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April 9th is Draft Day

hockeyMark April 9th on your calendars, poolies. That's the evening we're drafting our 2007 NHL playoff pool teams. When the action begins, you'll be able to follow it online at Also, you can view our 2006 results, 2004 results, 2003 results and all relevant blog entries.

Please confirm with me whether you'll be attending the draft this year. If you've never been out before, this is the year to join in. We'll draft in West Toronto at about 6:15pm. $20 gets you in and every dime goes back in the pot. We draft until everyone has ten players and scoring is simple. A point is a point is a point.

See you at the draft.

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Playoff Pool: Day Sixty

PuckMarc has won the pool, taking home all of our hard earned money. Well, he doesn't get it all, Ryan gets to keep his for finishing a strong second. It's worth noting that Marc won in 2004 when he actually accumulated 22 less points. It's the new NHL, baby!

We'll all get together in April 2007 to draft another playoff pool as this annual tradition promises to continue. If you'd like to be a part of it, drop me a line. As Red would say, dontcha dare miss it!

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Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Eight

PuckFifty-eight days later, it all comes down to one game. Tomorrow night, an entire nation will tune in CBC and root for the Oil to come all the way back from a 3-1 game deficit.

Edmonton scored four goals last night, but Pronger didn't get a single point. That's bad news for Ryan who now needs a miracle to make up six points on the last night of action. Hot damn, it's been fun though.

Go Oilers Go!

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Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Five

PuckIt will be hockey night in Canada on Saturday night. Edmonton, the team that refuses to die, has forced a sixth game in these Stanley Cup finals. I'm beginning to wonder if this hockey season will ever end.

Both Marc and Ryan got two points and remain separated by six. Time is running out on poor Ry.

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Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-Three

PuckIt doesn't look good for Edmonton. It also doesn't look good for Ryan in our annual playoff pool spectacular. Stillman earned another two points and Recchi scored the big goal to put Marc up by six with three or less games to play.

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Playoff Pool: Day Fifty-One

PuckWhoa baby, Edmonton may have just saved their season. I can't spell Markkanen but I appreciate grace under pressure when I see it. In our pool a longer series gives Ryan a better chance to come back, but he now trails by four. Marc's still-the-man with Stillman.

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Playoff Pool: Day Forty-Eight

PuckEdmonton got shut out, but both Ryan and Marc got two and remain seperated by a mere three points. All the nation is abuzz with wonderment as to who will be victorious. Will Marc repeat? Will Ryan ride the Pronger express to a comeback victory? Stay tuned...

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Playoff Pool: Day Forty-Six

PuckI'm still shocked Edmonton blew that game. With Conklin between the pipes, I no longer think the Oilers will win this series. The turn of events last night were dramatic.

In our pool, both Ryan and Marc came away with two points so they're still separated by three. When a big trade goes down, you can usually determine the winner by identifying which team got the best player. In the Joe Thornton trade, it was an easy win for San Jose. In the Doug Gilmour trade, we got the better of Calgary. In the same vein, I feel Ryan will win the pool because he owns the best player of the four shared by himself and Marc. In fact, Chris Pronger is probably the best player on either team, and that gives Ry the edge.

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Playoff Pool: Day Forty-Two

PuckThat was a pretty exciting game seven. When Buffalo scored at the end of the second period, I thought they were going to pull off the upset and overcome their injuries. If Edmonton is the city of Champions, Buffalo is the city of losers. The Bills are 0-4 in Super Bowls and the Sabres are 0-2 in Stanley Cup finals. I wanted them to take a third crack at the cup.

In our pool, this sets up an intriguing finish. Marc currently leads Ryan by three points and both have two players remaining. Ryan's two have thus far combined for 25 points while Marc's two have combined for 29 points. I'm forseeing a victory for the Oilers and Ryan has Chris Pronger so I'm predicting a photo finish in our pool.

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Playoff Pool: Day Forty

PuckThis series deserved a game seven. The Sabres refuse to lose and Saturday's game promises to be far better than the only other game seven we've had during these playoffs. In our pool, Marc and Ryan will be paying close attention to this game as it probably determines the winner of our massive jackpot.

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