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Full Unedited Interview with CityNews vs. What They Aired

Yesterday was a long, interesting day. After I got the kids up and off to summer camp and daycare, I recorded an episode of Hebsy on Sports with Mark Hebscher before biking to meet a client at Bay and Front, visiting Kevin Frankish at his uptown apartment, grabbing a drink with my wife and checking out the Jays at the dome. On my way to the dome I was pulled over, so to speak, by a reporter with CityNews.

Here's the footage that aired on the 6pm and 11pm news yesterday.

An insider at CityNews shared with me the full raw footage of my interaction with the reporter. I thought it might be interesting to share what made the news with what they had to work with. Please note, I never really knew what I was supposed to focus on in the video they showed me, and it wasn't until I got home at 10:45pm that I finally saw the cyclist dragging the poor guy to the ground.

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Toronto Mike Goes to Oshawa

I was invited to speak to a class of media students at Durham College today. Their instructor, Rita, has wisely introduced new media into the curriculum, so I was asked to speak about podcasting.

I have a rule... if I can bike to something, I'll do my very best to accommodate all such requests. Durham College is in North Oshawa and well out of my bike range, and although I considered a combination of Go Train and bike, driving made the most sense. So I broke my rule and drove. Obviously my rules aren't etched in stone.

It was a great pleasure talking podcasting with our future podcasters, even though the bulk of my references were before their time. I'm used to that. Here's proof nobody fell asleep.

Durham College

Since I came all that way, I had to drop by 94.9 The Rock to see my pal Bob Willette. Bob put me on the air and interviewed me, which means I made my GTA Rock Station debut. Appropriately enough, my segment was during the 90s Nooner.



It was worth the drive to Oshawa.

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SMG Hangout with Me

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My Appearance on CKWR's Arts Industry Radio

Last Monday, I was interviewed by Pete Fowler for a segment on AIR: Arts Industry Radio. The program airs on CKWR, but I managed to score a digital copy so you can hear my appearance right here.

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Mike Stafford and Lou Schizas Discuss Toronto Mike'd on 640 Toronto

Yesterday at 9:55am, Lou Schizas's Happy Capitalism segment aired on The Stafford Show with Mike Stafford on AM640 Toronto. Both Lou and Mike have been on Toronto Mike'd, and they talked about my podcast for two and a half minutes.

Here's the audio evidence.

Here's a transcript of the conversation.

Lou: You were mentioning the Toronto Mike'd podcast...
Mike: Yeah, you were down in his basement yesterday?
Lou: Have you been there?
Mike: Yeah, a couple of years ago.
Lou: Did you hit your head?
Mike: Me? All five foot seven of me, no.
Lou: The reason I went to do the podcast with Mike was I was number one curious about the means of production. And you know, for very little money he's out there producing his own interview series and that sort of thing and the sound quality is pretty good.
Mike: It's excellent, and he's had yourself and Ron MacLean in there. He has a few gets he still wants to get but you're right, his setup is... my god, we spend as media companies a fortune to achieve the same kind of sound and distribution.
Lou: Well, the distribution I think is different in that you can't tune him in, you have to download the product. Now I think there's probably some of the stuff I'm not really aware of that can get it on your smartphone as it's happening, but I don't know if that's the case. I know from myself the way I use radio, it's usually in the car, right? And if it's not available in the car, or I don't have the technology to get it in the car, it's less useful for me, but I thought it was pretty interesting from a technology aquisition point of view.
Mike: Did you get a six pack of the Great Lakes?
Lou: Yeah...
Mike: Nice
Lou: Yeah, of course...
Mike: I didn't (laughter)
Lou: Was that because he didn't have the sponsorship at that time?
Mike: Yeah, I guess
Lou: (laughter)
Mike: It was a good time. It was good to listen to. I'm going to listen to the rest when I get home.
Lou: Ok, well any pointers, send them my way. Back with you tomorrow. Happy Capitalism.

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Toronto Star Podcasting Article

Yesterday afternoon, the Toronto Star published an article entitled Canadian sports media hears the call of the podcast. It's written by Raju Mudhar, a journalist I had a brief phone conversation with a few weeks ago.

The article is about the plethora of mainstream sports media podcasts being launched in this country, featuring such luminaries as Bob McKenzie, James Duthie, and Bob Cole. Oh, and he mentions another podcast as well...

Raju actually refers to Toronto Mike'd as "the platonic ideal of podcasts". That's a tremendous quote, worthy of a tee shirt. At the very least it should be my new tagline.

Then he jokes: “Although now that guys like James Duthie are getting into it, I have no idea how we little guys are supposed to compete.”

I did say that as a joke, but it's not really a joke. As famous people like McKenzie, Jay and Dan and Duthie turn to podcasting, it's the independent home grown podcasts that suffer. That's just the way it is... unless you're the platonic ideal of podcasts.

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Toronto Mike'd Named a Top Podcast of 2015

Sean Fitzgerald wrote a piece for 24 Hour Toronto entitled "Cheers for your ears: Top podcasts of 2015". In it, he listed the top Toronto podcasts to check out in 2016.

Between Geeks & Beats and Taggart & Torrens you'll find Toronto Mike'd.


It's an honour being named one of Toronto's elite eight podcasts.

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Mike and Jarvis: Roots Father's Day Feature

Mike and Jarvis: Roots Father's Day FeatureRoots was kind enough to include me and my newborn son in an online Father's Day feature. Here's a link for the curious.

I love how the pics turned out. Here's a sample.


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My Appearance on The Todd Shapiro Show

My Appearance on The Todd Shapiro ShowI mentioned yesterday that I paid a visit to The Todd Shapiro Show at SiriusXM in Liberty Village with my friend Pete from coreFusion. You can see pictures here.

Here's how it all went down (8:21).

Download the MP3 here.

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Toronto Mike'd Ranks #14 in iTunes' Top Podcasts

Toronto Mike'd Ranks #14 in iTunes' Top PodcastsAfter 60 episodes, Toronto Mike'd, my little podcast, reached #14 on iTunes' Top Podcasts in the comedy category.

I was so pleased, I took a screencap for posterity, because it may never rank that high again.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.19.18 PM

Episode 60, only released yesterday, is already my most downloaded podcast yet. If you want to hear it, it's right here waiting for you.

I'm #14! I'm #14! I'm #14!

Update: If you could please subscribe to my podcast at and give it a sweet rating, I'd really appreciate it!

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