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Playoff Pool: Day Six

PuckDallas' loss means I'm most likely done. Although I'm currently in fourth, I banked on a long run from the Stars and without them I'm toast. Speaking of toast, I'm going to make some right now.

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Playoff Pool: Day Five

PuckEnzo and Marc keep racking up points and now lead with a whopping 31. Ryan isn't far behind with 27. Everyone else is at least ten points back and Steve trails by twenty, despite having a pretty good day at the office.

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Playoff Pool: Day Four

PuckA huge day for Buffalo empowered Ryan to a strong second place position with 21 points. He trails Enzo and Marc by a single point. I had a pretty good day, but when Dallas lost in overtime my squad went on life support. Without Dallas I'm destined to continue my playoff pool losing streak. It's in the Stars.

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Pool Update: Day Three

PuckEnzo's Calgary contingent and a three point night from Brad Richards helped propel him to a solid twenty points after only three days of action. Whenever I start to pity myself for only accumulating seven points I just look down at Steve's paltry three.

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Pool Update: Day Two

PuckEvery team has one game under their belt and we've already got four poolies in double digits. Patrik Elias' six points propelled Marc into a first place tie with Enzo. Jomp also rode the Devils train to success and he and Stefan sit only one point back of the lead. I'm tied in eighth hoping the Stars don't exit in the first round leaving dead and bloated.

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Pool Update: Day One

PuckEnzo had a monster start, thanks in large part to Paul Kariya's four points. He's got twice as many points as Ryan's second place team. I, sadly, didn't earn a single point and sit in dead last with only a couple of other poolies to keep me warm at night.

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Our Hockey Pool Picks

HockeyLast night, we drafted our 2006 NHL playoff pool. There were lots of laughs, hot pizza and a wallop of good ol' hockey talk.

Everyone's teams can seen at where I'll be updating the scores each day. I went heavy on Stars.

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It's Not Too Late

HockeyA couple of poolies just dropped out, meaning we have a couple of spots to fill for tonight's 2006 NHL Playoff pool draft.

If you live in the GTA, it's not to late to join. Contact me and I'll give you the address of the place we're all meeting tonight at 6:30. Show up, throw down $20, pick ten hockey players and follow along at home.

It's not too late. You can get to Etobicoke by 6:30 and you know it.

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Don't Forget Your Email Addy

HockeyYesterday I announced the date of our annual hockey pool draft and invited interested participants to contact me. I got a message via my contact form at 23:27 last night, but there was no contact info included. If that's you, or you're another GTA guy or gal who wants to draft with a bunch of us harmless, sweet guys, contact me but make sure I have an email address to reply to.

See ya April 19th.

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Mark April 19th On Your Calendars

HockeyWe'll all get together the evening of April 19th to draft our official 2006 NHL playoff pool teams. The top secret location will be revealed to those attending via email.

Spots are open, so if you're interested in participating and can attend a draft in Toronto's west end, please let me know asap. The fee is nominal, names are drawn from a hat and we go up and down the ladder each drafting one player at a time until we all have ten. No player can be drafted twice. At the end of the season, the person with the highest number of combined points wins large. In some special circumstances, we will allow drafting via YIM, MSN or GTalk instant messenger.

If you're interested in reading more about annual playoff pool tradition, visit Judging from the early 1-0 lead for the Leafs, there may in fact be a homer bias at play, ripe for exploitation. See you next Wednesday!

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