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Memoirs of a Snake-Bitten Playoff Pool Drafter

puckI haven't done very well in recent NHL Playoff Pool drafts. Sure, a few years back I finished second, but even a blind squirrel catches a nut now and then.

Last year, I banked on Ducks. The Ducks went out in the first round and I was toast. This year, with those memories fresh in my mind, I banked on the President's Trophy winning San Jose Sharks. I thought the Sharks would likely make it through to the finals, and would easily dispose of those same Ducks in the first round.

After two games, the Ducks lead that series 2-0 and not one of my five Sharks have a single point. I've assumed my usual spot in last place.

Nobody is this bad. I must have really bad luck.

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A Message For The Poolies

puckOn Monday, 13 of us got together at a top secret west Toronto location to draft players in our 43rd annual NHL playoff pool. It might not be our 43rd annual quite yet, but we've been doing this since I was in high school, and that feels like 43 years ago.

Fellow poolies, this message is for you. In the past, I posted daily updates here. I'm not going to do that anymore, unless I'm in first. Now, I'm just going to update every morning.

I've added a link to that page to the main navigation menu on the left. Remember, you can leave comments at the bottom of that page. Trash talk isn't just allowed, it's encouraged!

p.s. I'm not in last!

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My 2009 Picks

hockeyBelow are the ten players I chose in tonight's playoff pool draft. It looks like I'll be rooting for San Jose, New Jersey and Chicago.

Out of 13 poolies, I got to pick 13th. Yes, I'm that lucky. If you're a trivia buff you'll be interested to know I picked Brian Gionta 6th in last year's pool as well. Crazy, but true.

A San Jose - New Jersey Stanley Cup final would likely give me my first victory in the history of this annual tradition. It could happen, right?

  1. P. Marleau - SJ
  2. Z. Parise - NJ
  3. M. Michalek - SJ
  4. J. Pavelski - SJ
  5. R. Blake - SJ
  6. B. Gionta - NJ
  7. B. Shanahan - NJ
  8. C. Ehrhoff - SJ
  9. A. Ladd - CHI
  10. D. Bolland - CHI

Follow along at

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2009 NHL Playoff Pool

Lord Stanley's CupMy favourite time of year is quickly approaching. The NHL playoffs are mere weeks away. That also means it's time for our annual playoff pool.

Draft day is April 13. Here are the official rules. Here's a peek at previous drafts:

If you know me in the real world, and you're interested in participating in this year's draft, please contact me and I'll give you specifics. This year's pool promises to be the best yet.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Five

PuckIt's official. The Detroit Red Wings have now won four Stanley Cups since we last won it all. To borrow the most used pun of the day, it was a very Swede victory for the team, with Lidstrom becoming the first European captain to hoist the cup and Zetterberg winning the Conn Smythe trophy.

With a big day yesterday, Alexi finished second in the pool. Drew had first locked up long ago, but the race for second was super tight until Alexi finished with a flurry last night. I'll be delivering some cold, hard cash to Drew and Alexi. We'll draft again next April as the tradition continues.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Three

PuckI played a late night double header last night for Raging Storm and the hockey game was already in overtime when I got in my car and turned on the radio. There's nothing better than a potential Stanley Cup clinching game in OT. It was riveting radio.

When the second overtime concluded, I hit the hay. I just couldn't last any longer. We had just won two hard fought ball games and no matter how you sliced it, the Pens weren't going to be hoisting the cup. I awoke to learn the good guys had prevailed and we get a game six in Pittsburgh. Awesome.

In the pool, the fight for 2nd is super tight with Alexi clinging to a one point lead over Patino. The tie breaker is whoever has the most players from the cup winning team. We might need it this year.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-One

PuckThe emotionless Red Army will win the Stanley Cup. They're on the cusp, and they'll likely seal the deal at home Monday night. I have little interest in watching Lidstrom and the boys pass around the cup.

Still, as I look for a silver lining, at least it's yet another victory for ABO. Remember the Sens? It's been a while since they've played... they only got in four more games than our Leafs. A win for ABO is a win for all of us.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Forty-Nine

PuckNothing is worse than a Stanley Cup final that's over in four straight. The exception to this rule, of course, is when your team sweeps, but I wouldn't know about such things.

The Pens had to win last night to make this interesting and they did just that thanks to a couple of goals from Sid the Kid. Those goals helped Patino surge into 2nd place in our pool.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Forty-Seven

PuckYikes, the young Penguins are getting schooled. If you're rooting for the Pens, there hasn't been much to get up about. In fact, it's been a dog with fleas.

In the pool, there has never been a closer race for second. Four poolies are separated by two points. I still think Patino's got the best shot, assuming Pittsburgh eventually gets on the board.

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2008 Playoff Pool: Day Forty Five

PuckI didn't see or hear a minute of last night's game, but I did check up on the score on my Blackberry. If you're wondering what kept me from the Stanley Cup finals, I'll write about that later today.

In the pool, Patino and Alexi made moves to secure second spot. They've got a slight lead on Ryan. The race for second is going to be super close.

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