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Martin Streek Voiceover Work

On the heels of yesterday's update, Blind Derek was kind enough to share with me a couple of ads he produced featuring Martin Streek.

Here's Martin Streek promoting a pub appearance at Mohawk College.

Here's Martin Streek promoting an appearance in Banff.

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Long time CFNY deejay Martin Streek passed away 7 years ago last week. Less than a year later, his website,, lapsed and looked like this for the longest time.


I can't tell you how much this bothered me. Actually, I can, and I did. On the one year anniversary of his death, I wrote about the long, frustrating, sad tale of

A few months of back and forth with the registrar/seller and we're at an impasse due to the unique circumstances of the situation. Overall, it's just a highly unethical, illegal situation that can't be fought without what seems like endless resources. remains offline, without a tribute to Martin, and for that, I'm truly sorry.

Then, a few months ago, I received an email from Adam M letting me know was available. I bought it immediately, before it once more fell into the wrong hands.

Currently, I have up links to eight hours of tribute audio I'm hosting, from David Marsden and 102.1 the Edge. I'm open to suggestions as to what should be there. If you have a suggestion as to how we can best honour Martin Streek's memory, please let me know in the comments or send me an email.


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Martin Streek Swearing on 102.1 the Edge

When Pete Fowler visited for his appearance on Toronto Mike'd, he told a great story about co-hosting The Thursday 30 with Martin Streek in 1994 when Martin Streek dropped an F-bomb. He even brought in the memo sent by Stu Meyers about this incident. I read this memo in its entirety during this episode with Fowler.

Jason Barr was also witness to this from his perch in Brampton, and he shared his memories of this moment in CFNY history.

And now, thanks to Brother Bill who shared it with Pete Fowler who shared it with me, we have the audio of Martin Streek swearing live on the air at 102.1 the Edge.

[direct MP3 download]

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 82: Martin Streek

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 82In this 82nd episode, Mike chats with Alan Cross, David Marsden, Brother Bill, Todd Shapiro, LoriAnn, Fred Patterson and others about the life and death of Martin Streek on the 5th anniversary of his death. This episode is exactly 1:56:33.

You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Other relevant links:

Catch up on all episodes of Toronto Mike'd at

Martin Streek

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Martin Streek Tribute Audio - 8 Hours from Edge 102 and David Marsden

martin streek tribute audioIn the weeks following long-time Toronto deejay Martin Streek's passing three years ago today, two significant tribute shows aired on radio stations in the GTA. First, there was David Marsden's five hour tribute to Martin Streek that aired on 94.9 The Rock and then there was a three hour tribute that aired on Edge 102.

I shared some heavy thoughts in real-time while listening to these three hours on 102.1 that conveniently failed to mention Streek was fired from Edge 102 two months before committing suicide, but it's still a fitting tribute to Martin Streek. Marsden's tribute is even better. Here's all 8 hours of tribute audio for your listening pleasure.

Martin Streek Tribute from Edge 102 Part 1

Martin Streek Tribute from Edge 102 Part 2

Martin Streek Tribute from Edge 102 Part 3

Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden Part 1

Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden Part 2

Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden Part 3

Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden Part 4

Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden Part 5

Martin Streek1

Martin Streek is gone, but he's certainly not forgotten.

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The Long, Frustrating, Sad Tale of

mouseIn March, I wrote Help Me Get It Back Online. I saw was offline and I wanted a tribute there by the one year anniversary of his death.

Jo Fergus left a comment explaining the unfortunate situation.

This doesn't look good...

Based on the registration dates of the domain name, it seems that likely expired, and was re-registered less than a month ago!

What this indicates is that (once again) some anonymous, lazy, parasitic domain "squatter" is sitting on this known name/brand to generate revenue for themselves with every click on their illegitimate site. The only way to stop them would be through a trademark dispute via
Creation date:
27 Feb 2010 13:24:00
Expiration date:
26 Feb 2011 11:19:00

Pete from coreFusion Inc., another reader of this blog, knew people at the registrar, and wrote me this update.

The domain expired. The way they work, I'm sure you know is the domain account holder is notified, if it was Martin, these went nowhere. After it expired, eNom registered it, they are basically squatting on it. I have sent correspondence to them to the effect that I would like to acquire it. We'll see what happens there.

