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Link: 100 Awesome Music Videos

Link100 Awesome Music Videos - I've linked to a lot of music video portals lately, but this is the king. This is a killer collection complete with reasoning and the video itself. Take on me!

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Link: Mozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet

LinkMozilla Firefox Cheat Sheet - My goal is to memorize every keyboard shortcut listed so I never have to touch my mouse again.

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Link: Music Videos From the 80's

LinkMusic Videos From the 80's :: Over 1,400 Videos - This is a pretty cool collection. The more I revisit the 80s the more I fear it was a solid decade of crap. At least 99% of it was crap. "So Alive" from Love and Rockets was pretty good though, and you can watch the video at this link.

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Link: Extortr

LinkExtortr - This is an amazing idea. Unfortunately, the most efficient way to blackmail in the world is only a joke... so far.

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Link: You're Pitiful

LinkYou're Pitiful - Weird Al Yankovich - Weird Al takes on James Blunt's overplayed "You're Beautiful". This link is directly to the MP3, so you might want to save the link to your PC and play it from there. Of course, if you're not a Weird Al guy, you're gonna hate this so fuggetaboutit completely and move on.

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Link: Musicovery

LinkMusicovery - I should warn you before you click this link that you'll likely spend a great deal of time at Musicovery sampling tunes and playing with the settings. It's a very cool interface.

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Link: Big Spanish Castle

LinkBig Spanish Castle - Stare at the dot for 30 seconds then, without moving your eyes, move the mouse over the image.

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Link: - If you've ever heard a song in a television commercial, film trailer, movie, tv show or video games and wondered what it was, this is where you go. The answer you're looking for is probably in the forums.

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Link: - " is a simple tool that simplifies the process of compressing and sending your files online. isn't a replacement for the traditional desktop compression tools, but its just a tool that makes things easier by cutting down all the 'krunching' hassles!"

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Link: Hallelujah

LinkHallelujah - My entries about Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" are several. References to the song have made it into nineteen entries. This link, sent to me by Jill, includes many covers of Cohen's classic.

Sadly, Gord Downie's version isn't there, but Imogen Heap's is. It was recorded for the season finale of The O.C. and was the topic of discussion last night while Jeff Buckley's version played. I'm going to listen to it right now.

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