Hockey Playoff Pool

Playoff Pool

Playoff PoolWe will be hosting the draft for our annual hockey playoff pool this Monday, April 5th @ 6:15 pm. If you're a hockey fan, I know you and you're able to attend this draft in Toronto, please contact me and I'll share with you the pertinent details.

Last year I loaded up on Leafs, Stars and Lightning. As you will see here, I didn't have a player remaining after the second round. Playoff pools are always exciting because you must draft those who will produce, and just as importantly, those who will play. If you're not participating, you can still follow all the action here. I'll post everyone's team on April 6th.

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This Is A Call

This Is A CallThe regular NHL season concludes on Sunday, April 4th. That means we'll be hosting our annual playoff pool draft on either the evening of April 5th or 6th.

If you're a hockey fan, I know you and you're able to attend a draft in Toronto, you can participate. Please contact me if you're interested.

The results of last year's playoff pool are preserved here. We've been doing this for years and years and it's always a load of fun. Even if you don't participate, you can follow along on this site as we update the standings every morning.

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Playoff Pool

Lord Stanley's CupMy favourite time of year is quickly approaching. The NHL playoffs are mere weeks away. That also means it's time for our annual playoff pool.

The home of this year's pool is here. You can bookmark it at If you know me, and you're interested in participating in this year's draft, please contact me and I'll give you specifics. This year's pool promises to be the best yet.

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