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Link: Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

LinkPenn & Teller: Bullshit! - I recently started watching "Penn & Teller: Bullshit!" on TMN and I dig it. It's quite entertaining how they debunk topics like hypnosis, creationism, capital punishment and The Bible. This link is to 23 full-length episodes of this very cool show.

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Link: TurnHere

LinkTurnHere - BoingBoing linked to this site recently and I discovered several cool little films about Toronto neighbourhoods.

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Link: Britney

LinkBritney - What's wrong with me that I've watched this twice now and can't wait to watch it a third time? I ♥ Britney.

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Link: workFRIENDLY

LinkworkFRIENDLY - This is neat. The page you're reading is disguised as a Word document. The images and CSS mark up is suppressed so someone passing by your office computer will think you're composing a work-critical mission statement.

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supermanEvery once in a while, I stumble across something in cyber space that makes my day. Today, I learned about Superkids. You can read this "Stupid Comic" here.

Superkids was published by the Office Of Energy Conservation of the Department Of Energy, Mines, and Resources of Canada. A couple of kids find a magic rock and it makes them Superkids. They then learn that we'll be out of oil by 1986 and by 1996 things will be really dismal. There will be cold, dark buildings, little public transportation, few cars, no movies, and so on. 1996 Canada is definitely something to fear.

My deductive logic tells me we should thank these Superkids for the fact we still have movies theatres. On second thought, these kids did us no favour.

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Link: The Simpsons Maker

LinkThe Simpsons Maker - Build yourself a Simpsons character in your own image. Here's me. It's not quite as accurate as my South Park image. Doh!

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Link: Mysteries of Ontario

LinkMysteries of Ontario - Actually, this site, which looks like it was made in 1997, is entitled "Mysteries of Canada", but I'm focusing on the Ontario section. From Robertson screws to the Diefenbunker, there are 31 tales here about our province.

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Link: The fucking short version of The Big Lebowski

LinkThe fucking short version of The Big Lebowski - The F bomb x 281 = Dude.

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Link: South Park Studio

LinkSouth Park Studio - Build yourself a South Park character in your own image. Here's me. The stubble is because I've been off work all week.

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Link: Dark Side of the Rainbow

LinkDark Side of the Rainbow - For your reference, here's a cheat sheet of the coincidental events when you synchronize PInk Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon with "The Wizard of Oz". Personally, I think it's much ado about nothing, except for 19:37 in when it's a pretty cool jive.

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