop remaking furniture. Learn more about that at

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