Odeo Stops Uploads, I Search For YouTube of Audio

podcastI've been a member of Odeo for many years. Odeo was where I'd upload MP3s for sharing on this site. I always considered it YouTube for audio.

Odeo is how I'm streaming Ok, Blue Jays, Tom Cheek's Greatest Hits and these old Humble and Fred Christmas bumpers. The Odeo Studio was like a jewel in the rough, exactly what I was looking for. But now, Odeo has stopped allowing uploads, effectively eliminating the studio and forcing you to host your mp3 files elsewhere.

Is there a YouTube for audio files? I'm looking for a free service where I can upload MP3 files and easily embed a flash player.

I've got some audio I want to share but I'm not interested in hosting the files myself. If you know of a service I can try, leave me a comment.

Update: Testing Hound Bite

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Humble and Fred 20th Anniversary Podcast

podcastOn Fred's entry today about his new job in Peterborough, Humble just left a comment.

Hey Pal,
Congratulations on the next phase. Feels great to be back doing something don't it? As you know I wish you all the best in the world, I just thought I'd say it here as well. Let's start thinking about the H+F 20 year anniversary podcast.

Let me be clear about this, I will do everything in my power to ensure this happens. There will be a Humble and Fred 20th Anniversary Podcast and I'll be there to take pics and witness the fun in person.

Fellow Humble and Fred fans, I will not let you down. You have my word...

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Podcasts I Listen To

podcastLately, instead of syncing my iPod with the typical playlist of old favourites, I've been loading her up with podcasts. Here are a few of my favourites.

  • CBC Radio Podcasts - There is so much great content here, I had to lead with it. You can download MP3s of "DNTO", "Sounds Like Canada", "Vinyl Cafe Stories", "Quirks and Quarks" and more. It's one of my favourite pages on the web.
  • This American Life - Here's the trick with This American Life. The podcasts aren't free, but the most recent one is... so every week I shoot over and download the freebie. It's fantastic.
  • Anti-Hit List - I first discovered John Sakamoto's "Anti-Hit List" in Eye Weekly, but followed it over to the Toronto Star. Although he only plays songs by the indie artists in his weekly chart, for licensing reasons, it's always a treat. Maybe it's because he only plays indie artists that I like the AHL so much.
  • ESPN Radio Podcasts - "The Best of Mike and Mike", "Pardon the Interruption", "Baseball Today"... it's all here.
  • AlternaGeek - This one is for the geeks, but I like it anyway. AlternaGeek podcasts cover topics including Linux, Mac, Windows, internet tech, blogging, web2.0, gadgets, software, tech news, howtos, and reviews.

Let me know about all the great podcasts I missed in the comments and I'll check them out.

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Family Podcast

podcastIt was chilly today, and the kids and I were looking for a fun little project to tackle together. I thought I'd take my emarketing skillz and apply them at home. And so, the Family Podcast was born.

Originally it was going to be a true podcast, with an RSS feed and everything, but the production values were so poor I just decided to throw in on YouTube. If you're going to do this, I highly recommend you use an actual microphone and not the default internal mic that's built into your laptop.

Very few of you will find this interesting, but this isn't for you. This is for the grandmas and uncles and aunts.

Here's our first Family Podcast. I'll work on the production values and maybe even encourage coherency for round two. Enjoy...

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Valentine's Day Podcast of Love

heartA year ago this week, Humble and Fred recorded together for the last time. When we were recording the Valentine's Day Podcast of Love, I assumed there would be a fourth podcast. There wasn't.

The archivist that I am, I'm hosting all the Humble and Fred podcasts, including this one. They're now living at https://www.torontomike.com/humbleandfred/. As you'll hear, I wasn't just in the room for this Humble and Fred finale, I was a part of the show.

Happy Valentine's Day 2007 everybody!

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The Valentine's Day Podcast of Love Now Available

podcastHappy Valentine's Day! Humble and Fred's Valentine's Day Podcast of Love is now available at http://www.humbleandfred.com/.

Head over there for just under an hour of hilarity. The ensuing laughter is not only good for your heart, it's also free.

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The Humble & Fred Podcast Returneth

podcastIf you head on over to humbleandfred.com this morning, you'll see a new look and a new podcast.

In addition to the hour long show there's a shorter RAW file of naughty outtakes that are NSFW. Up until last night I was using a rather embarrassing shot of the boys as Sunshine Boys as the main picture. A sick and weary Humble Howard called me yesterday and begged me to remove that shot and replace it with anything else. Little did he know I chose the teal colour scheme to match Fred's shorts from the Sunshine Girl spread.

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think.

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The Humble & Fred Message of Hope 2007 Podcast

podcastThe 17th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas Podcast was an attempt to capture the essence of the Humble & Fred radio show and share it as a podcast. We went live with that show on December 22, 2006 and it was very well received.

Last Thursday, the guys returned to Dan Duran's house to record a Message of Hope 2007 show. I couldn't make it because of work obligations, but I was asked to make it all happen online again.

At some point next week, HumbleandFred.com will look quite different and will be streaming this new show. I've already permanently archived the Christmas show at http://www.humbleandfred.com/christmas2006/. I'll let you know when the new podcast is live on the home page.

I hear it's pretty funny (Dan's still polishing the production). We're even going to share a NSFW outtakes file for those of you over the age of 18. Stay tuned H + F fans...

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Gift of Xmas Podcast Technical Support

giftA few minutes before nine this morning, we went live with The 17th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas Show at humbleandfred.com.

Plan A was to have Odeo host it all. We have their player embedded on the page for streaming and the podcast and MP3 link were pointing to the file on Odeo's servers. All week long the tests were successful until last night when I noticed Odeo's servers were sputtering. It would work, then it wouldn't work. It would have a good hour and then a bad hour. I quickly went to Plan B, hosting the file at Filelodge, but I kept the Odeo player in the hopes that it would work itself out.

I'm now looking for a Plan C. If you have tons of bandwidth at your disposal and don't mind hosting a popular 42MB file, please let me know.

If you have any technical questions about subscribing to the podcast or hearing the show, leave a comment here. Consider this the Gift of Xmas technical support page.

Oh yeah, enjoy the show. It'll be up through the end of the year.

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Toronto Star Exposure

newspaperIf you're wondering if every article in The Toronto Star makes it online, the answer is no. Today, for instance, there's a quick SPOTLIGHT mention of the 17th Annual Humble and Fred Christmas Podcast on page A31, but it didn't find its way to thestar.com.

Here's a pic of the write up. Much thanks to Vinay Menon who sat in front of Steve and I during Conan O'Brien's show at the Elgin Theatre back in February 2004.

Toronto Star Article

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