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2017 Playoff Pool Draft Complete

I've been hosting the annual playoff pool for several years, but I've never won. Before I hosted, when I was merely a participant, I didn't win, either. In total, I'd guess that's over two decades of futility.

With Great Lakes Beer flowing and Palma Pasta fresh from the oven, fourteen of us made our picks last night. I had the 11th overall pick and here's my team that's all but guaranteed to lose.

  1. A. Panarin - CHI
  2. D. Keith - CHI
  3. P. Bergeron - BOS
  4. D. Krejci - BOS
  5. J. Carlson - WAS
  6. R. Hartman - CHI
  7. P. Eaves - ANA
  8. R. Spooner - BOS
  9. S. Vatanen - ANA
  10. L. Eller - WAS

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My Losing Picks for 2016

Tonight, our long-time annual tradition continued as we collected to draft players for our NHL playoff pool. Although my digital records only go back to 2003, we've been drafting together since the 90s.

Last year, I actually finished second. I've never won.

Here's the team that will lose for me this year. If you're following along at home, all that matters is points. A point is a point is a point.

  • A. Kopitar- LA
  • N. Kucherov - TB
  • D. Doughty - LA
  • T. Toffoli - LA
  • J. Muzzin - LA
  • Z. Parise - MIN
  • R. Suter - MIN
  • T. Pearson - LA
  • D. Brown - LA
  • J. Voracek - PHI

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It's Tough to Lose this Consistently

I lost the NHL playoff pool again. You might recall I would have clinched with a Ducks win over the Black Hawks. Well, that didn't happen.

Still, I managed to hold on to first place until the final game on Monday night. I was this close to being the first poolie to win without a single player in the final. I literally led the pool for 99% of the time, until I didn't.

It's not easy losing this consistently. It's actually the second time I've been caught from behind on the final night. I've never won and have now lost about twenty years in a row.

Oh yeah, there was that one year there was no Stanley Cup playoffs. It felt good to enjoy the feeling of not losing for a spring.

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If the Ducks Win...

During the NHL playoffs, you may have noticed a new link in the main menu for this site. Playoff Pool is for those who drafted with us in early April, an annual tradition that started in the late 90s. I participate every year, and I've never won.

Considering we sometimes only have 10 or 11 participants, it's no easy task to lose almost 20 times in a row. I've had to bank on great regular season teams that faltered in the playoffs. I think I went to the San Jose Sharks well over and over and over again.

This year, I thought the Ducks were the team to beat. I loaded up on productive Ducks, and a few Minnesota Wild players, because I thought they'd upset the Blues in the first round. So far, I've played it perfectly.

If the Ducks eliminate Chicago, I'll win big. They're one win away...

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My Losing Picks for 2015

Yesterday, our long-time annual tradition continued as we collected to draft players for our NHL playoff pool. Although my digital records only go back to 2003, we've been drafting together since the 90s.

Over so many years of participating, you'd think I'd accidentally win once or twice. Instead, I lose... every single year. I've finished second a couple of times, but I've never, ever won.

Here's the team that will lose for me this year. If you're following along at home, all that matters is points. A point is a point is a point.

  • R. Getzlaf - ANA
  • Z. Parise - MIN
  • R. Kesler - ANA
  • J. Pominville - MIN
  • J. Hudler - CGY
  • T. Vanek - MIN
  • S. Vatanen - ANA
  • C. Kunitz - PIT
  • J. Silfverberg - ANA
  • C. Fowler - ANA

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Déjà Vu Blues

Déjà Vu BluesI participate in an NHL playoff pool every spring. Last year, I banked on St. Louis, drafting four Blues. The Blues lost in six games in the first round after being up 2-0 in the series.

This year, with Ryan Miller between the pipes, I banked on the Blues again, this time drafting five. Again, things looked good early, as the Blues took a 2-0 lead in the first round. But it appears to be déjà vu all over again.


Now that's eerie.

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The Playoff Pool: After 2 Rounds

The Playoff Pool: After 2 RoundsA collective of family and friends drafted in my annual NHL playoff pool. Everyone drafted ten players and a point is a point is a point. With round 2 ending last night, here are some observations.

  • Only one person has no active players remaining. That would be Mike Muzzin who drafted 7 Red Wings.
  • My brother Steve is currently in last place, but he has surpassed the legendary Lamster Line. Steve drafted a bunch of Canucks.
  • The leader right now, Jason, is in great shape, despite drafting a bunch of Sens.
  • Mofo still has 9 active players. Currently in 3rd place, I wouldn't bet against this mofo.
  • I'm rooting for my 11-year old son who is currently in 2nd place out of 13 drafters. Once again, he's beating his old man who sits in 7th.

My favourite fun-fact about the final four teams is that they're the last four Stanley Cup winners. There's a lot of playoff experience remaining.

I'm sticking with my end-of-season finals prediction: Penguins over Blackhawks in 7.

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When My Son Beats Me

When My Son Beats MeI'm crazy about my boy. I'm not suggesting this is unique as I'm sure almost all fathers feel this way about their sons, but it's a super intense and awesome feeling to love someone in this way.

Last year, when my boy was only 10-years old, I let him draft in my annual playoff pool for the first time. He didn't receive any special help and had to draft like the rest of us. He ended up beating me by one point.

It's very, very early, but if I glance at the current standings of this year's pool, I see my 11-year old leading the pack. Heck, he's already 15 points up on his uncle Steve. And it looks like he'll only lose Subban and Kessel heading into the 2nd round. He's in pretty good shape.

My best man

You'd think I'd feel a little like Homer Simpson, but I don't. I'm damn proud of him and I hope he kicks my ass.

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2012 Playoff Pool Update

Playoff PoolI meant to post this following round 2, but here it is with round 3 already underway

The Lamster Line will remain in tact as my Palma Pasta buddy tied it with 22. But who of the 14 poolies will be taking home cold hard cash? There are three with a shot at winning, and each is relying on a different team.

Bob could win with his Kings. Bob's an awesome guy and I'm sure he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

Pats could win with his Coyotes. Pats is a better guy than he is a right fielder, but he won in 2009 and I doubt he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

My brother Steve could win with his Rangers. Although Steve won last year and there's no way he'll tip the Commish if he wins.

It's going to be a fun finish.

For the current standings go here.

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puckPrior to drafting my playoff pool this year, I wrote down the teams I thought would advance to the second round of the NHL playoffs. I picked:

  • Pittsburgh
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Boston
  • Vancouver
  • San Jose
  • Nashville
  • Chicago

Except for calling Nashville over Detroit, I could get bulldozed. Pittsburgh and San Jose are already out and New Jersey, New York, Boston, Vancouver and Chicago are each a loss away from elimination.

If that isn't parity, I don't know what is. 8 seeds are handling 1 seeds, anything can happen and we could see a Phoenix / Florida final.

Parity is overrated. It makes it impossible to skillfully draft a competitive playoff team and it means my adopted team for the playoffs is already eliminated. Unless, of course, my Leafs do manage to slip into 8th one season. Then, this might just work out.

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