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Alan Parker's Nosey Parker Blog

newsAlan Parker is a jounalist with the Toronto Sun who blogs at Nosey Parker. Today he wrote about Toronto Mike.

Toronto Mike is a very interesting — and very nice — guy who writes a wonderful, informative daily blog about things in this city and around the world that interest him — and will probably interest you too.

If you go to, here are some of the recent posts you’ll find: An MP3 upload of Nina Simone singing Feeling Good, Toronto Mike feeling bad about Justin Pogge’s nightmare in goal, a requiem for author John Updike, a very funny parody of Leafs GM Brian Burke running the team via Twitter, and an inquiry into the mystery of why CBC Radio’s Andy Barrie is off the air for two months.

All good, all interesting.

But the Toronto Mike blog I like best — and one that really stirs people up — is a post he did in honour of Canada Day 2007. After long consideration and due diligence, Mike came up with his definitive list of the Top 100 Canadian Songs.

It’s a great list, but one that drives everyone else batty, both because of the ranking he gives individual songs and because of the songs that are missing from the list.

There's more. Alan goes on to questions some of my choices and omissions and then asks his readers to send him their top ten Canadian tunes for a little contest he's running.

Here's my Top 100 Canadian Songs entry Alan is referring to. We're only a year and a half removed from then and already I see a few changes I'd like to make.

Them there's some kind words from Nosey Parker. I told you I was both interesting and nice.

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Wise Bloguero

mouseMy Crocs Conundrum entry has been getting traffic today from this Spanish blog. Here's a copy and paste of the entry.

Los Crocs no sólo son el calzado más feo de la historia de la Humanidad, también empieza a ser responsable de una plaga de lesiones por su uso en escaleras mecánicas. El Ministerio de Comercio japonés ha solicitado al fabricante americano un rediseño de sus futuros modelos, después de recibir 65 quejas de niños que perdieron las uñas de los dedos de los pies después de que sus Crocs se quedaran pegados a las escaleras mecánicas. El año pasado se vendieron 3,5 millones de pares de Crocs en Japón.

Si bien el fabricante es enteramente responsable de afear las calles del mundo, los usuarios no deberían salir más allá de unos metros de sus propiedades con los Crocs puestos, como sabiamente recomienda este bloguero.

The few Spanish words I know I learnt from Sesame Street back in the day. That education was no help at all, so I hit up Google's translation tool to learn what was being said about me. Here's how it translated.

The Crocs are not only footwear ugliest in the history of humanity, it also begins to be responsible for a plague of injuries use escalators. The Japanese Ministry of Trade has asked the American manufacturer a redesign of its future models, after receiving 65 complaints of children who lost nails of toes after their Crocs stay glued to the escalators. Last year we sold 3.5 million pairs of Crocs in Japan.

While the manufacturer is entirely responsible for afear the streets of the world, people should not go out beyond a few meters of their properties with the Crocs posts as wisely recommends this bloguero.

I am indeed a wise bloguero.

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The Crocs Authority, According to Slate

mouseI noticed a traffic spike to this site this morning, so I checked it out and learnt a link from this Slate article is the culprit.

The article is about Crocs, and they linked to my entry about The Crocs Conundrum. They look nerdy, but they feel good.

Here's Slate's reference to me in The Croc Epidemic: How a heinous synthetic shoe conquered the world by Meghan O'Rourke.

A first-time Crocs wearer will indeed find that the shoes are springy and light, as their fans aver, and cushion the feet with what some have called a "marshmallow fluffiness." On a muggy New York day, the holes punched in the toe box allow for a soothing breeze to cool the sweating foot. Even so, the ratio of shame to comfort was extreme. When everyone else on the avenue is garbed in proper footwear—even something as unpretentious as flat sandals or ballet flats—an adult, it seemed to me, must blush at the sight of her bulbous feet. But those who wear Crocs all day long swear that the springy material holds up like nothing else; one painter reported that his chronic shin splints disappeared after he began wearing Crocs. Thus was born what one blogger has labeled the "Croc conundrum": Crocs make you look absurd, but they can change your life.

Welcome, Slatesters.

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My Blogerati File

mouseblogTO has profiled me in their Blogerati Files feature. Click on other there and read my snappy answers to Lily Dustbin's tricky questions.

If you've clicked on over from blogTO, welcome. Hit up the archives and make yourself comfy.

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YouTube's Very Own mikeboon

newspaperToday's National Post column entitled "The city" is about that awkward video of Jane Pitfield being told by City TV they had declared David Miller the winner in last week's municipal election. This happened approximately 90 seconds into the telecast.

