Hockey Playoff Pool

My 2012 Playoff Hockey Pool Picks

hockey poolWe drafted our players last night in the greatest playoff hockey pool ever. Kic chose the Jays home opener, and Elvis was imprisoned by fatherhood, but 14 strong showed up to enjoy Palma Pasta and chase the $280 pot.

Here are my picks.

  1. M. Gaborik - NYR
  2. P. Elias - NJ
  3. Z. Parise - NJ
  4. L. Couture - SJ
  5. P. Marleau - SJ
  6. D. Boyle - SJ
  7. B. Dubinsky - NYR
  8. R. Clowe - SJ
  9. D. Cleary - DET
  10. B. Burns - SJ

Follow our pool online at Now be honest, do I have a chance?

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The Pool Ends, Vancouver Burns, Leafs Watch Commences

StanleyI was glad the Canucks lost. Normally, I hate Boston, but in this series, they had my full support.

It sounds like more folks are talking about the riots than the series. That's too bad. If you want to see some amazing photos of the Vancouver riots, you want to visit the National Post.



In my annual playoff pool, I actually finished second. My brother Steve finished first. Good times...

And with hockey officially behind us this season, our Leafs watch officially begins. Go Leafs Go!

Go Leafs Go

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Help Me Draft My NHL Playoff Pool

hockeyIt's draft day. That means a bunch of us will get together in an undisclosed west Toronto location and follow these simple rules.

We've been doing this forever, and I've never won. I'd like to win this time. You can help make that dream a reality.

Which teams / players should I draft tonight? Bonus points for those players who had a mediocre regular season but are sure to have a great playoff due to their role on a particular team / line.

P.s. To the others drafting tonight, please do not read below this line. Thanks.

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With Kane and Toews Will Steve Catch Ryan?

puckI meant to write about my little hockey pool after round three, but I went camping and now I spend all my free time in the hospital, so this update is a little late.

Pops has first place locked up with his three Flyers, so the real race is for second. Entering into the finals, we all assumed Steve would catch Ryan with his dynamic duo of Kane and Toews. But after two games, that's less of a slam dunk than we thought. Kane and Toews seem to have been halted, and Steve is still 6 points back.

With Kane and Toews and six points to make up, will Steve catch Ryan?

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Pool Update: After Round One

puckWith the opening round complete, let's take a look at what's going on in my annual NHL playoff pool.

We'll start with Joe. Joe decided to bank on Coyotes, Kings and Avs... with a sure-thing first round pick of Washington's Nicklas Bäckström. This decision gave Joe a very strong opening round of 44 points. That's also Joe's final score. Joe lost all ten of his players in the first round.

In hindsight, dear Joe, what the hell were you thinking? Coyotes, Kings and Avs? Were you trying to finish last?

Everyone else still has horses in the race. Dom leads with his ace picks being Crosby and Samuelsson. Ryan's in second, thanks to Malkin, Pavelski and Zetterberg. I've got some work to do, but the Sedin twins have worked out.

Poor Joe...

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My 2010 Playoff Hockey Pool Picks

hockey poolI'm back from drafting my players in the greatest playoff hockey pool ever. Thanks Crazy Joe and Gary for dropping out at the last second and Andy and Elvis for choosing work. But especially thanks to Lamster for choosing bowling and Drew for choosing Nova Scotia.

Still, nine of us gathered to make our selections and at the end of it all it seems I'm rooting for Vancouver with a little Devils and Red Wings sprinkled in for good measure. I'm pleased to report that of the 90 players picked, not one plays for the Habs.

  1. H. Sedin - VAN
  2. D. Sedin - VAN
  3. P. Elias - NJ
  4. J. Langenbrunner - NJ
  5. V. Filppula - DET
  6. K. Versteeg - CHI
  7. P. Demitra - VAN
  8. D. Cleary - DET
  9. T. Myers - BUF
  10. M. Raymond - VAN

Follow our pool online at

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Help Me Win My NHL Playoff Pool

PuckHelp me win my annual NHL playoff pool. We're drafting tonight, as we have every April (other than the lock-out year) the past fifteen or so years.

Our draft is a little old school, and intentionally simple. We all physically get in the same room and take turns picking players until everyone has ten. Then, a point is a point is a point. It's all about points.

I once came in second, but typically I'm pretty awful at this. I need your help. Who are the players who will put up the points, outside of the usual suspects?

Which teams do you predict will make their respective conference finals?

Help me!

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2010 NHL Playoff Pool

Lord Stanley's CupMy favourite time of year is quickly approaching. The NHL playoffs are mere weeks away. That also means it's time for our annual playoff pool.

Draft day is April 12. Here are the official rules. Here's a peek at previous drafts:

If you know me in the real world, and you're interested in participating in this year's draft, please contact me and I'll give you specifics. This year's pool promises to be the best yet.

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Our 2009 Hockey Pool Winds Down

puckTomorrow night, the NHL playoffs conclude. That means we'll have a winner in our annual Hockey Playoff Pool.

Patino looks to have first place locked up, thanks to his clever drafting of Evgeni Malkin. Patino picked up Malkin 6th overall. When I got my first pick at #13, I went with Patrick Marleau. Who had the better pick? We'll know Friday!

Stay tuned...

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2009 Playoff Pool Update

Playoff PoolIt's Saturday and I'd love to watch the NHL playoffs tonight, but the NHL in their infinite wisdom has decided to make us wait another day. Of course, Saturday night hockey is only a cherished tradition in Canada, so the NHL's decision makes sense.

While we wait for round three to get underway, it's time to check in on my annual NHL playoff pool. I banked on Sharks and Devils, so I've been out of it for weeks, but Jason banked on Blackhawks so he's looking pretty good. Pops and his protege Marc still have shots with their Red Wings, and you can't count out Alexi or Patino with their army of Penguins, but I'd like to give a special thanks to another poolie.

Lamster, I thank you. Although you diversified your portfolio by drafting players from four different teams, all four team bowed out in the first round and your 22 point total sets a new standard for futility. Thank you for beating my record and saving me from such humiliation.

For the current standings go here.

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