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Link: Tim Horton's Locator

LinkTim Horton's Locator - Powered by Google Maps, this is a handy little tool for tracking down the nearest Tim Hortons. My mom will love this.

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Link: the last 12 hours of edge music

Linkthe last 12 hours of edge music - I've been waiting for this feature to return to the 102.1 web site. They used to have a module on the front page that told you the song currently being played but this feature disappeared for some reason. This new page lists the songs played and the time they were played over the past 12 hours. CFNY fans will get a kick out of this.

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Link: 911 Anniversary on Google Video

Link911 Anniversary on Google Video - It still gives me chills.

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Link: Online Alarm Clock

LinkOnline Alarm Clock - I'm not sure I'd actually need such a thing, but it's nice knowing it's out there if I do. It even works.

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Link: Cassette Generator

LinkCassette Generator - I totally dig this. It's like, so 80s. It takes me back.

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Link: In View

LinkThe Tragically Hip's "In View" from World Container - I was tipped off that the new Hip song "In View" was being previewed on the official Hip site. Here it is.

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Link: PDF Online : Create PDF

LinkPDF Online : Create PDF - This is cool. Upload a document or image, give it a .pdf file name and have the pdf emailed to you right away. There's a 2MB max, but I think this might be awfully handy when you're at a PC without your PDF creation software.

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Link: Obadiah Parker - Hey Ya

LinkObadiah Parker - Hey Ya - I'm totally digging this sweet acoustic cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya". The guy's name is Mat Weddle. Let me know if you don't enjoy this.

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Link: Is Bush an "Idiot"?

LinkIs Bush an "Idiot"? - Is the president of the United States of America intelligent? I have a few thoughts on the subject.

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Link: 700 Hobo Names

Link700 Hobo Names - Alexi threw this MP3 at me months ago, and I listened one day while I worked. It's not much more than John Hodgman running down a list of 700 hobo names, and it's pretty darn long, but it's strangely compelling.

It's because of this bit that I root for the PC guy in those Mac vs. PC ads. The PC guy is John Hodgman.

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