I'm linking to the article because it concludes on such a high note. Here's how they wrap it up.

But perhaps the most apt comment in the blog world belongs to YouTube's very own "mikeboon," who sums up the affair with a simple "I voted for Pedro."

If only, mikeboon.

It's true, I left that apt comment on that YouTube video page. I like how the Post refers to me as "YouTube's very own mikeboon". Where's my cut of the Google cashola?

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I'm In Today's National Post

newspaperIt's not the big National Post write up I mentioned earlier, but I am in the paper today.

Here's The City article about Humble Howard's new blog. In this entry he asks what food says Toronto. I chimed in with a quote from this entry I wrote on that very subject. My comment there has now been quoted in a national newpaper.

Grab a copy while you still can!

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The National Post Shout Out That Never Was

newspaperI came this close to being referred to in The National Post as an "internet wizard". Humble Howard Glassman has been writing editorials for the Post's Toronto section, and he recently submitted a column to his editor that referred to me by name, heaped praise upon me and gave a well deserved shout out to this very blog. I know this to be fact because he forwarded me the draft. Cool, eh?

Every day I would search the National Post online to see if Humble's article had gone to press. Every day I came up empty. Finally, Humble broke the bad news to me. The editor had rejected the column because it wasn't Toronto enough. It was too much about Humble getting canned from the Mix 99.9. The editor asked for another story and threw mine on the shelf to perhaps find its way into print one day, space permitting. I've stopped checking.

Since the Post will probably never print the article, I'm going to post it here, in its entirety, exactly as it was emailed to me back on August 14. Enjoy!

"Hi, my name is Humble Howard and uh I've been fired"

"Hi Howard"

And another meeting of BFA begins. If Being Fired Anonymous actually existed I'm sure they'd have no shortage of people, for me though, being fired has been anything but anonymous. For me it's been a BFD. (You can figure out what that stands for on your own!)

A few weeks ago I wrote in the weekend Post about being let go from Mix999, I mean 99.9 Mix FM (they changed their name and me) -the reaction has been overwhelming. I guess a lot of people know what getting canned feels like because our generation isn't likely to have jobs-for-life, we're too restless.

What have I learned?

People are really really curious as to what the hell happened.

"Hey Humble, what the hell happened?" Strangers will yell at me on the street.

Being in the public eye is weird at the best of times but since I got canned it's been even more so.

True story. I'm at home 2 o'clock in the afternoon and there's a knock on my door. I open it to find a soccer-dad I'm only sort of friendly with whose daughter used to play on a team with one of my kids.

"I just have to know," He says frantically. "Why did they fire you?"

No you don't, do you? I mean do I have to tell everyone the story!

I'm sure a few of you who've been through this know that there's a degree of shame and humiliation that goes along with Carreeris Interupptus. It's sort of personal and not the kind of thing you want to bring up all the time.

Sometimes when I'm with friends it's like a weird vibe around whose going to bring it up first. It's as though they don't want to be rude but I can tell they want to talk about it…they're just not sure if I'm going to freak out or not. Of course no one wants that in the suburbs.

"So tell us, how's the whole "being-out-of-work" thing?

The next thing you know I could be sobbing or flying around the room screaming like a maniac tearing at my clothes and yelling about how now I'll never get to introduce Nelly Furtado again!

This doesn't happen. I just politely go into the story…no, there's no hard feelings the station just felt it had to make a change, yes we'll be okay, no I don't hate Mad Dog and Billie!

I wish the new morning show at the Mix good luck. I don't know Billie but I've met Jay and he's neither Mad nor a Dog.

Here's something else I've learned.

I'm not dead I've just been fired!

There's a sense of loss and grieving with being turfed and it's a major stressor in people's lives like a death. In my case it's also been an amazing opportunity to hear what people think of me and my show. It's like being able to attend your own funeral. I have had hundreds of e-mails from people saying all sorts of nice things. Being a morning show host for 17 years you get to be part of a lot of listener's lives and they feel like they're a part of yours. My kids, my wife, my stupid stories have been with them for a long time and now they're gone, and so they write me. The week I was let go this internet wizard I'd never met named Mike Boon put up a little note on his blog titled "Humble Howard are you okay?" Since then it has become the defacto place for listeners to show their support for me and my goofy little show. It's been visited by thousands and It's much appreciated. . Check it out at

Mostly I'm asked what I'm going to do next and mostly I have no clue. I like talking and interacting in people's lives, maybe I could get fitted for a blue smock and be a Wall Mart Greeter.

In the meantime this meeting of BFA is adjourned.

Told ya I was this close.

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