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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Two

PuckHow do you bring down the Stanley Cup champions? Get me to draft three of their stars, that's how. The Ducks were shut out yesterday, which means I was shut out yesterday.

Certain guys just seem to score come playoff time. Lehtinen and Morrow are two of those guys. Claude Lemieux is another... although he wasn't drafted this year for some reason.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day One

PuckI sure am glad I drafted two Sens! That was the kiss of death for Ottawa. I've never won this damn pool, and even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. My New Jersey duo laid an egg as well. Thank goodness for Wolski and the Avs, getting me 3 points and a tie for fifth.

Drew jumped out to an early lead thanks to his Penguins. Drew is one of three poolies making their debut this year. I now suspect he's a ringer.

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My 2008 Picks

hockeyBelow are the ten players I chose in tonight's playoff pool draft. It looks like I'll be rooting for Anaheim, New Jersey, Colorado and Ottawa.

Who am I kidding? I will never, ever root for Ottawa. Here's hoping I lose the pool b/c the Sens go out in four.

  1. R. Getzlaf - ANA
  2. S. Niedermayer - ANA
  3. J. Spezza - OTT
  4. M. Schneider - ANA
  5. J. Langenbrunner - NJ
  6. B. Gionta - NJ
  7. A. Vermette - OTT
  8. J. Arnott - NAS
  9. R. Smyth - COL
  10. W. Wolski - COL

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Tonight We Draft

hockeyTonight we draft our 2008 NHL Playoff pool. When I awoke this morning, there were 14 confirmed to participate. It's noon and I've already had three "sorry man, I can't make it" emails. Still, 11 people makes for a pretty good draft and I'm stoked.

This is at least the 15th year in a row we've held this draft. The first time I participated, in the early to mid 90s, it was held at Bishop Allen high school and the guy running the show was Jason Agnew, who is such a mega big shot he's got his own Wiki page. It says he's the voice of "Stars Gone Wild" on Muchmusic... no foolin'.

A couple of years ago I wrote this about Mr. Agnew.

Why Jason Agnew dropped our annual playoff pool like a hot potato is still unknown, but my guess is hanging out with big time mucky mucks at the Fan 590 like Roger Lajoie and Norm Rumack went to his head. What Agnew didn't know was that our playoff pool would persevere and thrive in his absence.

Screw you Agnew, this thing is big. Tonight, a core group who drafted with you back in the day will be joined by several newbies as we pick players to compete in our 2008 NHL Playoff Pool Extravaganza.

I'm going heavy on Red Wings. Don't tell anyone... they won't see it coming. Everyone's picks will show up here late tonight.

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The Rules of the Pool

HockeyWe're only 11 days away from drafting our annual playoff pool. We've got the location set, so if I know you in the real world and you want to join in the fun, drop me a line and I'll set you up.

Even though this pool has existed for over a decade, we've never actually documented the rules. For those of you joining us @ 6pm sharp on April 7th, here are the rules of the pool.

10. No proxies - you must draft your own players.

9. The draft ends when everyone has ten players.

8. A point is a point is a point. The final statistics trumps all.

7. In the event of a tie, the poolie with the most players from the Stanley Cup winning team assumes the position. If it's still a tie, the winnings are shared.

6. There is a 2 minute time limit on each pick in the first five rounds and a 3 minute time limit for picks 6-10.

5. Drafting order is determined by drawing numbers from a hat.

4. $20 gets you in. The treasurer needs your money before you're allowed to draw from the hat.

3. There is a full disclosure policy with regards to injuries. If someone knows something about a players injuries, they should speak up so the drafter has a chance to reconsider. This rule applies to players who have sat out the last regular season game due to injury.

2. No helping. Other than disclosing player injuries, don't suggest picks to others or otherwise taint the integrity of the draft. Let the cards fall where they may.

1. Have fun. It's all good. May the best man poolie win.

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2008 NHL Playoff Pool To Draft April 7

hockeyPlayoff poolies, mark April 7th on your calendars. That's the day we'll draft our 2008 NHL playoff picks in our annual pool. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you can view our 2007 results, 2006 results, 2004 results, 2003 results and all relevant blog entries.

If you've never drafted with us before, it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on. We all hook up at a west Toronto location and one by one we pick players on playoff bound teams. Everyone drafts ten players and no player is drafted more than once. Then, a point is a point and every day I post updates online.

If you'll be in the GTA on April 7th and you're interested, contact me. Once we draft, daily updates will be posted at It's only $20 and every dime is awarded to the winners.

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2007 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty Seven

PuckABO won and ABF won, making it a wonderful conclusion to our 2007 Playoff Pool. ABF stands for Anyone But Felice. Marc Felice has won our pool more often than not, and it's nice to see him finish in the back of the pack for a change.

Ryan won easily, and Steve picks up the second place money. If I couldn't win, I'm just glad my two brothers finished 1-2 in the final standings. Here's how it all fell after 57 nights of NHL playoffs.

  1. Ryan - 108
  2. Steve - 82
  3. Gary - 79
  4. Mike - 73
  5. Alexi - 72
  6. Marc - 68
  7. Alvin - 61
  8. Joe - 60
  9. Pops - 47

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ABO Wins!

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2007 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty Five

PuckMikey likes it! Mikey likes it very much!

Those Sens had me worried for a while. They were really on a roll, and I started to wonder if they'd ever choke. Still, I kept the faith, and here we are one game away from an ABO victory. How sweet it is...

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2007 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty Three

PuckOttawa won a game. Oooooohhhh, I'm sooooo scared. I can barely type I'm shaking so much.

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2007 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty

PuckDavid Miller just doesn't get it. I had very high hopes for him as mayor when he beat John Tory for the job, but over the years he's left me underwhelmed. There's lots of good talk about most of the right things, but he seems rather out of touch and there's little action at the end of the day. He won his second term by default, and yesterday he signed some silly petition to support the Sens and drilled the final nail into his coffin.

I'm sick of reading crap like this and that we should root for a team simply because it's based in a Canadian city. I've been rooting for ABO since the start, since well before we called it ABO, and that's certainly not going to change now.

Please God, Ducks in four.

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