The person squatting on and essentially holding it ransom used a broker, and here's the email we got from the broker when we inquired about the domain name.

The seller is asking $3000 USD for
Let me know how you’d like to move forward.
Best Regards,

Around this time, I was contacted by the web guy for Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, an awesome Parkdale group that was very close to Martin and sincerely appreciated his support. He had read my plea and offered to help us get back. He noted that's work on behalf of the seller was against the cybersquatting act and the ICANN law, so we contacted the WIPO who told us to file an official dispute. The cost for a hearing would be $3000, exactly what the cybersquatter was asking for.

We contacted the seller again to let them know they were violating those laws and we were told us to send in proof of trademark. Unfotunately, Martin never trademarked the name "Martin Streek", so the only foundation we would have to go on is intellectual property law. But that would require the WIPO and the aforementioned $3000 filing. Clearly WIPO is designed for corporations and money-rich megastars who have millions to throw around, and not the common person. He contacted several lawyers on the WIPO board who refused to let us know if it was a valid claim. We decided not to go through WIPO, determining that could be pointless and a waste of money.

The entire ordeal was quite frustrating, and in the end we accomplished little. But we tried. Man, did we try.

In addition to all the help I got from Pete and USS for letting us use their lawyer, I want to thank Pat Leyland for his help.

A few months of back and forth with the registrar/seller and we're at an impasse due to the unique circumstances of the situation. Overall, it's just a highly unethical, illegal situation that can't be fought without what seems like endless resources. remains offline, without a tribute to Martin, and for that, I'm truly sorry.

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Martin Streek: The Day the Spirit Died

Martin StreekOne year ago today, I wrote the toughest entry I've ever had to write. It was about Martin Streek.

I'm not sure how to write this one, so I'm just going to tell you what I know.

As a long time fan of CFNY / Edge 102, I was sad to learn recently that Martin Streek had been fired after over 20 years of service. As of this writing, that entry had 88 comments from others who wanted to wish Martin well. Soon enough, Martin Streek himself chimed in to say thanks.

Thank to those of you who made comments, both good and bad...either way, it's proof that you listened and/or cared about the scene I/we were part of...

Earlier today, Martin Streek updated his Facebook status message with words that sound so ominous now. This, it turns out, is Martin's farewell to the world.

So...I guess that's it...thanks everyone...I'm sorry to those I should be sorry to, I love you to those that I love, and I will see you all again soon (not too soon though)... Let the stories begin.

My entry about Martin Streek leaving CFNY / Edge102 is #1 when you Google his name, and Steve did just that an hour ago.

I just heard that Martin has passed away... very sad to hear.... (I was a cfny staffer back in the 80s and just heard this from Earl J.)

At first, I thought it was a cruel joke. Martin Streek seemed so vibrant, so full of life. But after chatting with Steve, and seeing the Facebook status message, I'm afraid it's true.

Martin Streek has taken his own life.

Martin's death hit me hard. I know I wasn't alone, because I heard from hundreds and hundreds of Martin's friends and fans over the weeks that followed. This black cloud eventually took the form of an entry I wrote entitled "Thoughts on 102.1 Tribute to Martin Streek, Shitty Facts, Closure Sought."

As insinuated in this excellent Globe and Mail piece by Bert Archer (in which I'm quoted), Martin's death also acted as a tragic final nail in the coffin of what was "the spirit of radio". CFNY / Edge 102 was my go-to station for as long as I can remember, but I hardly listened this past year. Martin epitomized passion for music, was a rare link to the David Marsden era, and literally had the spirit of radio logo tattooed on his ass. When he was let go six weeks prior to his suicide, it marked more than the loss of an energetic, knowledgeable and beloved local deejay. It marked the end of an era.

I've put all my Martin Streek entries in a new Martin Streek Remembered category, so if you want to read more I've made it easy for you. At the end of this entry, I'm posting all five hours of David Marsden's excellent tribute to Martin that aired on 94.9 The Rock out of Oshawa.

We lost Martin one year ago today, but we'll never forget him. His spirit lives on.

» Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden PART 1
» Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden PART 2
» Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden PART 3
» Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden PART 4
» Martin Streek Tribute with David Marsden PART 5

Martin Streek1

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mouseMartin Streek took his own life last July. As you'll see from the 214 comments over there and the many other entries in my Martin Streek Remembered category, Martin was a wildly popular radio deejay in this city, enjoyed by all who heard him and beloved by everyone who met him.

With the one year anniversary of his death coming this summer, I'm disappointed is parked by the host. That typically means the domain name owner hasn't paid and instead of making the domain name available to anyone, the host eNom is holding on to it, hoping the owner will wisen up and pay up. Here's what looks like right now.


It's possible Martin was the only one with the login details that would ensure we keep his site online, or it's possible someone reading this entry knows who can help with this. If you can help me get Martin's domain name, I'd love to put up a tribute to him at Please contact me.

Help me get it back online.

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"No Interest" in Returning to Edge 102 Following Death of Martin Streek - Strombo

RadioMartin Streek took his own life in July. The last time I saw Martin, he was chumming around with his pal George Stroumboulopoulos at the Casby Awards. Here's a clip of them that night.

The first Sunday following Martin Streek's death, I tuned in 102.1 the Edge to hear The Strombo Show. I was hoping for a tribute of some kind. When 102.1 the Edge didn't air The Strombo Show and didn't utter Stroumboulopoulos's name, I asked aloud whether Strombo had quit Corus. I put on my detective badge and started to follow the clues.

Last Sunday, I noted that CFNY did not air the first Strombo Show following Martin Streek's death. I was speculating that perhaps Strombo, a good friend and fan of Martin, made this happen. His show did air on other Corus stations. I'm a big Strombo fan, and I was interested in his tribute to Streek. For my money, nobody could impart their passion for good music the way Streek and Strombo could.

In a new interview with CHARTattack to promote his new CBC Radio 2 show, Strombo has admitted that Streek's death played a role in his decision to leave Corus. Here's an except:

And to be honest, after [friend and colleague] Martin Streek died I had no interest in going back on The Edge [in Toronto]. So Corus was not the best place for me to be.

Radio may well be a business, where people are hired and fired all the time, but that doesn't mean it has to be entirely void of integrity. Strombo made a business decision with his heart, refusing to be a part of the machine that fired his friend after 20+ years of passionate service – his friend who literally had the station's call letters tattooed on his ass and remained one of the last links to the days at CFNY when spirit mattered. George took a stand and I admire the shit out of that.

Well done, George. Thanks for proving me right.

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Fearless Fred Talks About Toronto Mike

edge102I first heard of Fearless Fred when I broke the firing from CFNY / Edge 102 of Martin Streek and Barry Taylor. I was informed by my trustworthy tipster that Fearless Fred had been hired from Edmonton and would debut sometime in August.

About ten days ago, I wrote that Fearless Fred was on his way, and confirmed that Bookie was being bumped so Fearless Fred could take over the drive home slot. I understand that he premiered yesterday.

I just learned from a commenter that Fearless Fred spoke about this site and our discussions about Streek's dismissal and the recruitment of FF. It's an interview with Fred Kennedy on a comedy blog entitled From the Back of the Room.

Fred Kennedy is not Martin Streek – nor will he try to be – a fact that’s a sore point among Toronto radio devotees who view him as the poster boy for the literal and figurative death of quality radio.

“There’s some radio site called Toronto Mike or Mike in Toronto or something. It’s a prototypical website that’s full of people who’ve either been fired or are just starting out and are already jaded. Basically no matter what happens in the radio business they’re the people who will always say it’s for the worst. Joe Blow gets fired and it’s the worst thing that has ever happened in radio EVER! Even though when he was on air the week before they trashed him without remorse. All that typical nonsense.”

Fred, this isn't a radio site, but I do write about radio when it interests me. It's full of something, but not radio rejects. Hell, I'm the only author, and I've never worked in radio. I wasn't happy that Streek got fired, I sincerely was a long-time fan, but there was no trashing of Streek the week prior.

As puzzling as your description of this site is, it's your final statement in the interview that has me most puzzled.

“Let these people run their mouths. I work at the fucking Edge,” he says, “the best rock station in the country.”

I believe what you mean by that statement is that you work at the only non-classic rock station in Canada's largest city. At one time, it was the best, but that was a long, long time ago.

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